French History articles

Volume 27 (3)

Les Pamphlets contre Necker: Medias et imaginaire politique au XVIIIe siecle
LE GOFF, T. J. A., vol. 27 (3): 467-469
Blondel de Nouainville: L'itineraire d'un noble normand (1753-1793)
Whaley, L., vol. 27 (3): 469-469
Staging the French Revolution: Cultural Politics and the Paris Opera, 1789-1794
Trevien, C., vol. 27 (3): 470-471
Policer Paris au siecle des lumieres: les commissaires du quartier du Louvre dans la seconde moitie du XVIIIe siecle. * Servir Napoleon: Policiers et gendarmes dans les departements annexes (1796-1814)
Harder, M., vol. 27 (3): 471-473
Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte: An American Aristocrat in the Early Republic
Alpaugh, M., vol. 27 (3): 473-474
Funerary Art and Tomb Cult: Living with the Dead in France, 1750-1870
Taws, R., vol. 27 (3): 474-476
Dawn of the Belle Epoque: The Paris of Monet, Zola, Bernhardt, Eiffel, Debussy, Clemenceau, and their Friends
Accampo, E., vol. 27 (3): 476-477
Mobilizing Nature: The Environmental History of War and Militarization in Modern France
Mcneill, J. R., vol. 27 (3): 478-480
Faith in Empire: Religion, Politics and Colonial Rule in French Senegal, 1880-1940
Warson, J., vol. 27 (3): 478-478
Urbaphobie: La detestation de la ville aux XIXe et XXe siecles
Hopkin, D., vol. 27 (3): 480-481
Dreaming in French. The Paris Years of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Susan Sontag, and Angela Davis
Milne, A.-L., vol. 27 (3): 481-483
Robert Boulin: Itineraires d'un Gaulliste (Libourne, Paris)
Smith, P., vol. 27 (3): 483-484
Books Received
vol. 27 (3): 485-486
SSFH Society News
vol. 27 (3): 487-492

Volume 27 (2)

French and Flemish urban festive networks: archery and crossbow competitions attended and hosted by Tournai in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries
Crombie, L., vol. 27 (2): 157-175
Between monarch and monarchy: the education of the dauphin and revolutionary politics, 1790-91
O'Connor, A., vol. 27 (2): 176-201
'Only what is pure and exquisite': girls' reading at school in France, 1800-70
de Bellaigue, C., vol. 27 (2): 202-222
The impossible gouvernement representatif: constitutional culture in restoration France, 1814-30
Rausch, F., vol. 27 (2): 223-248
Are plebiscites constitutional? A disputed question in the plebiscite campaign of 1870
Rogachevsky, N., vol. 27 (2): 249-270
Translating Truth: Ambitious Images and Religious Knowledge in Late Medieval France and England
Kamerick, K., vol. 27 (2): 271-272
Ivresse et Ivrognerie dans la France Moderne
Jackson, M., vol. 27 (2): 272-274
Les Paysans de Paris du Milieu du XVe au Debut du XVIIe siecle
Dermineur, E. M., vol. 27 (2): 274-275
The Royal Financial Administration and the Prosecution of Crime in France, 1670-1789
Walshaw, J., vol. 27 (2): 275-276
Hommes et gens du roi dans les parlements de France a l'epoque moderne
Doyle, W., vol. 27 (2): 277-278
The Oxford Handbook of the Ancien Regime
McCluskey, P., vol. 27 (2): 278-279
Writing a New France, 1604-1632: Empire and Early Modern French Identity
Carayon, C., vol. 27 (2): 279-281
Le Lys et la Mitre. Loyalisme monarchique et pouvoir episcopal pendant les guerres de Religion (1580-1610)
Sandberg, B., vol. 27 (2): 281-282
Servir le Roi-Soleil. Claude Le Peletier (1631-1711) ministre de Louis XIV
Rowlands, G., vol. 27 (2): 282-284
The Philosophers' Quarrel: Rousseau, Hume and the Limits of Human Understanding
Kirk, L., vol. 27 (2): 284-285
The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe, 1769-1794
Caradonna, J. L., vol. 27 (2): 286-287
The Anatomy of Blackness: Science and Slavery in an Age of Enlightenment
Newberry, G., vol. 27 (2): 287-288
Une societe agronomique au XVIIIe siecle: les Thesmophores de Blaison en Anjou
Graham, H., vol. 27 (2): 288-290
Imagining Women's Conventual Spaces in France, 16001800: The Cloister Disclosed
Locklin, N., vol. 27 (2): 290-291
Augustin: The Younger Robespierre
Smyth, J., vol. 27 (2): 291-293
Robespierre: a Revolutionary Life
Reynolds, S., vol. 27 (2): 294-295
The Zodiac of Paris: How an Improbable Controversy over an Ancient Egyptian Artifact Provoked a Modern Debate between Religion and Science
Shusterman, N., vol. 27 (2): 295-297
By Sword and Plow: France and the Conquest of Algeria
Naylor, P. C., vol. 27 (2): 297-298
Marianne or Germania: Nationalizing Women in Alsace, 1870-1946
Hagemann, K., vol. 27 (2): 298-300
The French Colonial Mind Volume 1: Mental Maps of Empire and Colonial Encounters * The French Colonial Mind Volume 2: Violence, Military Encounters and Colonialism
Eldridge, C., vol. 27 (2): 300-301
French Crime Fiction and the Second World War: Past Crimes, Present Memories
Atack, M., vol. 27 (2): 302-303