European Review of History: Revue europeenne d'histoire articles

Volume 17 (6)

Sexuality, Law and Legal Practice and the Reformation in Norway
Reinke-Williams, Tim, vol. 17 (6): 911-913
Media and the Making of Modern Germany: Mass Communications, Society and Politics from the Empire to the Third Reich
Jones, Mark, vol. 17 (6): 913-914
Empire and Beyond
Zemtsova, Oxana, vol. 17 (6): 914-916
Exiles Travelling: Exploring Displacement, Crossing Boundaries in German Exile Arts and Writings 1933-1945
Lazaroms, Ilse Josepha Maria, vol. 17 (6): 916-919
History Man: The Life of R.G. Collingwood
Skodo, Admir, vol. 17 (6): 919-921
Esquisses d'une Europe nouvelle. L'européisme dans la Belgique de l'entre-deux-guerres (1919-1939)
Deloge, P., vol. 17 (6): 921-923
New Perspectives on Anarchism
Adams, Matthew S., vol. 17 (6): 923-928
The Modernist Imagination. Intellectual History and Critical Theory. Essays in Honor of Martin Jay
Lazaroms, Ilse Josepha Maria, vol. 17 (6): 928-930
Archives, Ancestors, Practices: Archaeology in the Light of its History
Magyar, Zsolt, vol. 17 (6): 930-931

Volume 17 (5)

Sibling relations in family history: conflicts, co-operation and gender roles in the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries. An introduction
Blutrach-Jelín, Carolina, vol. 17 (5): 695-704
La fratrie: des frères ou des individus?
Delille, Gérard, vol. 17 (5): 705-718
Legal enemies, beloved brothers: high nobility, family conflict and the aristocrats' two bodies in early-modern Castile
Terrasa-Lozano, Antonio, vol. 17 (5): 719-734
Sibling relations in Spanish emigration to Latin America, 1560-1620
Almorza Hidalgo, Amelia, vol. 17 (5): 735-752
Orphaned siblings and noble families in baroque Rome
Feci, Simona, vol. 17 (5): 753-776
Brother-sister 'love' and family memory in seventeenth and eighteenth-century Castile: the third Count of Fernán Núñez and the Convent of La Concepción
Blutrach-Jelín, Carolina, vol. 17 (5): 777-790
Fraternité, sororité et les espaces pour les cultiver à Rome et a Sienne (XVII e -XIX e siècles)
Borello, Benedetta, vol. 17 (5): 791-804
Brothers, sisters and the rearrangements of property on the Sicilian island of Stromboli in the nineteenth century
Fazio, Ida, vol. 17 (5): 805-815

Volume 17 (4)

Identity and borders: seventeenth-century Hungarian travellers in the West and the East
Kármán, Gábor, vol. 17 (4): 555-579
Joseph Retinger's conception of and contribution to the early process of European integration
Pieczewski, Andrzej, vol. 17 (4): 581-604
German liberalism and the militarisation of civil society, 1813-1848/49
Avraham, Doron, vol. 17 (4): 605-628
'A sense of Nordism': the impact of Germanic assistance upon the militant interwar Breton nationalist movement
Leach, Daniel, vol. 17 (4): 629-646
Revolution and policy failure: the 1910s Portuguese Republic
Madureira, Nuno Luís, vol. 17 (4): 647-663
Richard II: Manhood, Youth, and Politics, 1377-99
Green, Kathryn, vol. 17 (4): 665-667
Divided Kingdom: Ireland 1630-1800
Cauvin, Thomas, vol. 17 (4): 667-669
Edward VI: the lost king of England
Harvey, Katherine, vol. 17 (4): 669-670
The She-Apostle: the extraordinary life and death of Luisa de Carvajal
Ashdowne, Clare, vol. 17 (4): 670-672
Healthy living in the Alps. The origins of winter tourism in Switzerland, 1860-1914
Jurek, Lidia, vol. 17 (4): 672-673
Italy in the age of Pinocchio: children and danger in the Liberal Era
Strandgaard Jensen, Helle, vol. 17 (4): 673-676
Razza partigiana: storia di Giorgio Marincola, 1923-1945
Ihrig, Stefan, vol. 17 (4): 676-677
The maiden tribute of modern Babylon
Feely, Catherine, vol. 17 (4): 677-679
The extreme Right in Western Europe
Connolly, James E., vol. 17 (4): 679-680
The terrorism reader
Zessin, Philipp, vol. 17 (4): 681-682
The power of entrepreneurs. Politics and economy in contemporary Spain
Scepanovic, Vera, vol. 17 (4): 682-684
War and the liberal conscience
Trauschweizer, Ingo, vol. 17 (4): 684-686
A political history of the House of Lords, 1811-1846: from the regency to Corn Law repeal
MacLeod, Roy, vol. 17 (4): 686-688
Making headlines: the American Revolution as seen through the British press
Nicholson, Bob, vol. 17 (4): 688-691
Joseph Roth's march into history. From the early novels to Radetzkymarsch and Die Kapuzinergruft
Josepha Maria Lazaroms, Ilse, vol. 17 (4): 691-693

Volume 17 (3)

Sabbatian Charlatans: the first Jewish cosmopolitans
Maciejko, Pawel, vol. 17 (3): 361-378
'Russia's battle against the foreign': the anti-cosmopolitanism paradigm in Russian and Soviet ideology
Grüner, Frank, vol. 17 (3): 445-472
The 1919 Central European revolutions and the Judeo-Bolshevik myth
Ablovatski, Eliza, vol. 17 (3): 473-489