First World War Studies

First World War Studies is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal that seeks to publish articles that explore comparative, trans-national, and multi-disciplinary strengths evident in the International Society for First World War Studies and pursue as its guiding principles the same intellectual assets. As the Society draws its strengths from graduate students to more experienced scholars, the journal is equally committed to a collegial academic forum open to any scholar irrespective of degree, academic seniority, or disciplinary affiliation. The journal approaches the subject of the First World War without chronological, geographic, or topical constraints. It embraces not merely the period associated with the years between 1914 and 1918, but seeks to include the diplomatic, political, social, cultural, and military complexities evident before, during, and most certainly after the cessation of hostilities. The journal will contribute significantly to the ongoing debates concerning the origins and causes, conduct, and implications of the First World War. First World War Studies is the only scholarly journal devoted to this extraordinary and controversial conflict and maintains an Editorial Board that consists of many internationally recognized scholars.

Two issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 0 (0)

Love and loss, marriage and mourning: World War One in German home front novels
Peace-mongering in 1913: the Carnegie international commission of inquiry and its report on the Balkan Wars

Volume 4 (2)

Editorial Board
vol. 4 (2): 0-0
vol. 4 (2): 139-140
The battle of Sandfontein, 26 September 1914: South African military reform and the German South-West Africa campaign, 1914–1915
vol. 4 (2): 141-165
Informing the enemy: Australian prisoners and German intelligence on the Western Front, 1916–1918
vol. 4 (2): 167-184
Australian and New Zealand fathers and sons during the Great War: expanding the histories of families at war
vol. 4 (2): 185-200
A job fit for heroes? Disabled veterans, the Arts and Crafts Movement and social reconstruction in post-World War I Britain
vol. 4 (2): 201-217
A literary intervention: writing alcohol in British literature 1915–1930
vol. 4 (2): 219-239
‘How little we know in this country of the music of Spain…’: Spanish music in Britain during the First World War
vol. 4 (2): 241-256
Endurance and the First World War Conference
vol. 4 (2): 257-259
Contested objects: Material memories of the Great War
vol. 4 (2): 261-263
Dance of the furies: Europe and the outbreak of World War I
vol. 4 (2): 263-264
With our backs to the wall: Victory and defeat in 1918
vol. 4 (2): 264-266
Breakthrough: The Gorlice-Tarnow Campaign, 1915
vol. 4 (2): 266-267
The logistics and politics of the British campaigns in the Middle East, 1914–22
vol. 4 (2): 268-269
British military service tribunals, 1916–1918: ‘A very much abused body of men’
vol. 4 (2): 270-271
Uncle Sam wants you: World War I and the making of the modern American citizen
vol. 4 (2): 271-272
Bodies of war: World War I and the politics of commemoration in America, 1919–1933
vol. 4 (2): 273-274
Civilians in a world at war, 1914–1918
vol. 4 (2): 274-276