European History Quarterly articles

Volume 45 (4)

David Lethbridge, Norman Bethune in Spain: Commitment, Crisis and Conspiracy
Barona, J. L., vol. 45 (4): 779-781
Benjamin Lieberman, The Holocaust and Genocides in Europe
Jinks, R., vol. 45 (4): 781-782
Gary B. McCollim, Louis XIV's Assault on Privilege: Nicolas Desmaretz and the Tax on Wealth
Felix, J., vol. 45 (4): 782-784
Helen McPhail, The Long Silence: The Tragedy of Occupied France in World War I
Dowdall, A., vol. 45 (4): 784-785
Richard P. Mulcahy, with Janos Angi and Tibor Glant, eds, Hungary through the Centuries: Studies in Honor of Steven Bela Vardy and Agnes Huszar Vardy
Szantay, A., vol. 45 (4): 785-787
Alexis Rappas, Cyprus in the 1930s: British Colonial Rule and the Roots of the Cyprus Conflict
Varnava, A., vol. 45 (4): 787-789
John G. G. Rohl, Wilhelm II: Into the Abyss of War and Exile, 1900-1941
Bonnell, A. G., vol. 45 (4): 789-790
Julius Ruiz, The 'Red Terror' and the Spanish Civil War
Stockey, G., vol. 45 (4): 790-792
Goran Ryden, ed., Sweden in the Eighteenth-Century World: Provincial Cosmopolitans
Persson, M., vol. 45 (4): 792-794
Rosa Salzberg, Ephemeral City: Cheap Print and Urban Culture in Renaissance Venice
Bamji, A., vol. 45 (4): 794-796
Britta Schilling, Postcolonial Germany: Memories of Empire in a Decolonized Nation
Wildenthal, L., vol. 45 (4): 796-797
Martin Winstone, The Dark Heart of Hitler's Europe: Nazi Rule in Poland under the General Government
O'Sullivan, R., vol. 45 (4): 797-799

Volume 45 (3)

Occupation, Family, and Inheritance in Fourteenth-Century Barcelona: A Socio-Economic Profile of One of Europe's Earliest Investing Publics
Fynn-Paul, J., vol. 45 (3): 417-445
Missionary Children: The French Holy Childhood Association in European Context, 1843-c.1914
Heywood, S., vol. 45 (3): 446-466
The Transnational Formation of Imperial Rule on the Margins of Europe:1 British Cyprus and the Italian Dodecanese in the Interwar Period
Rappas, A., vol. 45 (3): 467-505
Spanish Fury: Football and National Identities under Franco
Quiroga, A., vol. 45 (3): 506-529
Daring All Things: Recent Works on Politically Motivated Violence in European History
Rogers, D., vol. 45 (3): 530-535
Maartje Abbenhuis, An Age of Neutrals: Great Power Politics, 1815-1914
Black, J., vol. 45 (3): 536-537
Pavlina Bobic, War and Faith: The Catholic Church in Slovenia, 1914-1918
Madigan, E., vol. 45 (3): 537-538
Pia F. Cuneo, ed., Animals and Early Modern Identity
Ross, A. S., vol. 45 (3): 538-540
Enrico Dal Lago, William Lloyd Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini: Abolition, Democracy, and Radical Reform
Lause, M. A., vol. 45 (3): 539-542
John Darwin, The Empire Project: The Rise and Fall of the British World-System 1830-1970
Huang, C.-L., vol. 45 (3): 542-543
Vittorio Dini and Matthew D'Auria, eds, The Space of Crisis: Images and Ideas of Europe in the Age of Crisis, 1914-1945
Greiner, F., vol. 45 (3): 544-545
Andrew Dowling, Catalonia since the Spanish Civil War: Reconstructing the Nation
Thomson, J. K. J., vol. 45 (3): 545-547
William Doyle, France and the Age of Revolution: Regimes Old and New from Louis XIV to Napoleon Bonaparte
Plack, N., vol. 45 (3): 547-549
Axel Erdmann, Alberto Govi and Fabrizio Govi, Ars Epistolica: Communication in Sixteenth Century Western Europe: Epistolaries, Letter Writing Manuals and Model Letter Books,1501-1600
Sbordoni, C., vol. 45 (3): 549-551
Johannes Feichtinger and Gary B. Cohen, eds, Understanding Multiculturalism: The Habsburg Central European Experience
Kwan, J., vol. 45 (3): 551-553
Alexander C. T. Geppert, Fleeting Cities: Imperial Expositions in Fin-de-Siecle Europe
Williamson, F., vol. 45 (3): 553-554
Uta Gerhardt and Thomas Karlauf, eds, The Night of Broken Glass: Eyewitness Accounts of Kristallnacht
Hochstadt, S., vol. 45 (3): 554-556
J. A. S. Grenville, The Jews and Germans of Hamburg: The Destruction of a Civilization, 1790-1945
Bonnell, A. G., vol. 45 (3): 556-558
Carol E. Harrison, Romantic Catholics: France's Postrevolutionary Generation in Search of a Modern Faith
O'Brien, L., vol. 45 (3): 558-559
Janet M. Hartley, Siberia: A History of the People
Kuentzel-Witt, K., vol. 45 (3): 559-561
Mark Jarrett, The Congress of Vienna and Its Legacy: War and Great Power Diplomacy after Napoleon
Caiani, A. A., vol. 45 (3): 561-562
Lucien Jaume, Tocqueville: The Aristocratic Sources of Liberty
Breschi, D., vol. 45 (3): 562-564
Angela Jianu, A Circle of Friends: Romanian Revolutionaries and Political Exile, 1840-1859
D'Alessandri, A., vol. 45 (3): 564-566
Christopher H. Johnson, David Warren Sabean, Simon Teuscher and Francesca Trivellato, eds, Transregional and Transnational Families in Europe and Beyond; Christopher H. Johnson, Bernhard Jussen, David Warren Sabean and Simon Teuscher, eds, Blood & Kinship
Lanzinger, M., vol. 45 (3): 566-569
Aristotle Kallis, The Third Rome, 1922-1943: The Making of the Fascist Capital
Baxa, P., vol. 45 (3): 569-571
Simone Laqua-O'Donnell, Women and the Counter-Reformation in Early Modern Munster
Watson, R., vol. 45 (3): 571-573
Avi Lifschitz, Language and Enlightenment: The Berlin Debates of the Eighteenth Century
Henny, S., vol. 45 (3): 573-574
Marisa Linton, Choosing Terror: Virtue, Friendship, and Authenticity in the French Revolution
Fairfax-Cholmeley, A., vol. 45 (3): 574-576