European History Quarterly articles

Volume 42 (3)

Masculinity and Catholicism: The Leagues of the Sacred Heart in Belgium, 1900-1940
Van Osselaer, T., vol. 42 (3): 422-443
The Muslim Minority in Greek Historiography: A Distorted Story?
Katsikas, S., vol. 42 (3): 444-467
Spain from the First World War to the Civil War
Anderson, P., vol. 42 (3): 468-479
Italia docet? The Relationship between Italian Fascism and Nazism Revisited
Goeschel, C., vol. 42 (3): 480-492
Peter Anderson, The Francoist Military Trials: Terror and Complicity, 1939-1945
Porte, P. L., vol. 42 (3): 493-494
Arianne Baggerman and Rudolf Dekker, Child of the Enlightenment: Revolutionary Europe Reflected in a Boyhood Diary
Sauter, M., vol. 42 (3): 494-496
Ebru Boyar and Kate Fleet, A Social History of Ottoman Istanbul
Nacar, C., vol. 42 (3): 496-497
Thomas Cardoza, Intrepid Women: Cantinieres and Vivandieres of the French Army
Heuer, J., vol. 42 (3): 497-499
Jason Philip Coy, Benjamin Marschke and David Warren Sabean, eds, The Holy Roman Empire, Reconsidered
Kumin, B., vol. 42 (3): 499-501
William Doyle, Aristocracy and its Enemies in the Age of Revolution
Sutherland, D. M. G., vol. 42 (3): 501-502
Donald Filtzer, Wendy Z. Goldman, Gijs Kessler and Simon Pirani, eds, A Dream Deferred: New Studies in Russian and Soviet Labour History
King, F., vol. 42 (3): 502-504
Alan Forrest, The Legacy of the Revolutionary Wars: The Nation-in-Arms in French Republican Memory
Varley, K., vol. 42 (3): 504-505
Andre Gerrits, The Myth of Jewish Communism: A Historical Interpretation
Albert, G. J., vol. 42 (3): 506-507
Abbott Gleason, ed., A Companion to Russian History
Rendle, M., vol. 42 (3): 507-509
Stuart J. Hilwig, Italy and 1968: Youthful Unrest and Democratic Culture
Pelz, W. A., vol. 42 (3): 509-510
William Leatherbarrow and Derek Offord, eds, A History of Russian Thought
Thatcher, I. D., vol. 42 (3): 510-511
Dominic Lieven, Russia Against Napoleon: The Battle for Europe, 1807 to 1814; Janet Hartley, Russia 1762-1825: Military Power, the State, and the People
Vitarbo, G., vol. 42 (3): 511-515
Ian Linden, Global Catholicism: Diversity and Change since Vatican II
Logan, O., vol. 42 (3): 515-516
Patricia M. E. Lorcin and Daniel Brewer, eds, France and its Spaces of War: Experience, Memory, Image
Aldrich, R., vol. 42 (3): 517-518
John Anthony McGuckin, ed., The Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity; Lucian N. Leustean, ed., Eastern Christianity and the Cold War, 1945-1991
Gallagher, T., vol. 42 (3): 518-521
Peter Paret, The Cognitive Challenge of War: Prussia 1806
Telp, C., vol. 42 (3): 521-522
Tamara Petkevich, Memoir of a Gulag Actress
Thatcher, I. D., vol. 42 (3): 522-524
Gabriel Piterberg, Teofilo F. Ruiz and Geoffrey Symcox, eds, Braudel Revisited: the Mediterranean World, 1600-1800
Fusaro, M., vol. 42 (3): 524-525
Igor Primoratz, ed., Terror from the Sky: The Bombing of German Cities in World War II
Vaizey, H., vol. 42 (3): 526-527
Susan Reynolds, Before Eminent Domain: Toward a History of Expropriation of Land for the Common Good
Warde, P., vol. 42 (3): 527-529
Enrique A. Sanabria, Republicanism and Anticlerical Nationalism in Spain
Smith, A., vol. 42 (3): 529-531
Mary Elise Sarotte, 1989: The Struggle to Create Post-Cold War Europe
Ray, L., vol. 42 (3): 531-532
Adam R. Seipp, The Ordeal of Peace: Demobilization and the Urban Experience in Britain and Germany, 1917-1921
Feltman, B. K., vol. 42 (3): 533-534
Noah Shusterman, Religion and the Politics of Time: Holidays in France from Louis XIV through Napoleon
Plack, N., vol. 42 (3): 534-536
Paul S. Spalding, Lafayette: Prisoner of State
Naujoks, N. S., vol. 42 (3): 536-537
Jutta Gisela Sperling and Shona Kelly Wray, eds, Across the Religious Divide: Women, Property, and Law in the Wider Mediterranean (ca. 1300-1800)
Lanzinger, M., vol. 42 (3): 537-539
Annemarie Steidl, Josef Ehmer, Stan Nadel and Hermann Zeitlhofer, eds, European Mobility: Internal, International, and Transatlantic Moves in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries
Hochstadt, S., vol. 42 (3): 539-541
Barbara H. Stein and Stanley J. Stein, Edge of Crisis: War and Trade in the Spanish Atlantic, 1789-1808
Paquette, G., vol. 42 (3): 541-542
Dan Stone, Histories of the Holocaust
Goeschel, C., vol. 42 (3): 542-543
D. M. G. Sutherland, Murder in Aubagne: Lynching, Law, and Justice during the French Revolution
Garrioch, D., vol. 42 (3): 544-545
Willie Thompson, Ideologies in the Age of Extremes: Liberalism, Conservatism, Communism, Fascism, 1914-1991
Thompson, N., vol. 42 (3): 545-547
Guy Thomson, The Birth of Modern Politics in Spain: Democracy, Association and Revolution, 1854-1875
Quiroga, A., vol. 42 (3): 547-549
Hester Vaizey, Surviving Hitler's War: Family Life in Germany, 1939-48
Pine, L., vol. 42 (3): 549-550
Elizabeth White, The Socialist Alternative to Bolshevik Russia: The Socialist Revolutionary Party, 1917-39
White, J. D., vol. 42 (3): 550-552

Volume 42 (2)

The Economic Thought of A. Genovesi in the Late Spanish Enlightenment: R. De Salas's Critical Analysis
Astigarraga, J., vol. 42 (2): 211-234