European History Quarterly articles

Volume 44 (3)

Wayne H. Bowen, Spain and the American Civil War
Hilton, S. L., vol. 44 (3): 506-508
Jayne E. E. Boys, London's News Press and the Thirty Years War
Peacey, J., vol. 44 (3): 508-510
Oliver Bullough, The Last Man in Russia: And the Struggle to Save a Dying Nation
Vincent, M., vol. 44 (3): 510-511
Paul Bushkovitch, A Concise History of Russia
Gilbert, G., vol. 44 (3): 511-513
Pedro Cardim, Tamar Herzog, Jose Javier Ruiz Ibanez and Gaetano Sabatini, eds, Polycentric Monarchies: How Did Early Modern Spain and Portugal Achieve and Maintain a Global Hegemony?
Paquette, G., vol. 44 (3): 513-515
Roger Chartier, The Author's Hand and the Printer's Mind
Lyons, M., vol. 44 (3): 515-516
David Ciarlo, Advertising Empire: Race and Visual Culture in Imperial Germany
Bonnell, A. G., vol. 44 (3): 516-518
Yehuda Cohen, The Germans: Absent Nationality and the Holocaust
Bookbinder, P., vol. 44 (3): 518-520
Stephen Conway, Britain, Ireland, & Continental Europe in the Eighteenth Century: Similarities, Connections, Identities
Darcy, E., vol. 44 (3): 520-522
Paul Corner, The Fascist Party and Popular Opinion in Mussolini's Italy
Duggan, C., vol. 44 (3): 522-523
Helen Cowie, Conquering Nature in Spain and Its Empire, 1750-1850
Racine, K., vol. 44 (3): 524-525
Suzanne Desan, Lynn Hunt and William Max Nelson, eds, The French Revolution in Global Perspective
Doyle, W., vol. 44 (3): 525-527
Nathaniel Deutsch, The Jewish Dark Continent: Life and Death in the Russian Pale of Settlement
Wolff, F., vol. 44 (3): 527-529
Stan Draenos, Andreas Papandreou: The Making of a Greek Democrat and Political Maverick
Miller, J. E., vol. 44 (3): 529-531
Geoff Eley, Nazism as Fascism: Violence, Ideology, and the Ground of Consent in Germany 1930-1945
Dillon, C., vol. 44 (3): 531-532
Alexander Etkind, Internal Colonization: Russia's Imperial Experience
Gentes, A., vol. 44 (3): 532-534
Matthew Gerber, Bastards: Politics, Family, and Law in Early Modern France
Doyle, W., vol. 44 (3): 534-535
Leonard Gomes, German Reparations, 1919-1932: A Historical Survey
Bookbinder, P., vol. 44 (3): 535-537
Stephen Gundle, Christopher Duggan and Giuliana Pieri, eds, The Cult of the Duce: Mussolini and the Italians
Corner, P., vol. 44 (3): 537-539
David Hopkin, Voices of the People in Nineteenth-Century France
Carrol, A., vol. 44 (3): 539-541
Eleanor Hubbard, City Women: Money, Sex, and the Social Order in Early Modern London
Williamson, F., vol. 44 (3): 541-543
Michael J. Hughes, Forging Napoleon's Grande Armee: Motivation, Military Culture and Masculinity in the French Army, 1800-1808
Thoral, M.-C., vol. 44 (3): 543-544
Andrew L. Jenks, The Cosmonaut Who Couldn't Stop Smiling: The Life and Legend of Yuri Gagarin
Neumann, M., vol. 44 (3): 544-546
Arlette Jouanna, The St Bartholomew's Day Massacre: The Mysteries of a Crime of State
Machielsen, J., vol. 44 (3): 546-548
Paul Keenan, St Petersburg and the Russian Court, 1703-1761
Perrie, M., vol. 44 (3): 548-549
Anne Konrad, Red Quarter Moon: A Search for Family in the Shadow of Stalin
Boobbyer, P., vol. 44 (3): 550-551
Christine Kooi, Calvinists and Catholics During Holland's Golden Age: Heretics and Idolaters
Geraerts, J., vol. 44 (3): 551-553
Louise Mc Reynolds, Murder Most Russian: True Crime and Punishment in Late Imperial Russia
Collis, R., vol. 44 (3): 553-555
Matthias Middell and Felix Wemheuer, eds, Hunger and Scarcity Under State-Socialism; Bohdan Klid and Alexander J. Motyl, compilers and eds, The Holodomor Reader: A Sourcebook on the Famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine
King, F., vol. 44 (3): 555-558
Mary Ashburn Miller, A Natural History of Revolution: Violence and Nature in the French Revolutionary Imagination, 1789-1794
Le Roux, T., vol. 44 (3): 558-560
Allan Mitchell, The Devil's Captain: Ernst Junger in Nazi Paris, 1941-1944
Rogers, D. E., vol. 44 (3): 560-561
David Parrott, The Business of War: Military Enterprise and Military Revolution in Early Modern Europe
Hanlon, G., vol. 44 (3): 561-563
Kevin Passmore, The Right in France from the Third Republic to Vichy
Shurts, S., vol. 44 (3): 563-565
Silvana Patriarca and Lucy Riall, eds, The Risorgimento Revisited: Nationalism and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Italy
Romani, R., vol. 44 (3): 565-566
Gerald Power and Ondřej Pilny, eds, Ireland and the Czech Lands: Contacts and Comparisons in History and Culture
Comerford, R. V., vol. 44 (3): 566-568
Rebecca J. Pulju, Women and Mass Consumer Society in Post-War France
Allwood, G., vol. 44 (3): 568-569
Matthias Reiss and Matt Perry, eds, Unemployment and Protest: New Perspectives on Two Centuries of Contention
Pelz, W. A., vol. 44 (3): 569-571
Massimo Rospocher, ed., Beyond the Public Sphere: Opinions, Publics, Spaces in Early Modern Europe
Ilvenna, U. M., vol. 44 (3): 571-573
Jim Samson, Music in the Balkans
Baker, C., vol. 44 (3): 573-574
Karl Schlogel, Moscow, 1937
Goldman, W., vol. 44 (3): 574-576