European History Quarterly articles

Volume 46 (4)

Matthew Fitzpatrick, Purging the Empire: Mass Expulsions in Germany, 1871-1914
Demshuk, A., vol. 46 (4): 732-734
Marie-Madeleine Fontaine and Jean-Louis Fournel, eds, Les mots de la guerre dans lEurope de la Renaissance; Marco Mondini and Massimo Rospocher, eds, Narrating War: Early Modern and Contemporary Perspectives
Guidi, A., vol. 46 (4): 734-737
Robert Gellately, Stalins Curse: Battling for Communism in War and Cold War
Harris, G., vol. 46 (4): 737-739
Robert Gerwarth and John Horne, eds, War in Peace: Paramilitary Violence in Europe after the Great War; James Harris, ed., The Anatomy of Terror: Political Violence under Stalin
Eley, G., vol. 46 (4): 739-742
Silvina Schammah Gesser, Madrids Forgotten Avant-Garde: Between Essentialism and Modernity
Stapell, H. M., vol. 46 (4): 742-744
Serge Gruzinski, The Eagle & The Dragon: Globalization and European Dreams of Conquest in China and America in the Sixteenth Century
Canizares-Esguerra, J., vol. 46 (4): 744-746
Gregory Hanlon, The Hero of Italy: Odoardo Farnese, Duke of Parma, his Soldiers, and his Subjects in the Thirty Years War
Bianchi, P., vol. 46 (4): 746-748
Jeff Horn, Economic Development in Early Modern France: The Privilege of Liberty, 1650-1820
Jones, P. M., vol. 46 (4): 748-749
Talbot Imlay and Martin Horn, The Politics of Industrial Collaboration during World War II: Ford France, Vichy and Nazi Germany
Bogdashkin, A., vol. 46 (4): 749-751
Colin Jones, The Smile Revolution in Eighteenth Century Paris
Arnold, R. J., vol. 46 (4): 751-753
Lisa Kaborycha, A Corresponding Renaissance: Letters Written by Italian Women, 1375-1650
Maxson, B. J., vol. 46 (4): 753-754
Robert J. Knecht, Francis I and Sixteenth-Century France
Holt, M. P., vol. 46 (4): 755-756
Sheila Lecoeur, Mussolinis Greek Island: Fascism and the Italian Occupation of Syros in World War II
Fleming, K. E., vol. 46 (4): 756-757
Steven P. Marrone, A History of Science, Magic & Belief: From Medieval to Early Modern Europe
Gaskill, M., vol. 46 (4): 758-759
Kieko Matteson, Forests in Revolutionary France: Conservation, Community, and Conflict, 1669-1848
Warde, P., vol. 46 (4): 759-760
Robert B. McCormick, Croatia Under Ante Pavelic: America, the Ustase and Croatian Genocide
Miljan, G., vol. 46 (4): 761-762
Anthony McElligott, Rethinking the Weimar Republic: Authority and Authoritarianism, 1916-1936
Jensen, E., vol. 46 (4): 762-764
Lothar Müller, White Magic: The Age of Paper
Lyons, M., vol. 46 (4): 764-765
Wolfgang Mueller, Michael Gehler and Arnold Suppan, eds, The Revolutions of 1989: A Handbook
McDermott, K., vol. 46 (4): 765-767
Montserrat Miller, Feeding Barcelona 1714-1975: Public Market Halls, Social Networks, and Consumer Culture
Bernabeu-Mestre, J., vol. 46 (4): 767-768
Chris Millington and Kevin Passmore, eds, Political Violence and Democracy in Western Europe, 1918-1940
Kjostvedt, A. G., vol. 46 (4): 768-770
Katherine Mitchell and Helena Sanson, eds, Women and Gender in Post-Unification Italy: Between Private and Public Spheres
Marchi, M.-C., vol. 46 (4): 770-772
Munro Price, Napoleon: The End of Glory
Schneid, F. C., vol. 46 (4): 772-774
Geoff Read, The Republic of Men: Gender and the Political Parties in Interwar France,
Tumblety, J., vol. 46 (4): 774-775
Camille Robcis, The Law of Kinship: Anthropology, Psychoanalysis, and the Family in France
Lanzinger, M., vol. 46 (4): 776-777
Gordon F. Sander, The Hundred Day Winter War: Finlands Gallant Stand Against the Soviet Army
Sarasmo, A., vol. 46 (4): 777-779
Susanna Schrafstetter and Alan E. Steinweis, eds, The Germans and the Holocaust: Popular Responses to the Persecution and Murder of the Jews
Holding, S., vol. 46 (4): 779-780
Peter Stirk, A History of Military Occupation from 1792 to 1914
Black, J., vol. 46 (4): 780-781
Gerald Stone, Slav Outposts in Central European History: The Wends, Sorbs and Kashubs
Kamusella, T., vol. 46 (4): 782-783
Kiril Tomoff, Virtuosi Abroad: Soviet Music and Imperial Competition During the Early Cold War, 1945-1958
Schmelz, P. J., vol. 46 (4): 784-785
Arthur Tsutsiev, Atlas of the Ethno-Political History of the Caucasus
King, F., vol. 46 (4): 785-787
Jeffrey Veidlinger, In the Shadow of the Shtetl: Small-Town Jewish Life in Soviet Ukraine
Palko, O., vol. 46 (4): 787-788
Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks, ed., Mapping Gendered Routes and Spaces in the Early Modern World
Lehtsalu, L., vol. 46 (4): 789-790
Rory Yeomans, ed., The Utopia of Terror: Life and Death in Wartime Croatia
McCormick, R., vol. 46 (4): 790-792
Ipek Yosmaoglu, Blood Ties: Religion, Violence, and the Politics of Nationhood in Ottoman Macedonia, 1878-1908
Pavlovic, A., vol. 46 (4): 792-793

Volume 46 (3)

Archival Transformations in Early Modern European History
de Vivo, F., Guidi, A., Silvestri, A., vol. 46 (3): 421-434
Archives of the Mediterranean: Governance and Record-Keeping in the Crown of Aragon in the Long Fifteenth Century
Silvestri, A., vol. 46 (3): 435-457
The Florentine Archives in Transition: Government, Warfare and Communication (1289-1530 ca.)
Guidi, A., vol. 46 (3): 458-479
Monastic Records and the Dissolution: A Tudor Revolution in the Archives?
Harding, V., vol. 46 (3): 480-497
Configuring European Archives: Spaces, Materials and Practices in the Differentiation of Repositories from the Late Middle Ages to 1700
Head, R. C., vol. 46 (3): 498-518