The European Legacy: Toward New Paradigms articles

Volume 17 (6)

A Metaphysics for Scientific Realism: Knowing the Unobservable. By Anjan Chakravartty
vol. 17 (6): 860-0
Machiavellian Democracy. By John P. McCormick
vol. 17 (6): 860-861
Beyond Red and Blue: How Twelve Political Philosophies Shape American Debates. By Peter S. Wenz
vol. 17 (6): 861-862
Books Received
vol. 17 (6): 863-865

Volume 17 (5)

The Metaphysics of Thinking Necessary Existence: Kant and the Ontological Argument
vol. 17 (5): 583-591
Duties to the Dead and the Conditions of Social Peace
vol. 17 (5): 593-605
The Institutionalization of Propaganda in the Fascist Era: The Cases of Germany, Portugal, and Italy
vol. 17 (5): 607-621
Karl Popper on Jewish Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism
vol. 17 (5): 623-637
Jephtah's Daughter: A History of Alternating Musical Endings
vol. 17 (5): 639-657
The Shared Cognitive Intent of Science and Theatre
vol. 17 (5): 659-673
In Germany Things Have Always Been Done Properly, Pursued to Their Utmost
vol. 17 (5): 675-680
Museums without Walls
vol. 17 (5): 681-683
Citizenship, Identity and the Politics of Multiculturalism: The Rise of Muslim Consciousness. By Nasar Meer
vol. 17 (5): 685-0
Hatred and Forgiveness. By Julia Kristeva. Translated by Jeanine Herman
vol. 17 (5): 685-687
The Renaissance: A Sourcebook. Edited by Lena Cowen Orlin
vol. 17 (5): 687-0
The Origins of Deconstruction. Edited by Martin McQuillan and Ika Willis
vol. 17 (5): 687-688
The Wind from the East: French Intellectuals, the Cultural Revolution, and the Legacy of the 1960s. By Richard Wolin
vol. 17 (5): 688-690
The Screenplay: Authorship, Theory and Criticism. By Steven Price
vol. 17 (5): 691-692
Images of the Pagan Gods: Papers of a Conference in Memory of Jean Seznec. Edited by Rembrandt Duits and François Quiviger
vol. 17 (5): 692-0
Authorship and Cultural Identity in Early Greece and China: Patterns of Literary Circulation. By Alexander Beecroft
vol. 17 (5): 692-693
The Maritain Factor: Taking Religion into Interwar Modernism. Edited by Rajesh Heynickx and Jan De Maeyer
vol. 17 (5): 693-694
The Intellectual Foundations of Alfred Marshall's Economic Science: A Rounded Globe of Knowledge. By Simon J. Cook
vol. 17 (5): 694-696
Adorno and Theology. By Christopher Craig Brittain
vol. 17 (5): 696-697
Framing Europe: Attitudes to European Integration in Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. By Juan Diez Medrano
vol. 17 (5): 697-698
Tough Choices: Structured Paternalism and the Landscape of Choice. By Sigal R. Ben-Porath
vol. 17 (5): 698-700
428 AD: An Ordinary Year at the End of the Roman Empire. By Giusto Traina. Translated by Allan Cameron
vol. 17 (5): 700-701
Ethnic Europe: Mobility, Identity and Conflict in a Globalized World. Edited by Roland Hsu
vol. 17 (5): 701-702
The French New Wave: Critical Landmarks. Edited by Peter Graham with Ginette Vincendeau
vol. 17 (5): 702-703
Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction. By Nigel Warburton
vol. 17 (5): 703-0
The Clash of Ideas in World Politics. By John M. Owen IV
vol. 17 (5): 704-705
Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, Volume 1. Edited by Jørgen S. Nielsen, Samim Akgönül, Ahmet Alibašić, Brigitte Maréchal, and Christian Moe
vol. 17 (5): 705-706
Gatekeepers of the Arab Past: Historians and History Writing in Twentieth-Century Egypt. By Yoav Di-Capua
vol. 17 (5): 706-707
Three Sons: Franz Kafka and the Fiction of J. M. Coetzee, Philip Roth, and W. G. Sebald. By Daniel L. Medin
vol. 17 (5): 707-708
What Is Meaning? By Scott Soames. Soochow University Lectures in Philosophy
vol. 17 (5): 708-709
The Berkeley Plato: From Neglected Relic to Ancient Treasure. An Archaeological Detective Story. By Stephen G. Miller
vol. 17 (5): 709-710
The Animal Rights Debate: Abolition or Regulation. By Gary L. Francione and Robert Garner
vol. 17 (5): 710-711
DNA: A Graphic Guide to the Molecule that Shook the World. By Israel Rosenfield, Edward Ziff, and Borin van Loon
vol. 17 (5): 711-712
Moral Dilemmas of Modern War: Torture, Assassination, and Blackmail in an Age of Asymmetric Conflict. By Michael L. Gross
vol. 17 (5): 712-0
Kipling and Beyond: Patriotism, Globalisation and Postcolonialism. Edited by Caroline Rooney and Kaori Nagai
vol. 17 (5): 713-0
From the Shadow of Empire: Defining the Russian Nation through Cultural Mythology, 1855–1870. By Olga Maiorova
vol. 17 (5): 714-715