European History Quarterly articles

Volume 42 (1)

Antony Adolf, Peace: A World History
Scotto, G., vol. 42 (1): 114-116
Henrice Altink and Sharif Gemie, eds, At the Border: Margins and Peripheries in Modern France
Baskar, B., vol. 42 (1): 116-118
Alexander Badenoch and Andreas Fickers, eds, Materializing Europe: Transnational Infrastructures and the Project of Europe
Daddow, O., vol. 42 (1): 118-119
Efrat Ben-Ze'ev, Ruth Ginio and Jay Winter, eds, Shadows of War: A Social History of Silence in the Twentieth Century
Niven, B., vol. 42 (1): 119-121
Jay Bergman, Meeting the Demands of Reason: The Life and Thought of Andrei Sakharov
Hornsby, R., vol. 42 (1): 121-123
Francisco Bethencourt, The Inquisition: A Global History 1478-1834
Wickersham, J. K., vol. 42 (1): 123-125
Debra Blumenthal, Enemies and Familiars. Slavery and Mastery in Fifteenth-Century Valencia
Martin, A., vol. 42 (1): 125-126
Brian J. Boeck, Imperial Boundaries: Cossack Communities and Empire-Building in the Age of Peter the Great
Saunders, D., vol. 42 (1): 126-128
Thomas A. Brady Jr, German Histories in the Age of Reformation, 1400-1650
Schmidt, G., vol. 42 (1): 128-130
Craig Brandist and Katya Chown, eds, Politics and the Theory of Language in the USSR 1917-1938: The Birth of Sociological Linguistics
Kamusella, T., vol. 42 (1): 130-132
Jana F. Bruns, Nazi Cinema's New Women
Tegel, S., vol. 42 (1): 132-133
Elisa Camiscioli, Reproducing the French Race: Immigration, Intimacy, and Embodiment in the Early Twentieth Century
Aldrich, R., vol. 42 (1): 134-135
Glenn Clark, Judith Owens, and Greg T. Smith, eds., City Limits: Perspectives on the Historical European City
Williamson, F., vol. 42 (1): 135-137
Antonio Costa Pinto, ed., Ruling Elites and Decision-Making in Fascist-Era Dictatorships
Morgan, P., vol. 42 (1): 137-138
Daniel A. Crews, Twilight of the Renaissance: The Life of Juan de Valdes
Logan, O., vol. 42 (1): 138-140
A. R. Disney, A History of Portugal and the Portuguese Empire: From Beginnings to 1807
Antunes, C., vol. 42 (1): 140-141
Miriam Eliav-Feldon, Benjamin Isaac and Joseph Ziegler, eds., The Origins of Racism in the West
Bright, R., vol. 42 (1): 141-143
Laura Engelstein, Slavophile Empire: Imperial Russia's Illiberal Path
Waldron, P., vol. 42 (1): 143-144
Malgorzata Fidelis, Women, Communism, and Industrialization in Postwar Poland
Prazmowska, A., vol. 42 (1): 145-146
Karen Fiss, Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France
Michels, E., vol. 42 (1): 146-147
Alan Forrest and Peter H. Wilson, eds, The Bee and the Eagle: Napoleonic France and the End of the Holy Roman Empire, 1806
Cole, L., vol. 42 (1): 148-150
Rachel G. Fuchs, Contested Paternity: Constructing Families in Modern France
Smith, L. W., vol. 42 (1): 150-151
Anna von der Goltz, Hindenburg: Power, Myth, and the Rise of the Nazis
Michels, E., vol. 42 (1): 151-153
Joshua Goode, Impurity of Blood: Defining Race in Spain, 1870-1930
Quiroga, A., vol. 42 (1): 153-155
Glenda Dawn Goss, Sibelius: A Composer's Life and the Awakening of Finland
Ramnarine, T. K., vol. 42 (1): 155-156
Ole Peter Grell, Andrew Cunningham and Jon Arrizabalaga, eds, Centres of Medical Excellence? Medical Travel and Education in Europe, 1500-1789
Lindemann, M., vol. 42 (1): 156-158
Ruth Harris, The Man on Devil's Island: Alfred Dreyfus and the Affair that Divided France
Kalman, J., vol. 42 (1): 158-160
Heinz-Gerhard Haupt and Jurgen Kocka, eds, Comparative and Transnational History: Central European Approaches and New Perspectives
Zimmerman, A., vol. 42 (1): 160-161
Todd Herzog, Crime Stories: Criminalistic Fantasy and the Culture of Crisis in Weimar Germany
Nitz, W., vol. 42 (1): 161-163
Geert H. Janssen, Princely Power in the Dutch Republic: Patronage and William Frederick of Nassau (1613-64)
van Nimwegen, O., vol. 42 (1): 163-165
Lotte Jensen, Joep Leerssen and Marita Mathijsen, eds, Free Access to the Past: Romanticism, Cultural Heritage and the Nation
Van Ginderachter, M., vol. 42 (1): 165-167
Wolfram Kaiser and Antonio Varsori, eds, European Union History: Themes and Debates
Reinfeldt, A., vol. 42 (1): 167-168
Stefanos Katsikas, ed., Bulgaria and Europe: Shifting Identities
Nafpliotis, A., vol. 42 (1): 169-170
Douglas B. Klusmeyer and Demetrios G. Papademetriou, Immigration Policy in the Federal Republic of Germany: Negotiating Membership and Remaking the Nation
Panayi, P., vol. 42 (1): 170-171
Barbara Kosta, Willing Seduction: The Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich, and Mass Culture
Nitz, W., vol. 42 (1): 172-173
Patricia H. Labalme and Laura Sanguineti White, eds, Venice, Cita Excelentissima: Selections from the Renaissance Diaries of Marin Sanudo
Ravid, B., vol. 42 (1): 173-174
Melvyn P. Leffler and Odd Arne Westad, eds, The Cambridge History of the Cold War
Autio-Sarasmo, S., vol. 42 (1): 174-177
Matthieu Leimgruber, Solidarity Without the State? Business and the Shaping of the Swiss Welfare State, 1890-2000
Bonvin, J.-M., vol. 42 (1): 177-178
Francisca Loetz, Dealings with God: From Blasphemers in Early Modern Zurich to a Cultural History of Religiousness
Euler, C., vol. 42 (1): 178-180
Oliver Lubrich, ed., Travels in the Reich, 1933-1945: Foreign Authors Report from Germany
Moore, P., vol. 42 (1): 180-182