European Review of History: Revue europeenne d'histoire

The European Review of History - Revue Européenne d'Histoire is an international journal covering European history of all centuries and subdisciplines. It aims to create a forum for ideas from across Europe, to encourage the most innovatory research, to make diverse historiographies better known and to practically assist exchanges between young historians.

Publishes 6 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 23 (1-2)

Humanitarianisms in context
vol. 23 (1-2): 1-15
A civilized nation: Japan and the Red Cross 1877–1900
vol. 23 (1-2): 16-32
The Great War, the child’s body and the American Red Cross
vol. 23 (1-2): 33-62
The politics of neutrality: the American Friends Service Committee and the Spanish Civil War, 1936–1939
vol. 23 (1-2): 82-100
The world-wide web of humanitarianism: NGOs and population displacement in the third quarter of the twentieth century
vol. 23 (1-2): 101-115
Reinventing the firm: from post-war relief to international humanitarian agency
vol. 23 (1-2): 116-135
The Suez Crisis of 1956 as a moment of transnational humanitarian engagement
vol. 23 (1-2): 136-153
Youth against hunger: service, activism and the mobilisation of young humanitarians in 1960s Britain
vol. 23 (1-2): 154-170
History, memory and ‘lessons learnt’ for humanitarian practitioners
vol. 23 (1-2): 210-224
Haskalah. The Romantic movement in Judaism
vol. 23 (1-2): 225-226
The left side of history: World War II and the unfulfilled promise of communism in Eastern Europe
vol. 23 (1-2): 227-228
The Habsburgs: dynasty, culture and politics
vol. 23 (1-2): 229-230
Franco. A personal and political biography
vol. 23 (1-2): 230-232
Non-violence and the French Revolution. Political demonstrations in Paris, 1787–1795
vol. 23 (1-2): 233-234
The Politics of Wounds: military patients and medical power in the First World War
vol. 23 (1-2): 234-236
NGOs. A new history of transnational civil society
vol. 23 (1-2): 236-239
The Church of Greece under Axis occupation
vol. 23 (1-2): 239-240
Erotic exchanges: the world of elite prostitution in eighteenth-century Paris
vol. 23 (1-2): 241-242
A short history of the Italian Renaissance
vol. 23 (1-2): 242-244
Napoleon in Italy: the sieges of Mantua, 1796–1799
vol. 23 (1-2): 244-245