French History articles

Volume 29 (1)

France and the Early Modern Mediterranean
Armstrong, M. C., Weiss, G., vol. 29 (1): 1-5
The Ottoman view of France from the late fifteenth to the mid-sixteenth century
Vatin, N., vol. 29 (1): 6-11
French mercantilism and the early modern Mediterranean: a case study of Marseille's silk industry
Takeda, J. T., vol. 29 (1): 12-17
Building, enforcing and subverting monopoly: France's Compagnie royale d'Afrique and eighteenth-century Mediterranean trade
Denis-Delacour, C., Grenet, M., vol. 29 (1): 18-23
A view from the water's edge: Greater Tunisia, France and the Mediterranean before colonialism
Clancy-Smith, J., vol. 29 (1): 24-30
Protean boundaries: Montesquieu's Europe and the Mediterranean world
D'Auria, M., vol. 29 (1): 31-45
'Les ennemis du nom Chrestien': echoes of the crusade in Louis XIV's France
McCluskey, P., vol. 29 (1): 46-61
'Abdallah ibn 'Aisha and the French Court, 1699-1701: an ambassador without diplomacy
Matar, N., vol. 29 (1): 62-75
Lessons of the Levant: early modern French economic development in the Mediterranean
Horn, J., vol. 29 (1): 76-92
King Cotton on the Middle Sea: acclimatization projects and the French links to the early modern Mediterranean
Horan, J., vol. 29 (1): 93-108
Heroines of the French Epic: A Second Selection of Chansons de Geste
Harris, L., vol. 29 (1): 109-110
The Beguines of Medieval Paris: Gender, Patronage and Spiritual Authority
Goodwin, E., vol. 29 (1): 110-111
Jean de Saintre. A Late Medieval Education in Love and Chivalry
Delogu, D., vol. 29 (1): 112-113
Hero or Tyrant? Henry III, King of France, 1574-89
Van Tol, J., vol. 29 (1): 113-114
Vox Populi: Une Histoire du Vote avant le Suffrage Universel
Racaut, L., vol. 29 (1): 114-116
Credit, Fashion, Sex: Economies of Regard in Old Regime France
Jenkin, A., vol. 29 (1): 116-117
Le parti huguenot: Chronique d'une desillusion (1557-1572)
Van Der Linden, D., vol. 29 (1): 117-119
Fashion Beyond Versailles: Consumption and Design in Seventeenth-Century France
Jones, J. M., vol. 29 (1): 119-120
The Smile Revolution in Eighteenth-Century Paris
Jenkin, A., vol. 29 (1): 120-121
La Republique en voyage, 1770-1830
Pauncefort, E., vol. 29 (1): 122-123
Saint-Simonians in Nineteenth-Century France. From Free Love to Algeria
Zouache, A., vol. 29 (1): 124-125
Divided Rule: Sovereignty and Empire in French Tunisia, 1881-1938
Ouahes, I., vol. 29 (1): 125-126
Vertrauen und Politik im Alltag. Die Arbeiterbewegung in Leipzig und Lyon im Moment der Krise 1929-1933/38
Ziemann, B., vol. 29 (1): 127-128
The Republic of Men: Gender and the Political Parties in Interwar France
Millington, C., vol. 29 (1): 128-129
The Battle of the Sexes in French Cinema, 1930-1956
Fotiade, R., vol. 29 (1): 129-131
SSFH Society News
vol. 29 (1): 132-138

Volume 28 (4)

Financial crisis and statecraft under Louis XIV: the Jacobite Jean Glover and Europe's first popular lotteries
Legay, M.-L., vol. 28 (4): 453-470
Did Cicero swear the Tennis Court Oath?
Blackman, R., vol. 28 (4): 471-497
The peasants of Paris: Limousin migrant masons in the nineteenth century
Silver, K., vol. 28 (4): 498-519
Networks and refugees: Salomon Grumbach's activism in late Third Republic France
Scott-Weaver, M. L., vol. 28 (4): 520-540
Romanians of the French Resistance
Bowd, G., vol. 28 (4): 541-559
Reforme Catholique, Religion Des Pretres Et 'Foi Des Simples': Etudes D'anthropologie Religieuse (XVIe-XVIIIe Siecles)
Sluhovsky, M., vol. 28 (4): 560-561
A history of the French in London. Liberty, equality, opportunity
Gelleri, G., vol. 28 (4): 561-563
The Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre: The Mysteries of a Crime of State
Beam, S., vol. 28 (4): 563-564
The Field of Cloth of Gold
Fletcher, C., vol. 28 (4): 564-565
Erotic Exchanges: The World of Elite Prostitution in Eighteenth-Century Paris
Ganofsky, M., vol. 28 (4): 565-566
Transgressing Boundaries: Worldly Conversation, Politeness and Sociability in Ancien Regime France, 1660-1789
Hudson, N., vol. 28 (4): 567-568
Writing the Revolution: A French Woman's History in Letters
Linton, M., vol. 28 (4): 568-569
The Crisis of the Absolute Monarchy. France from Old Regime to Revolution
Crook, M., vol. 28 (4): 570-571
The French Revolution and the Birth of Electoral Democracy
Crook, M., vol. 28 (4): 571-572