First World War Studies articles

Volume 1 (2)

'You will not be going to this war': the rejected volunteers of the First Contingent of the Canadian Expeditionary Force
Clarke, Nic, vol. 1 (2): 161-183
Symbolic narratives and the legacy of the Great War: the celebration of Armistice Day in France in the 1920s
Theodosiou, Christina, vol. 1 (2): 185-198
Borrowed soldiers: Americans under British command, 1918
Stanley, Peter, vol. 1 (2): 199-201
Memory, masculinity and national identity in British visual culture, 1914-1930: a study of 'unconquerable manhood'
Meyer, Jessica, vol. 1 (2): 201-203
The ordeal of peace: demobilization and the urban experience in Britain and Germany, 1917-1921
Kuhlman, Erika, vol. 1 (2): 203-205
Race and war in France: colonial subjects in the French army
Ginio, Ruth, vol. 1 (2): 205-207
Shattered Anzacs: living with the scars of war
Hunter, Kate, vol. 1 (2): 207-209
'We who are so cosmopolitan': The war diary of Constance Graeffe, 1914-15
Hanna, Martha, vol. 1 (2): 209-211
Crisis of conscience: conscientious objection in Canada during the First World War
Clarke, Nic, vol. 1 (2): 211-213
Japan and the League of Nations: empire and world order, 1914-1938
Bay, Alexander, vol. 1 (2): 213-215
The last century of sea power, Vol. 1: From Port Arthur to Chanak, 1894-1922
Hodge, Carl Cavanagh, vol. 1 (2): 216-217
Kriegshysteriker: Strategische Bilder und mediale Techniken militärpsychiatrischen Wissens, 1914-1920
Crouthamel, Jason, vol. 1 (2): 218-219
Serbia's Great War, 1914-1918
Crowe, David M., vol. 1 (2): 220-222

Volume 1 (1)

A brief note from the Editor
Sabol, Steven, vol. 1 (1): 1-2
The First World War as a global war
Strachan, Hew, vol. 1 (1): 3-14
'An American soldier-poet': Alan Seeger and war culture in the United States, 1914-1918
Miller, Alisa, vol. 1 (1): 15-33
From defeat to victory: logistics of the campaign in Mesopotamia, 1914-1918
Roy, Kaushik, vol. 1 (1): 35-55
A new digital portal for First World War studies
Hall, Beth, vol. 1 (1): 57-61
Jay Winter and Jean-Louis Robert, eds., Capital cities at war: Paris, London, Berlin 1914-1919
Bouquet, Dorothée, vol. 1 (1): 63-65
Truus van Bosstraeten, Bezet maar beschermd: België en de markies van Villalobar tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog [Occupied but protected: Belgium and the marquis of Villalobar]
den Hertog, Johan, vol. 1 (1): 65-66
Tim Cook, Shock troops: Canadians fighting the Great War 1917-1918
Tait Jarboe, Andrew, vol. 1 (1): 67-68
Kimberly Jensen, Mobilizing Minerva: American women in the First World War
Machen, Emily, vol. 1 (1): 68-70
Dominik Geppert & Robert Gerwarth (eds), Wilhelmine Germany and Edwardian Britain: essays on cultural affinity
Scully, Richard, vol. 1 (1): 70-72
Sebastian Remus, German amateur photographers in the First World War: a view from the trenches of the Western Front
Harris, James J., vol. 1 (1): 72-73
Elaine F. Weiss, Fruits of victory: the Woman's Land Army of America in the Great War
Irwin, Julia F., vol. 1 (1): 74-75
Chistopher Baxter and Andrew Stewart, eds, Diplomats at war: British and Commonwealth diplomacy in wartime
Kruizinga, Samuël, vol. 1 (1): 75-77
William Philpott, Bloody victory: the sacrifice on the Somme and the making of the twentieth century: the battle, the myth, the legacy
Neiberg, Michael, vol. 1 (1): 77-79