European History Quarterly articles

Volume 42 (2)

James L. Larson, Reforming the North: The Kingdoms and Churches of Scandinavia, 1520-1545
Gustafsson, H., vol. 42 (2): 359-360
Allison Levy, ed., Sex Acts in Early Modern Italy: Practice, Performance, Perversion, Punishment
Moulton, I. F., vol. 42 (2): 360-362
William Mulligan, The Origins of the First World War
Gooch, J., vol. 42 (2): 362-363
Francis R. Nicosia and David Scrase, eds, Jewish Life in Nazi Germany: Dilemmas and Responses
Crouthamel, J., vol. 42 (2): 363-365
Michael Printy, Enlightenment and the Creation of German Catholicism
Sauter, M. J., vol. 42 (2): 365-367
Tammy M. Proctor, Civilians in a World at War, 1914-1918
Siebrecht, C., vol. 42 (2): 367-368
Sverker Sorlin and Paul Warde, eds, Nature's End: History and the Environment
Moranda, S., vol. 42 (2): 369-370
Matthew Stibbe, Germany, 1914-1933: Politics, Society, and Culture
Black, M., vol. 42 (2): 370-372
Sharon Strocchia, Nuns and Nunneries in Renaissance Florence
Cossar, R., vol. 42 (2): 372-373
Ann Thomson, Bodies of Thought: Science, Religion, and the Soul in the Early Enlightenment
Printy, M., vol. 42 (2): 374-375
Theodore R. Weeks, Across the Revolutionary Divide: Russia and the USSR, 1861-1945; Stephen Lovell, The Shadow of War: Russia and the USSR, 1941 to the Present Day
Rendle, M., vol. 42 (2): 375-379
Gur Zak, Petrarch's Humanism and the Care of the Self
Martinez, R. L., vol. 42 (2): 379-380
Madeline C. Zilfi, Women and Slavery in the Late Ottoman Empire: The Design of Difference
Maleckova, J., vol. 42 (2): 380-382

Volume 42 (1)

Swann, J., Ruger, J., Evangelisti, S., vol. 42 (1): 5-5
Rhetoric and the Writing of History in Early Modern Europe: Melo's Guerra de Cataluna and Mascardi's Ars historica
Pineda, V., vol. 42 (1): 6-28
The Early Reception of Operetta in Russia, 1860s-1870s
Frame, M., vol. 42 (1): 29-49
The French Veterans and the Republic: The Union nationale des combattants and the Union federale, 1934-1938
Millington, C., vol. 42 (1): 50-70
Nationalism, Myth and Reinterpretation of History: The Neglected Case of Interwar Yugoslavia
Djokic, D., vol. 42 (1): 71-95
Russia and War in the Twentieth Century
Dukes, P., vol. 42 (1): 96-104
War, Politics and Culture in Romania and East-Central Europe
Drace-Francis, A., vol. 42 (1): 105-113
Antony Adolf, Peace: A World History
Scotto, G., vol. 42 (1): 114-116
Henrice Altink and Sharif Gemie, eds, At the Border: Margins and Peripheries in Modern France
Baskar, B., vol. 42 (1): 116-118
Alexander Badenoch and Andreas Fickers, eds, Materializing Europe: Transnational Infrastructures and the Project of Europe
Daddow, O., vol. 42 (1): 118-119
Efrat Ben-Ze'ev, Ruth Ginio and Jay Winter, eds, Shadows of War: A Social History of Silence in the Twentieth Century
Niven, B., vol. 42 (1): 119-121
Jay Bergman, Meeting the Demands of Reason: The Life and Thought of Andrei Sakharov
Hornsby, R., vol. 42 (1): 121-123
Francisco Bethencourt, The Inquisition: A Global History 1478-1834
Wickersham, J. K., vol. 42 (1): 123-125
Debra Blumenthal, Enemies and Familiars. Slavery and Mastery in Fifteenth-Century Valencia
Martin, A., vol. 42 (1): 125-126
Brian J. Boeck, Imperial Boundaries: Cossack Communities and Empire-Building in the Age of Peter the Great
Saunders, D., vol. 42 (1): 126-128
Thomas A. Brady Jr, German Histories in the Age of Reformation, 1400-1650
Schmidt, G., vol. 42 (1): 128-130
Craig Brandist and Katya Chown, eds, Politics and the Theory of Language in the USSR 1917-1938: The Birth of Sociological Linguistics
Kamusella, T., vol. 42 (1): 130-132
Jana F. Bruns, Nazi Cinema's New Women
Tegel, S., vol. 42 (1): 132-133
Elisa Camiscioli, Reproducing the French Race: Immigration, Intimacy, and Embodiment in the Early Twentieth Century
Aldrich, R., vol. 42 (1): 134-135
Glenn Clark, Judith Owens, and Greg T. Smith, eds., City Limits: Perspectives on the Historical European City
Williamson, F., vol. 42 (1): 135-137
Antonio Costa Pinto, ed., Ruling Elites and Decision-Making in Fascist-Era Dictatorships
Morgan, P., vol. 42 (1): 137-138
Daniel A. Crews, Twilight of the Renaissance: The Life of Juan de Valdes
Logan, O., vol. 42 (1): 138-140
A. R. Disney, A History of Portugal and the Portuguese Empire: From Beginnings to 1807
Antunes, C., vol. 42 (1): 140-141
Miriam Eliav-Feldon, Benjamin Isaac and Joseph Ziegler, eds., The Origins of Racism in the West
Bright, R., vol. 42 (1): 141-143
Laura Engelstein, Slavophile Empire: Imperial Russia's Illiberal Path
Waldron, P., vol. 42 (1): 143-144
Malgorzata Fidelis, Women, Communism, and Industrialization in Postwar Poland
Prazmowska, A., vol. 42 (1): 145-146
Karen Fiss, Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France
Michels, E., vol. 42 (1): 146-147