European History Quarterly articles

Volume 42 (1)

Todd Herzog, Crime Stories: Criminalistic Fantasy and the Culture of Crisis in Weimar Germany
Nitz, W., vol. 42 (1): 161-163
Geert H. Janssen, Princely Power in the Dutch Republic: Patronage and William Frederick of Nassau (1613-64)
van Nimwegen, O., vol. 42 (1): 163-165
Lotte Jensen, Joep Leerssen and Marita Mathijsen, eds, Free Access to the Past: Romanticism, Cultural Heritage and the Nation
Van Ginderachter, M., vol. 42 (1): 165-167
Wolfram Kaiser and Antonio Varsori, eds, European Union History: Themes and Debates
Reinfeldt, A., vol. 42 (1): 167-168
Stefanos Katsikas, ed., Bulgaria and Europe: Shifting Identities
Nafpliotis, A., vol. 42 (1): 169-170
Douglas B. Klusmeyer and Demetrios G. Papademetriou, Immigration Policy in the Federal Republic of Germany: Negotiating Membership and Remaking the Nation
Panayi, P., vol. 42 (1): 170-171
Barbara Kosta, Willing Seduction: The Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich, and Mass Culture
Nitz, W., vol. 42 (1): 172-173
Patricia H. Labalme and Laura Sanguineti White, eds, Venice, Cita Excelentissima: Selections from the Renaissance Diaries of Marin Sanudo
Ravid, B., vol. 42 (1): 173-174
Melvyn P. Leffler and Odd Arne Westad, eds, The Cambridge History of the Cold War
Autio-Sarasmo, S., vol. 42 (1): 174-177
Matthieu Leimgruber, Solidarity Without the State? Business and the Shaping of the Swiss Welfare State, 1890-2000
Bonvin, J.-M., vol. 42 (1): 177-178
Francisca Loetz, Dealings with God: From Blasphemers in Early Modern Zurich to a Cultural History of Religiousness
Euler, C., vol. 42 (1): 178-180
Oliver Lubrich, ed., Travels in the Reich, 1933-1945: Foreign Authors Report from Germany
Moore, P., vol. 42 (1): 180-182
Morag Martin, Selling Beauty: Cosmetics, Commerce, and French Society, 1750-1830
Heuer, J., vol. 42 (1): 182-184
J. R. McNeill, Mosquito Empires: Ecology and War in the Greater Caribbean, 1620-1914
Anderson, J. L., vol. 42 (1): 184-185
Beate Meyer, Hermann Simon and Chana Schutz, eds, Jews in Nazi Berlin: From Kristallnacht to Liberation
Vaizey, H., vol. 42 (1): 186-187
Norman M. Naimark, Stalin's Genocides; Kevin McDermott and Matthew Stibbe, eds, Stalinist Terror in Eastern Europe. Elite Purges and Mass Repression
Litvin, A., Sal'nikova, A., vol. 42 (1): 187-190
Paul du Quenoy, Stage Fright: Politics and the Performing Arts in Late Imperial Russia
Emerson, C., vol. 42 (1): 190-192
Dirk Schumann, Political Violence in the Weimar Republic, 1918-1933: Fight for the Streets and Fear of Civil War; Timothy S. Brown, Weimar Radicals: Nazis and Communists Between Authenticity and Performance
Bruder, D., vol. 42 (1): 193-196
Alexander Statiev, The Soviet Counterinsurgency in the Western Borderlands
Edele, M., vol. 42 (1): 196-197
Alan E. Steinweis, Kristallnacht 1938
Bonnell, A. G., vol. 42 (1): 197-199
Gareth Stockey, Gibraltar: 'A Dagger in the Spine of Spain?'
Perera, J. B., vol. 42 (1): 199-201
Daniel Szechi, ed., The Dangerous Trade: Spies, Spymasters and the Making of Europe
Atherton, L., vol. 42 (1): 201-202
Toby Thacker, Joseph Goebbels: Life and Death
Bookbinder, P., vol. 42 (1): 202-204
Richard Weikart, Hitler's Ethic: The Nazi Pursuit of Evolutionary Progress
Strobl, G., vol. 42 (1): 204-206
European History Quarterly Prize
vol. 42 (1): 207-207

Volume 41 (4)

War Stories: French Veteran Narratives and the 'Experience of War' in the Nineteenth Century
Dwyer, P., vol. 41 (4): 561-585
Noble Status and Royal Duplicity in the Crown of Castile, 1454-1504
Crawford, M. J., vol. 41 (4): 586-608
Carton de Wiart's Second Military Mission to Poland and the German Invasion of 1939
Harrison, E. D. R., vol. 41 (4): 609-633
Imperial Myths between Nationalism and Communism: Appropriations of Imperial Legacies in the North-eastern Adriatic during the Early Cold War
Mihelj, S., vol. 41 (4): 634-656
A New Historiography of the Cold War?
Autio-Sarasmo, S., vol. 41 (4): 657-664
Ireland and Catholic Europe
Darcy, E., vol. 41 (4): 665-671
Book Reviews
vol. 41 (4): 672-733
Ivan T. Berend, From the Soviet Bloc to the European Union: The Economic and Social Transformation of Central and Eastern Europe since 1973, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 2009; xv + 299 pp, 24 tables; 9780521493659, {pound}55.00 (hbk); 9780521729
vol. 41 (4): 673-675
Tim Bergfelder and Christian Cargnelli, eds, Destination London: German-speaking Emigres and British Cinema, 1925-1950, Berghahn: Oxford, 2008; 272 pp.; 9781845455323, {pound}45.00 (hbk)
vol. 41 (4): 675-676
Joseph Bergin, Church, Society and Religious Change in France, 1580-1730, Yale University Press: New Haven, CT, 2009; xvii + 506 pp.; 9780300150988, {pound}35.00 (hbk)
vol. 41 (4): 677-678
Christopher S. Browning, Constructivism, Narrative and Foreign Policy Analysis: A Case Study of Finland, Peter Lang: Bern, 2008; 328 pp.; 9783039105199, {pound}42.00 (pbk)
vol. 41 (4): 678-680
Simon Burrows, A King's Ransom: The Life of Charles Theveneau de Morande, Blackmailer, Scandalmonger, and Master-Spy, Continuum: London and New York, 2010; 288 pp.; 9780826419897, {pound}22.00 (hbk)
vol. 41 (4): 680-681
Peter Clark, European Cities and Towns 400-2000, Oxford University Press: Oxford, 2009; xiii + 412 pp.; 9780199562732, {pound}50.00 (hbk)
vol. 41 (4): 681-682
Raymond L. Cohn, Mass Migration Under Sail: European Immigration to the Antebellum United States, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 2009; 254 pp.; 9780521513227, {pound}48.00 (hbk); 9780521182485, {pound}20.99 (pbk)
vol. 41 (4): 683-683
John M. Cox, Circles of Resistance: Jewish, Leftist, and Youth Dissidence in Nazi Germany, Peter Lang: New York, 2009; x + 200 pp.; 9781433105579, {pound}47.00 (hbk)
vol. 41 (4): 684-686