European History Quarterly articles

Volume 45 (3)

Geir Lundestad, ed., International Relations since the End of the Cold War: New and Old Dimensions
Autio-Sarasmo, S., vol. 45 (3): 576-577
Martyn Lyons, The Writing Culture of Ordinary People in Europe, c. 1860-1920
Flint, K., vol. 45 (3): 577-579
Scott M. Manetsch, Calvin's Company of Pastors: Pastoral Care and the Emerging Reformed Church, 1536-1609
Murdock, G., vol. 45 (3): 579-580
Craig Martin, Subverting Aristotle: Religion, History, and Philosophy in Early Modern Science
Hunter, M., vol. 45 (3): 580-581
Ryan Minor, Choral Fantasies: Music, Festivity, and Nationhood in Nineteenth-Century Germany; Barbara Eichner, History in Mighty Sounds: Musical Constructions of German National Identity 1848-1914
Arnold, R. J., vol. 45 (3): 581-583
W. Gregory Monahan, Let God Arise: The War and Rebellion of the Camisards
Geraerts, J., vol. 45 (3): 584-585
Silvia Mostaccio, Early Modern Jesuits between Obedience and Conscience during the Generalate of Claudio Acquaviva (1581-1615)
Russell, C., vol. 45 (3): 585-587
Linda Palfreeman, Aristocrats, Adventurers and Ambulances: British Medical Units in the Spanish Civil War
Barona, J. L., vol. 45 (3): 587-589
Helen Parish, Elaine Fulton and Peter Webster, eds, The Search for Authority in Reformation Europe
Atherton, R., vol. 45 (3): 589-591
Brian Porter-Szucs, Poland in the Modern World: Beyond Martyrdom
Fleming, M., vol. 45 (3): 591-593
Allyson M. Poska, Jane Couchman and Katherine A. McIver, eds, The Ashgate Research Companion to Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe
Lehtsalu, L., vol. 45 (3): 593-594
Rebecca Rogers, A Frenchwoman's Imperial Story: Madame Luce in Nineteenth-Century Algeria
Warson, J., vol. 45 (3): 594-596
Quentin Skinner and Martin van Gelderen, eds, Freedom and the Construction of Europe
Mahlberg, G., vol. 45 (3): 596-600
Mary Sparks, The Development of Austro-Hungarian Sarajevo, 1878-1918: An Urban History
Mills, R., vol. 45 (3): 601-603
Michael T. Walton, Anthonius Margaritha and the Jewish Faith: Jewish Life and Conversion in Sixteenth-Century Germany
Stow, K., vol. 45 (3): 603-604
Paul W. Werth, The Tsar's Foreign Faiths: Toleration and the Fate of Religious Freedom in Imperial Russia
Collis, R., vol. 45 (3): 605-606
Jay Winter and Antoine Prost, Rene Cassin and Human Rights: From the Great War to the Universal Declaration
Barry, G., vol. 45 (3): 606-608

Volume 45 (2)

Violence in Late Socialist Public Spheres
Rutar, S., vol. 45 (2): 205-214
The Hidden Violence of Totalitarianism: Policing Soviet Society in Lithuania
Baločkaite, R., vol. 45 (2): 215-235
Worker Youth and Everyday Violence in the Post-Stalin Soviet Union
Tsipursky, G., vol. 45 (2): 236-254
Violence against the Antiwar Demonstrations of 1965-1968 in Yugoslavia: Political Balancing between East and West
Vučetić, R., vol. 45 (2): 255-274
Containing Conflict and Enforcing Consent in Titoist Yugoslavia: The 1970 Dockworkers' Strike in Koper (Slovenia)
Rutar, S., vol. 45 (2): 275-294
Order, Reputation and Narrative: Forms of State Violence in Late Socialist Macedonia
Brown, K., vol. 45 (2): 295-314
Becoming Dangerous: Everyday Violence in the Industrial Milieu of Late-Socialist Romania
Morar-Vulcu, C., vol. 45 (2): 315-335
Krawall in der Zionskirche: Skinhead Violence and Political Legitimacy in the GDR
Hayton, J., vol. 45 (2): 336-356
Robin Aizlewood and Ruth Coates, eds, Landmarks Revisited: The Vekhi Symposium 100 Years On
Gilbert, G., vol. 45 (2): 357-358
R. S. Alexander, Europe's Uncertain Path 1814-1914: State Formation and Civil Society
Hoffman, R. G., vol. 45 (2): 358-360
David Andress, ed., Experiencing the French Revolution; Julian Swann and Joel Felix, eds, The Crisis of the Absolute Monarchy: France from Old Regime to Revolution
Shaw, M. J., vol. 45 (2): 360-363
Waitman W. Beorn, Marching into Darkness: The Wehrmacht and the Holocaust in Belarus
Rass, C., vol. 45 (2): 363-365
Maria R. Boes, Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Germany: Courts and Adjudicatory Practices in Frankfurt am Main, 1562-1696
Karant-Nunn, S. C., vol. 45 (2): 365-367
Adrian Brisku, Bittersweet Europe: Albanian and Georgian Discourses on Europe, 1878-2008
Suny, R. G., vol. 45 (2): 367-368
Timothy Scott Brown, West Germany and the Global Sixties: The Antiauthoritarian Revolt, 1962-1978
Nehring, H., vol. 45 (2): 368-370
Bruno Cabanes, The Great War and the Origins of Humanitarianism, 1918-1924
Wigglesworth, G., vol. 45 (2): 370-371
Emily Clark and Mary Laven, eds, Women and Religion in the Atlantic Age, 1550-1900
Dinan, S. E., vol. 45 (2): 371-373
Michael David-Fox, Peter Holquist and Alexander M. Martin, eds, The Holocaust in the East: Local Perpetrators and Soviet Responses
Khromeychuk, O., vol. 45 (2): 373-375
Mike Dennis and Norman LaPorte, State and Minorities in Communist East Germany
Maddrell, P., vol. 45 (2): 375-376
Melvin Edelstein, The French Revolution and the Birth of Electoral Democracy
Alpaugh, M., vol. 45 (2): 376-378
R. J. W. Evans and Guy P. Marchal, eds, The Uses of the Middle Ages in Modern European States: History, Nationhood and the Search for Origins
Geary, P. J., vol. 45 (2): 378-380
Jean-Pascal Gay, Jesuit Civil Wars: Theology, Politics and Government under Tirso Gonzalez (1687-1705)
Briggs, R., vol. 45 (2): 380-381
Isaiah Gruber, Orthodox Russia in Crisis: Church and Nation in the Time of Troubles
White, J., vol. 45 (2): 381-383