French History articles

Volume 29 (3)

Books Received
vol. 29 (3): 410-411
SSFH Society News
vol. 29 (3): 412-418

Volume 29 (2)

Origo Consulum: rumours of murder, a crisis of lordship, and the legendary origins of the Counts of Anjou
Paul, N. L., vol. 29 (2): 139-160
'Belle comme le jour': beauty, power and the king's mistress
Adams, C., vol. 29 (2): 161-181
Public celebrations and public joy at the beginning of the French Revolution (1788-91)
Valade, P., vol. 29 (2): 182-203
'Il fut bon pere': the Institut de France, funeral eulogies and the formation of bourgeois identity in early nineteenth-century France
Arnold, J., vol. 29 (2): 204-224
Mingrat: anatomy of a restoration cause celebre
Counter, A. J., vol. 29 (2): 225-246
The First French Reformation: Church Reform and the Origins of the Old Regime
Baumgartner, F. J., vol. 29 (2): 247-248
Rumor, Diplomacy and War in Enlightenment Paris
Seaward, L., vol. 29 (2): 248-249
Let God Arise: The War & Rebellion of the Camisards
Strayer, B. E., vol. 29 (2): 250-251
Dangerous and Dishonest Men: The International Bankers of Louis XIV's France
Bonney, R., vol. 29 (2): 251-252
Money and Political Economy in the Enlightenment
Kleer, R. A., vol. 29 (2): 252-253
Brotherly Love: Freemasonry and Male Friendship in Enlightenment France
Horowitz, S., vol. 29 (2): 254-255
The Idea of the Sciences in the Enlightenment: A Reinterpretation
Seaward, L., vol. 29 (2): 255-256
The Museum of French Monuments 1795-1816. 'Killing art to make history'
Wrigley, R., vol. 29 (2): 256-257
Peuples en Revolution; d'aujourd'hui a 1789
Andress, D., vol. 29 (2): 258-259
French Women and the Empire: The Case of Indochina
Vann, M. G., vol. 29 (2): 259-260
Petain's Jewish Children. French Jewish Youth and the Vichy Regime, 1940-1942
Godet, A., vol. 29 (2): 261-262
Queens and Mistresses of Renaissance France
Oddy, N., vol. 29 (2): 262-263
The Gondi: Family Strategy and Survival in Early Modern France
Fletcher, C., vol. 29 (2): 263-264
The Hero of Italy: Odoardo Farnese, Duke of Parma, His Soldiers, and His Subjects in the Thirty Years' War
Shaw, J., vol. 29 (2): 264-264
Tenir boutique a Paris au XVIII siecle: Luxe et demi-luxe
Gayne, M. K., vol. 29 (2): 265-265
National Identity and the Agrarian Republic: The Transatlantic Commerce of Ideas Between America and France 1750-1830
Cheney, P., vol. 29 (2): 266-266
Romantic Catholics: France's Postrevolutionary Generation in Search of a Modern Faith
Kselman, T., vol. 29 (2): 267-267
Impressionist France: Visions of Nation From Le Gray to Monet
Thomas, G. M., vol. 29 (2): 268-268
A Semite. A Memoir of Algeria
House, J., vol. 29 (2): 269-269
France 1940: Defending the Republic
Moore, B., vol. 29 (2): 269-270
SSFH Society News
vol. 29 (2): 271-278

Volume 29 (1)

France and the Early Modern Mediterranean
Armstrong, M. C., Weiss, G., vol. 29 (1): 1-5
The Ottoman view of France from the late fifteenth to the mid-sixteenth century
Vatin, N., vol. 29 (1): 6-11
French mercantilism and the early modern Mediterranean: a case study of Marseille's silk industry
Takeda, J. T., vol. 29 (1): 12-17
Building, enforcing and subverting monopoly: France's Compagnie royale d'Afrique and eighteenth-century Mediterranean trade
Denis-Delacour, C., Grenet, M., vol. 29 (1): 18-23
A view from the water's edge: Greater Tunisia, France and the Mediterranean before colonialism
Clancy-Smith, J., vol. 29 (1): 24-30
Protean boundaries: Montesquieu's Europe and the Mediterranean world
D'Auria, M., vol. 29 (1): 31-45
'Les ennemis du nom Chrestien': echoes of the crusade in Louis XIV's France
McCluskey, P., vol. 29 (1): 46-61
'Abdallah ibn 'Aisha and the French Court, 1699-1701: an ambassador without diplomacy
Matar, N., vol. 29 (1): 62-75
Lessons of the Levant: early modern French economic development in the Mediterranean
Horn, J., vol. 29 (1): 76-92
King Cotton on the Middle Sea: acclimatization projects and the French links to the early modern Mediterranean
Horan, J., vol. 29 (1): 93-108
Heroines of the French Epic: A Second Selection of Chansons de Geste
Harris, L., vol. 29 (1): 109-110
The Beguines of Medieval Paris: Gender, Patronage and Spiritual Authority
Goodwin, E., vol. 29 (1): 110-111