European History Quarterly articles

Volume 46 (3)

Archives of Speech: Recording Diplomatic Negotiation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy
de Vivo, F., vol. 46 (3): 519-544
The New Culture of Archives in Early Modern Spain
Gomez, A. C., vol. 46 (3): 545-567
Being an Archivist in Provincial Enlightened France: The Case of Pierre Camille Le Moine (1723-1800)
Friedrich, M., vol. 46 (3): 568-589

Volume 46 (2)

'They Shall Not Keep Their Doors or Windows Open: Urban Space and the Dynamics of Conflict and Contact in Premodern Jewish-Christian Relations
Jütte, D., vol. 46 (2): 209-237
The Italian Risorgimento and Sicilian Popular Balladry: The Problem of 'Deep Images and Popular Reception
Kehoe, B., vol. 46 (2): 238-261
In the Shadow of the Nazi Past: Post-war Reconstruction and the Claims of the Jewish Community in Salonika
Kralova, K., vol. 46 (2): 262-290
The Triumph of 'Normality, Social Attitudes, Popular Opinion and the Construction of the Franco Regime in Post-War Rural Spain (1936-1952)
Hernandez Burgos, C., vol. 46 (2): 291-310
The First World War in a Global Age
Mulligan, W., vol. 46 (2): 311-326
Peter Anderson and Miguel Angel del Arco Blanco, eds, Mass Killings and Violence in Spain, 1936-1952: Grappling with the Past
Silva, D. O., vol. 46 (2): 327-329
Nicholas Berg, The Holocaust and the West German Historians: Historical Interpretation and Autobiographical Memory
Bonnell, A. G., vol. 46 (2): 329-331
Francisco Bethencourt, Racisms: From the Crusades to the Twentieth Century
Ireton, C., vol. 46 (2): 331-333
Roberto Bizzocchi, A Ladys Man: The Cicisbei, Private Morals and National Identity in Italy
Borello, B., vol. 46 (2): 333-334
Kasper Brasken, The International Workers Relief, Communism, and Transnational Solidarity: Willi Münzenberg in Weimar Germany
Kessler, M., vol. 46 (2): 334-336
Marc Buggeln, Slave Labor in Nazi Concentration Camps; Martina Steber and Bernhard Gotto, eds, Visions of Community in Nazi Germany: Social Engineering and Private Lives
Lak, M., vol. 46 (2): 336-338
Andrew Chandler and Charlotte Hansen, eds, Observing Vatican II: The Confidential Reports of the Archbishop of Canterburys Representative, Bernard Pawley, 1961-1964
Logan, O., vol. 46 (2): 338-340
Trevor J. Dadson and J. H. Elliott, eds, Britain, Spain and the Treaty of Utrecht, 1713-2013
Gonzalez, J. E. G., vol. 46 (2): 340-341
Jennifer Mara DeSilva, ed., The Sacralization of Space and Behavior in the Early Modern World: Studies and Sources
Musillo, M., vol. 46 (2): 342-343
Peter F. Dembowski, Memoirs: Red and White: Poland, the War, and After
Prazmowska, A. J., vol. 46 (2): 344-345
Paul Dukes, A History of the Urals: Russias Crucible from Early Empire to the Post-Soviet Era
Hartley, J., vol. 46 (2): 345-346
Dennis Dworkin, ed., Ireland and Britain, 1798-1922: An Anthology of Sources
OConnor, E., vol. 46 (2): 346-348
Kent Eaton, Protestant Missionaries in Spain, 1869-1936: 'Shall the Papists Prevail?
Vincent, M., vol. 46 (2): 348-349
Anne Fuchs, After the Dresden Bombing: Pathways of Memory, 1945 to the Present; Tony Joel, The Dresden Firebombing: Memory and the Politics of Commemorating Destruction
Goebel, S., vol. 46 (2): 349-352
Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello, eds, Writing Material Culture History
Barrett, K., vol. 46 (2): 352-354
Amelia M. Glaser, ed., Stories of Khmelnytsky: Competing Literary Legacies of the 1648 Ukrainian Cossack Uprising
Hen-Konarski, T. J., vol. 46 (2): 354-356
Rasmus Glenthoj and Morten Nordhagen Ottosen, Experiences of War and Nationality in Denmark and Norway, 1807-1815
Dwyer, P., vol. 46 (2): 356-357
Jan Grabowski, Hunt for the Jews: Betrayal and Murder in German-Occupied Poland
Fleming, M., vol. 46 (2): 357-359
Carsten Humlebaek, Spain: Inventing the Nation
Mendizabal, N. C., vol. 46 (2): 359-361
Jonathan Israel, Revolutionary Ideas: An Intellectual History of the French Revolution from The Rights of Man to Robespierre
Curran, M., vol. 46 (2): 361-363
Lisa A. Kirschenbaum, International Communism and the Spanish Civil War: Solidarity and Suspicion
Farras, J. P., vol. 46 (2): 363-364
Robert J. Knecht, Hero or Tyrant? Henry III, King of France, 1574-89
Neighbours, D., vol. 46 (2): 364-366
Gyöngy Kovacs Kiss, ed., Studies in the History of Early Modern Transylvania
Szantay, A., vol. 46 (2): 366-367
Katherine Lebow, Unfinished Utopia: Nowa Huta, Stalinism, and Polish Society, 1949-56; Kinga Pozniak, Nowa Huta: Generations of Change in a Model Socialist Town
Linh, N. V. T., vol. 46 (2): 367-370
Dominic Lieven, Towards the Flame: Empire, War and the End of Tsarist Russia
Gilbert, G., vol. 46 (2): 370-372
James Lyon, Serbia and the Balkan Front, 1914: The Outbreak of the Great War
Foster, S., vol. 46 (2): 372-374
Orly Meron, Jewish Entrepreneurship in Salonica, 1912-1940: An Ethnic Economy in Transition
Anastassiadou, M., vol. 46 (2): 374-375
J. R. Mulryne with Maria Ines Aliverti and Anna Maria Testaverde, eds, Ceremonial Entries in Early Modern Europe: The Iconography of Power
Thofner, M., vol. 46 (2): 375-377
Jessica Munns, Penny Richards and Jonathan Spangler, eds, Aspiration, Representation and Memory: The Guise in Europe 1506-1688
Tingle, E., vol. 46 (2): 377-379
William R. Nester, The French and Indian War and the Conquest of New France
Delage, D., vol. 46 (2): 379-380
Leopoldo Nuti, Frederic Bozo, Marie-Pierre Rey and Bernd Rother, eds, The Euromissile Crisis and the End of the Cold War
Doyle, S., vol. 46 (2): 381-382
Linda Palfreeman, Spain Bleeds: The Development of Battlefield Blood Transfusion during the Civil War
Barona, J. L., vol. 46 (2): 382-384