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French History offers an important international forum for everyone interested in the latest research in the subject. It provides a broad perspective on contemporary debates from an international range of scholars, and covers the entire chronological range of French history from the early Middle Ages to the twentieth century. French History includes articles covering a wide range of enquiry across the arts and social sciences, as well as across historical periods, and a book reviews section that is essential reference for any serious student of French history.

Quarterly: March, June, September, December.

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Latest articles

Volume 28 (3)

The death of Charles IX Valois: an assassin's or a martyr's blood?: The image of kingship during the French Wars of Religion
Braghi, G., vol. 28 (3): 303-321
Vocation in seventeenth-century France: the Catholic ethic and the spirit of etatisme
Parsons, J., vol. 28 (3): 322-342
Venal offices, provincial assemblies and the French Revolution
Miller, S., vol. 28 (3): 343-365
The foreign presence in the early-industrial Haut-Rhin, 1820-22: a short history from the 'pre-History' of immigration to France
Burgess, G., vol. 28 (3): 366-384
Cooperation or collectivism: the contest for meaning in the French socialist movement, 1870-90
Adler-Gillies, M., vol. 28 (3): 385-405
Science, romanticism, and socio-political change in nineteenth-century France
Andrews, N. J., vol. 28 (3): 406-410
Les Universites dans la ville. XVIe-XVIIIE siecle
Brockliss, L., vol. 28 (3): 411-412
Peace and Authority during the French Religious Wars c.1560-1600 * Dieu en ses royaumes. Une histoire des guerres de religion
Tingle, E., vol. 28 (3): 412-415
Le Pouvoir Absolu. Naissance de l'imaginaire politique de la royaute
Dee, D., vol. 28 (3): 415-416
Les procureurs du Midi sous l'Ancien Regime
Garnot, B., vol. 28 (3): 416-418
Les Nuits de la Revolution francaise
Doyle, W., vol. 28 (3): 418-419
The Politics of the Provisional: Art and Ephemera in Revolutionary France
Stammers, T., vol. 28 (3): 419-421
Beranger. Des chansons pour un peuple citoyen
Franc, C., vol. 28 (3): 421-422
Le Temps des hommes doubles: les arrangements face a l'occupation, de la Revolution francaise a la guerre de 1870
Marco, L., vol. 28 (3): 422-424
The Pariahs of Yesterday. Breton Migrants in Paris
Price, R., vol. 28 (3): 424-426
Cent ans d'histoire des outre-mers. SFHOM, 1912-2012
Sebe, B., vol. 28 (3): 426-428
The Civilizing Mission in the Metropole: Algerian Families and the French Welfare State during Decolonization
Lewis, M. D., vol. 28 (3): 428-429
Britain and France in Two World Wars: Truth, Myth and Memory
Connolly, J. E., vol. 28 (3): 430-431
The Americanization of France: Searching for Happiness after the Algerian War
Chabal, E., vol. 28 (3): 432-433
Commemorating the Holocaust: The Dilemmas of Remembrance in France and Italy
Bracke, M. A., vol. 28 (3): 433-435