French History articles

Volume 28 (3)

Vocation in seventeenth-century France: the Catholic ethic and the spirit of etatisme
Parsons, J., vol. 28 (3): 322-342
Venal offices, provincial assemblies and the French Revolution
Miller, S., vol. 28 (3): 343-365
The foreign presence in the early-industrial Haut-Rhin, 1820-22: a short history from the 'pre-History' of immigration to France
Burgess, G., vol. 28 (3): 366-384
Cooperation or collectivism: the contest for meaning in the French socialist movement, 1870-90
Adler-Gillies, M., vol. 28 (3): 385-405
Science, romanticism, and socio-political change in nineteenth-century France
Andrews, N. J., vol. 28 (3): 406-410
Les Universites dans la ville. XVIe-XVIIIE siecle
Brockliss, L., vol. 28 (3): 411-412
Peace and Authority during the French Religious Wars c.1560-1600 * Dieu en ses royaumes. Une histoire des guerres de religion
Tingle, E., vol. 28 (3): 412-415
Le Pouvoir Absolu. Naissance de l'imaginaire politique de la royaute
Dee, D., vol. 28 (3): 415-416
Les procureurs du Midi sous l'Ancien Regime
Garnot, B., vol. 28 (3): 416-418
Les Nuits de la Revolution francaise
Doyle, W., vol. 28 (3): 418-419
The Politics of the Provisional: Art and Ephemera in Revolutionary France
Stammers, T., vol. 28 (3): 419-421
Beranger. Des chansons pour un peuple citoyen
Franc, C., vol. 28 (3): 421-422
Le Temps des hommes doubles: les arrangements face a l'occupation, de la Revolution francaise a la guerre de 1870
Marco, L., vol. 28 (3): 422-424
The Pariahs of Yesterday. Breton Migrants in Paris
Price, R., vol. 28 (3): 424-426
Cent ans d'histoire des outre-mers. SFHOM, 1912-2012
Sebe, B., vol. 28 (3): 426-428
The Civilizing Mission in the Metropole: Algerian Families and the French Welfare State during Decolonization
Lewis, M. D., vol. 28 (3): 428-429
Britain and France in Two World Wars: Truth, Myth and Memory
Connolly, J. E., vol. 28 (3): 430-431
The Americanization of France: Searching for Happiness after the Algerian War
Chabal, E., vol. 28 (3): 432-433
Commemorating the Holocaust: The Dilemmas of Remembrance in France and Italy
Bracke, M. A., vol. 28 (3): 433-435
Anti-Saints: The New Golden Legend of Sylvain Marechal
Probert, H., vol. 28 (3): 435-436
Municipal Officials, Their Public, and the Negotiation of Justice in Medieval Languedoc: Fear Not the Madness of the Raging Mob
Forrest, I., vol. 28 (3): 436-436
L'etranger au XVIe siecle. France, Provence, Apt
Cohen, P., vol. 28 (3): 437-437
Pregnancy and Birth in Early Modern France: Treatises by Caring Physicians and Surgeons (1581-1625). Francois Rousset, Jean Liebault, Jacques Guillemeau, Jacques Duval and Louis de Serres
Bamforth, S., vol. 28 (3): 438-438
Travel, collecting, and museums of Asian Art in Nineteenth-Century Paris
Clark, J., vol. 28 (3): 438-439
A progressive occupation? The Gallieni-Lyautey method and colonial pacification in Tonkin and Madagascar, 1885-1900
Sebe, B., vol. 28 (3): 439-440
Alexandre Glasberg 1902-1981: Pretre, Resistant, Militant
Atack, M., vol. 28 (3): 440-441
Empire of Language. Toward a Critique of (Post)colonial Expression
Marcus, E. J., vol. 28 (3): 441-442
Enfance, sante et societe. Recueil d'articles
Heywood, S., vol. 28 (3): 442-443
Books Received
vol. 28 (3): 444-445
SSFH Society News
vol. 28 (3): 446-452

Volume 28 (2)

Sahlins, P., Pearson, C., vol. 28 (2): 153-156
Man as rabid beast: criminals into animals in late medieval France
Komornicka, J. N., vol. 28 (2): 157-171
On poets and insects: figures of the human and figures of the insect in Pierre Perrin's Divers insectes, 1645
Wallmann, E., vol. 28 (2): 172-187
The republican menagerie: animal politics in the French Revolution
Serna, P., vol. 28 (2): 188-206
Global insects: silkworms, sericulture, and statecraft in Napoleonic France and Tokugawa Japan
Takeda, J. T., vol. 28 (2): 207-225
'Men seeking monkey-glands': the controversial xenotransplantations of Doctor Voronoff, 1910-30
Remy, C., vol. 28 (2): 226-240
War, Judgement and Memory in the Basque Borderlands, 1914-1945 * At the Border. Margins and Peripheries in Modern France * Colonial Borderlands: France and the Netherlands in the Atlantic in the Nineteenth Century * The Culture of Regionalism. Art, Archit
Carrol, A., vol. 28 (2): 241-246
Seeing Justice Done: The Age of Spectacular Capital Punishment in France
Fairfax-Cholmeley, A., vol. 28 (2): 247-248
Crusading as an Act of Vengeance, 1095-1216 * Crusades: Medieval Worlds in Conflict
McGlynn, S., vol. 28 (2): 248-252
Templar Families. Landowning Families and the Order of the Temple in France, c. 1120-1307
de Sottomayor-Pizarro, J. A., vol. 28 (2): 252-253