European History Quarterly articles

Volume 43 (1)

Jay M Smith, Monsters of the Gevaudan: The Making of a Beast
Plack, N., vol. 43 (1): 181-183
Marina Soroka, Britain, Russia, and the Road to the First World War: The Fateful Embassy of Count Aleksandr Benckendorff (1903-16)
Vitarbo, G., vol. 43 (1): 183-184
Marietta Stankova, Georgi Dimitrov: A Biography
Kalinova, E., vol. 43 (1): 185-186
Hamilton M Stapell, Remaking Madrid: Culture, Politics, and Identity after Franco
Ascunce, A., vol. 43 (1): 186-188
Henrik Stenius, Mirja Osterberg and Johan Ostling, eds, Nordic Narratives of the Second World War: National Historiographies Revisited
Kivimaki, V., vol. 43 (1): 188-190
Geoffrey Swain, Tito: A Biography
Hoare, M. A., vol. 43 (1): 190-191
Yannis Sygkelos, Nationalism from the Left: The Bulgarian Communist Party during the Second World War and the Early Post-war Years
Stankova, M., vol. 43 (1): 191-193
Junko Therese Takeda, Between Crown and Commerce: Marseille and the Early Modern Mediterranean
Tingle, E., vol. 43 (1): 193-195
Annette F Timm, The Politics of Fertility in Twentieth-Century Berlin
Marhoefer, L., vol. 43 (1): 195-197
William Whyte and Oliver Zimmer, eds, Nationalism and the Reshaping of Urban Communities in Europe, 1848-1914
Vari, A., vol. 43 (1): 197-198
Caroline A. Williams, ed., Bridging the Early Modern Atlantic World: People, Products, and Practices on the Move
Albi, C., vol. 43 (1): 199-200

Volume 42 (4)

The Spanish Risorgimento in the Western Mediterranean and Italy 1707-1748
Storrs, C., vol. 42 (4): 555-577
The Poetry of Discontent: Jerome Bonaparte and his Alleged Exploitation of the Kingdom of Westphalia
Berryman, T. B., vol. 42 (4): 578-601
Emigration Policies and Nation-building in Interwar Yugoslavia
Brunnbauer, U., vol. 42 (4): 602-627
On Condition of Contrition: French Reactions to American Films on the Vietnam War, 1978-1987
Cowans, J., vol. 42 (4): 628-649
Nation-building in the Provinces: The Interplay between Local, Regional and National Identities in Central and Western Europe, 1870-1945
Storm, E., vol. 42 (4): 650-663
The Pontificate of Pius XI: The Impact of New Material from the Vatican Archives
Logan, O., vol. 42 (4): 664-672
Olaf Asbach and Peter Schroder, eds, War, the State and International Law in Seventeenth-Century Europe
Externbrink, S., vol. 42 (4): 673-674
Edward Berenson and Eva Giloi, eds, Constructing Charisma: Celebrity, Fame, and Power in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Muller, F. L., vol. 42 (4): 674-676
Frances L. Bernstein, Christopher Burton and Dan Healey, eds, Soviet Medicine: Culture, Practice, and Science
King, F., vol. 42 (4): 677-678
Mark Biondich, The Balkans: Revolution, War, and Political Violence since 1878
Pavlowitch, S. K., vol. 42 (4): 678-679
Stanley Black, Spain since 1939
Stapell, H. M., vol. 42 (4): 680-681
David Brewer, Greece: The Hidden Centuries. Turkish Rule from the Fall of Constantinople to Greek Independence
Miller, J. E., vol. 42 (4): 681-683
Roderick Cavaliero, Ottomania: The Romantics and the Myth of the Islamic Orient
Kallander, A. A., vol. 42 (4): 683-685
Carl von Clausewitz, On Wellington: A Critique of Waterloo
Luh, J., vol. 42 (4): 685-686
Antonio Costa Pinto, ed., Rethinking the Nature of Fascism: Comparative Perspectives
Bonnell, A. G., vol. 42 (4): 686-688
Michael P. Fitzsimmons, From Artisan to Worker: Guilds, the French State, and the Organization of Labor, 1776-1821
Heywood, C., vol. 42 (4): 688-689
Andrew A. Gentes, Exile, Murder and Madness in Siberia, 1823-61
Hartley, J., vol. 42 (4): 689-691
Julia L. Hairston and Walter Stephens, eds, The Body in Early Modern Italy
de Vries, J., vol. 42 (4): 691-692
Richard Hamilton and Holger Herwig, eds, War Planning 1914
Mulligan, W., vol. 42 (4): 692-694
Fraser J. Harbutt, Yalta 1945: Europe and America at the Crossroads
Lak, M., vol. 42 (4): 694-696
Doina Pasca Harsanyi, Lessons from America: Liberal French Nobles in Exile 1793-1798
Craiutu, A., vol. 42 (4): 696-698
Irene Heidelberger-Leonard, The Philosopher of Auschwitz: Jean Amery and Living with the Holocaust
Niven, B., vol. 42 (4): 698-699
Jonathan Huener and Francis R. Nicosia, eds, The Arts in Nazi Germany: Continuity, Conformity, Change
Osmond, J., vol. 42 (4): 700-701
Erik N. Jensen, Body by Weimar: Athletes, Gender, and German Modernity
Rossol, N., vol. 42 (4): 701-703
Benjamin Kaplan, Bob Moore, Henryk Van Nierop and Judith Pollmann, eds, Catholic Communities in Protestant States: Britain and the Netherlands c.1570-1720
Logan, O., vol. 42 (4): 703-704
Jason M. Kelly, The Society of Dilettanti: Archaeology and Identity in the British Enlightenment
Paul, C., vol. 42 (4): 704-706
Lars T. Lih, Lenin
White, J. D., vol. 42 (4): 706-708
Martyn Lyons, A History of Reading and Writing in the Western World
Rogers, R., vol. 42 (4): 708-709
Sigurthur Gylfi Magnusson, Wasteland with Words: A Social History of Iceland
Arnold, M., vol. 42 (4): 710-711