European Review of History: Revue europeenne d'histoire

The European Review of History - Revue Européenne d'Histoire is an international journal covering European history of all centuries and subdisciplines. It aims to create a forum for ideas from across Europe, to encourage the most innovatory research, to make diverse historiographies better known and to practically assist exchanges between young historians.

Publishes 6 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Famine responses in the world food crisis 1972–5 and the World Food Conference of 1974
Famine and the changing role of NGOs: an Irish perspective
Coping with famine in Communist China (1949–62)

Volume 22 (4)

Reading for gender
vol. 22 (4): 527-535
Emasculation as empowerment: lessons of beaver lore for two Italian humanists
vol. 22 (4): 536-562
“Et nulle autre me faict plus proprement homme que cette cy:” Michel de Montaigne's embodied masculinity
vol. 22 (4): 563-578
Spain violated: foreign men in Spain's heartland
vol. 22 (4): 579-594
Masculinity and political geographies in England, Ireland and North America
vol. 22 (4): 595-619
Masculine hierarchies in Roman ecclesiastical households
vol. 22 (4): 620-642
Policing paternity: historicising masculinity and sexuality in early-modern France
vol. 22 (4): 643-657
Invincible blades and invulnerable bodies: weapons magic in early-modern Germany
vol. 22 (4): 658-679
Invincible masculinities
vol. 22 (4): 680-685
Masculinity and its metonyms
vol. 22 (4): 686-690
Distribution, assemblage, capacity: new keywords for masculinity?
vol. 22 (4): 691-697
La politique culturelle suisse à l'étranger, 1938–1990
vol. 22 (4): 698-703

Volume 22 (3)

In the lure of Geistesgeschichte: the theme of decline in Hungarian historiography and historical thinking in the first half of the twentieth century
vol. 22 (3): 411-432
An emerging anti-reform green front? Farm interest groups fighting the ‘Agriculture 1980’ project, 1968–72
vol. 22 (3): 433-450
Gendarmeries, state reinforcement and territorial control at the ends of world wars: Belgium, France and The Netherlands, 1914–50
vol. 22 (3): 451-467
Concepts of citizenship in France during the long eighteenth century
vol. 22 (3): 468-485
Italy during the Rhine Crisis of 1840
vol. 22 (3): 486-504