The European Legacy: Toward New Paradigms articles

Volume 17 (5)

The Clash of Ideas in World Politics. By John M. Owen IV
vol. 17 (5): 704-705
Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, Volume 1. Edited by Jørgen S. Nielsen, Samim Akgönül, Ahmet Alibašić, Brigitte Maréchal, and Christian Moe
vol. 17 (5): 705-706
Gatekeepers of the Arab Past: Historians and History Writing in Twentieth-Century Egypt. By Yoav Di-Capua
vol. 17 (5): 706-707
Three Sons: Franz Kafka and the Fiction of J. M. Coetzee, Philip Roth, and W. G. Sebald. By Daniel L. Medin
vol. 17 (5): 707-708
What Is Meaning? By Scott Soames. Soochow University Lectures in Philosophy
vol. 17 (5): 708-709
The Berkeley Plato: From Neglected Relic to Ancient Treasure. An Archaeological Detective Story. By Stephen G. Miller
vol. 17 (5): 709-710
The Animal Rights Debate: Abolition or Regulation. By Gary L. Francione and Robert Garner
vol. 17 (5): 710-711
DNA: A Graphic Guide to the Molecule that Shook the World. By Israel Rosenfield, Edward Ziff, and Borin van Loon
vol. 17 (5): 711-712
Moral Dilemmas of Modern War: Torture, Assassination, and Blackmail in an Age of Asymmetric Conflict. By Michael L. Gross
vol. 17 (5): 712-0
Kipling and Beyond: Patriotism, Globalisation and Postcolonialism. Edited by Caroline Rooney and Kaori Nagai
vol. 17 (5): 713-0
From the Shadow of Empire: Defining the Russian Nation through Cultural Mythology, 1855–1870. By Olga Maiorova
vol. 17 (5): 714-715
Unsettled Account: The Evolution of Banking in the Industrialized World since 1800. By Richard S. Grossman
vol. 17 (5): 715-716
Books Received
vol. 17 (5): 717-719

Volume 17 (4)

The European Difference: Karl Heinz Bohrer's Critique of the European Project
vol. 17 (4): 439-453
‘The Toynbee Convector’: The Rise and Fall of Arnold J. Toynbee's Anti-Imperial Mission to the West
vol. 17 (4): 455-469
The Concept of Reading: Kierkegaard, Irony, and Duality—A Response to Mark Cortes Favis
vol. 17 (4): 471-483
Educating Émile: Jean-Jacques Rousseau on Cosmopolitanism
vol. 17 (4): 485-499
Between the Far East and the West: The Useful Instruction of Market Exchange and Garden Design
vol. 17 (4): 501-515
Il Rosa Tiepolo: The Last Breath of Happiness in European Art
vol. 17 (4): 517-523
Kafka's Animals
vol. 17 (4): 525-527
Spinoza vs. Maimonides: On the Relation of the Secular and the Religious
vol. 17 (4): 529-536
The Coming Insurrection. By The Invisible Committee
vol. 17 (4): 537-0
History and Cultural Memory in Neo-Victorian Fiction: Victorian Afterimages. By Kate Mitchell
vol. 17 (4): 538-539
The Cosmopolitanism Reader. Edited by Garrett Wallace Brown and David Held
vol. 17 (4): 539-0
Defoe's Writings and Manliness: Contrary Men. By Stephen H. Gregg
vol. 17 (4): 540-541
Textual Intersections: Literature, History and the Arts in Nineteenth-Century Europe. Edited by Rachael Langford
vol. 17 (4): 541-542
Offspring Fictions: Salman Rushdie's Family Novels. By Matt Kimmich
vol. 17 (4): 542-543
Gender and International Security: Feminist Perspectives. Edited by Laura Sjoberg
vol. 17 (4): 543-545
Framing Consciousness in Art: Transcultural Perspectives. By Gregory Minissale
vol. 17 (4): 545-546
Hume's ‘Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion’. By Andrew Pyle
vol. 17 (4): 546-547
FashionEast: The Spectre that Haunted Socialism. By Djurdja Bartlett
vol. 17 (4): 547-548
The Sino-Soviet Split: Cold War in the Communist World. By Lorenz M. Lüthi; Two Suns in the Heavens: The Sino-Soviet Struggle for Supremacy, 1962–1967. By Sergey Radchenko
vol. 17 (4): 548-549
Freud's Drive: Psychoanalysis, Literature and Film. By Teresa de Lauretis
vol. 17 (4): 549-550
Arion's Lyre: Archaic Lyric into Hellenistic Poetry. By Benjamin Acosta-Hughes
vol. 17 (4): 550-551
Soft Subversions: Text and Interviews, 1977–1985. By Félix Guattari. Edited by Sylvère Lotringer
vol. 17 (4): 551-552
The Socialist Response to Antisemitism in Imperial Germany. By Lars Fischer
vol. 17 (4): 552-553
The Femme Fatale: Images, Histories and Contexts. Edited by Helen Hanson and Catherine O’Rawe
vol. 17 (4): 553-554
Designs on Nature: Science and Democracy in Europe and the United States. By Sheila Jasanoff
vol. 17 (4): 554-557
Marx through Post-Structuralism: Lyotard, Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze. By Simon Choat
vol. 17 (4): 557-558
Anniversary Essays on Tolstoy. Edited by Donna Tussing Orwin
vol. 17 (4): 558-559