European History Quarterly articles

Volume 44 (4)

Marko Atilla Hoare, The Bosnian Muslims in the Second World War: A History
Sindbaek, T., vol. 44 (4): 737-739
Jonathan Israel, A Revolution of the Mind: Radical Enlightenment and the Intellectual Origins of Modern Democracy
Szantay, A., vol. 44 (4): 739-741
Paul Josephson, Nicolai Dronin, Ruben Mnatsakanian, Aleh Cherp, Dmitry Efremenko and Vladislav Larin, An Environmental History of Russia
Moon, D., vol. 44 (4): 741-742
Russel Lemmons, Hitler's Rival: Ernst Thalmann in Myth and Memory
Eumann, U., vol. 44 (4): 743-744
Kimberly Lynn, Between Court and Confessional: The Politics of Spanish Inquisitors
Machielsen, J., vol. 44 (4): 744-746
Ian Maclean, Scholarship, Commerce, Religion: The Learned Book in the Age of Confessions, 1560-1630
Squassina, E., vol. 44 (4): 746-747
Vladimir Macura, The Mystifications of a Nation: The 'Potato Bug' and Other Essays on Czech Culture
Kupper, R., vol. 44 (4): 747-749
Nora Maguire and Beth Rodgers, eds, Children's Literature on the Move: Nations, Translations, Migrations
Kowalska, A., vol. 44 (4): 749-751
Irina Marin, Contested Frontiers in the Balkans: Ottoman and Habsburg Rivalries in Eastern Europe
Leustean, L. N., vol. 44 (4): 751-752
James Mark, The Unfinished Revolution: Making Sense of the Communist Past in Central-Eastern Europe; Kevin McDermott and Matthew Stibbe, eds, The 1989 Revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe: From Communism to Pluralism
Platon, M., vol. 44 (4): 753-756
Thomas F. Mayer, ed., Reforming Reformation
Tingle, E., vol. 44 (4): 756-758
Margaret M. McGowan, ed., Dynastic Marriages 1612/1615: A Celebration of the Habsburg and Bourbon Unions
Mitchell, S. Z., vol. 44 (4): 758-759
Catherine Merridale, Red Fortress: The Secret Heart of Russia's History
Thatcher, I. D., vol. 44 (4): 760-761
Paul Kleber Monod, Solomon's Secret Arts: The Occult in the Age of Enlightenment
Ossa-Richardson, A., vol. 44 (4): 761-763
David Moon, The Plough That Broke the Steppe: Agriculture and Environment on Russia's Grasslands, 1700-1914
Josephson, P., vol. 44 (4): 763-765
Michael S. Neiberg, The Dance of the Furies: Europe and the Outbreak of the First World War
Mulligan, W., vol. 44 (4): 765-767
Mary Nolan, The Transatlantic Century: Europe and America, 1890-2010
Paquette, G., vol. 44 (4): 767-769
Gabriel Paquette, ed., Enlightened Reform in Southern Europe and Its Atlantic Colonies, c.1750-1830
Racine, K., vol. 44 (4): 769-770
Miles Pattenden, Pius IV and the Fall of the Carafa: Nepotism and Papal Authority in Counter-Reformation Rome
Logan, O., vol. 44 (4): 771-772
Claudio Pavone, A Civil War: A History of the Italian Resistance
Abse, T., vol. 44 (4): 772-774
Pamela Pilbeam, Saint-Simonians in Nineteenth-Century France: From Free Love to Algeria
Guyver, C., vol. 44 (4): 774-775
Tiago Pires Marques, Crime and the Fascist State, 1850-1940
Hametz, M., vol. 44 (4): 775-777
Doron Rabinovici, Eichmann's Jews: The Jewish Administration of Holocaust Vienna, 1938-1945
Bookbinder, P., vol. 44 (4): 777-779
Donald Rayfield, Edge of Empires: A History of Georgia
Wier, T. R., vol. 44 (4): 779-781
Bernhard Rieger, The People's Car: A Global History of the Volkswagen Beetle
Fava, V., vol. 44 (4): 781-782
Nicole Dombrowski Risser, France under Fire: German Invasion, Civilian Flight, and Family Survival during World War II
Birchall, I., vol. 44 (4): 783-784
Leona Rittner, W. Scott Haine and Jeffrey H. Jackson, eds, The Thinking Space: The Cafe as a Cultural Institution in Paris, Italy and Vienna
Gronberg, T., vol. 44 (4): 784-786
Kirsi Salonen and Jusi Hanska, Entering a Clerical Career at the Roman Curia, 1458-1471
Maxson, B. J. M., vol. 44 (4): 786-787
Alessandro Stanziani, Rules of Exchange: French Capitalism in Comparative Perspective, Eighteenth to Early Twentieth Centuries
Goldberg, K., vol. 44 (4): 788-789
Vera Tolz, Russia's Own Orient: The Politics of Identity and Oriental Studies in the Late Imperial and Early Soviet Periods
King, F., vol. 44 (4): 789-791
Geoffrey Wall, The Enlightened Physician: Achille-Cleophas Flaubert 1784-1846
Cherry, S., vol. 44 (4): 791-792
Mark Wishon, German Forces and the British Army: Interactions and Perceptions, 1742-1815
McCormack, M., vol. 44 (4): 792-794
David Worthington, British and Irish Experiences and Impressions of Central Europe, c.1560-1688
Murdock, G., vol. 44 (4): 794-795

Volume 44 (3)

1914: The German War?
Neilson, K., vol. 44 (3): 395-418
Family Strategies and Transregional Mobility: The de Piro in Eighteenth-Century Malta and Sicily
Galizia, A. C., vol. 44 (3): 419-438
The Societe Typographique de Neuchatel (STN) and the Politics of the Book Trade in Late Eighteenth-Century Europe, 1769-1789
Seaward, L., vol. 44 (3): 439-457
Extending Democracy: Railway Workers and the Popular Front in France, 1936-1938
Beaumont, T., vol. 44 (3): 458-479
POW 'Holiday Camps' in the Third Reich
Monteath, P., vol. 44 (3): 480-503
Daniela Baratieri, Mark Edele and Giuseppe Finaldi, eds, Totalitarian Dictatorship: New Histories
Goeschel, C., vol. 44 (3): 504-505
Pierre Birnbaum, A Tale of Ritual Murder in the Age of Louis XIV: The Trial of Raphael Levy, 1669
Foa, A., vol. 44 (3): 505-506