French History articles

Volume 28 (2)

On poets and insects: figures of the human and figures of the insect in Pierre Perrin's Divers insectes, 1645
Wallmann, E., vol. 28 (2): 172-187
The republican menagerie: animal politics in the French Revolution
Serna, P., vol. 28 (2): 188-206
Global insects: silkworms, sericulture, and statecraft in Napoleonic France and Tokugawa Japan
Takeda, J. T., vol. 28 (2): 207-225
'Men seeking monkey-glands': the controversial xenotransplantations of Doctor Voronoff, 1910-30
Remy, C., vol. 28 (2): 226-240
War, Judgement and Memory in the Basque Borderlands, 1914-1945 * At the Border. Margins and Peripheries in Modern France * Colonial Borderlands: France and the Netherlands in the Atlantic in the Nineteenth Century * The Culture of Regionalism. Art, Archit
Carrol, A., vol. 28 (2): 241-246
Seeing Justice Done: The Age of Spectacular Capital Punishment in France
Fairfax-Cholmeley, A., vol. 28 (2): 247-248
Crusading as an Act of Vengeance, 1095-1216 * Crusades: Medieval Worlds in Conflict
McGlynn, S., vol. 28 (2): 248-252
Templar Families. Landowning Families and the Order of the Temple in France, c. 1120-1307
de Sottomayor-Pizarro, J. A., vol. 28 (2): 252-253
Bigamy and Christian Identity in Late Medieval Champagne
Cossar, R., vol. 28 (2): 253-255
The Colonial Machine: French Science and Overseas Expansion in the Old Regime
Cohen, P., vol. 28 (2): 255-256
Prisoners of War in the Hundred Years War: Ransom Culture in the Late Middle Ages
Firnhaber-Baker, J., vol. 28 (2): 257-258
Les Noblesses en France. Du XVIe au milieu du XIXe siecle
Doyle, W., vol. 28 (2): 258-259
Les procureurs du Midi sous l'Ancien Regime
Garnot, B., vol. 28 (2): 260-261
L'Honneur et la foi. Le droit de resistance chez les reformes francais (1536-1581)
Beam, S., vol. 28 (2): 261-262
Guerre et paix dans la France du grand siecle. Abel Servien: diplomate et serviteur de l'Etat (1593-1659)
Daussy, H., vol. 28 (2): 262-264
The Enlightenment in Practice: Academic Prize Contests and Intellectual Culture in France, 1670-1794
Russo, E., vol. 28 (2): 264-265
Stagestruck: the Business of Theatre in Eighteenth-Century France and its Colonies
Trevien, C., vol. 28 (2): 265-267
Les Gauches Francaises 1762-2012: Histoire, politique et imaginaire
Chabal, E., vol. 28 (2): 267-268
The French Republic: History, Values, Debates
Rhoden, W. J., vol. 28 (2): 269-270
Choosing Terror: Virtue, Friendship, and Authenticity in the French Revolution
Hunt, L., vol. 28 (2): 270-272
The French Revolution in Global Perspective
Sawyer, S. W., vol. 28 (2): 272-274
Iconoclasm in revolutionary Paris: The transformation of signs
Stammers, T., vol. 28 (2): 274-276
L'Empire des Francais 1799-1815
Dwyer, P., vol. 28 (2): 276-277
French Divorce Fiction from the Revolution to the First World War
Pedersen, J. E., vol. 28 (2): 277-278
Mutual (In)comprehensions: France and Britain in the Long Nineteenth Century
Radford, A., vol. 28 (2): 279-280
Oeuvres Completes
Davies, H. M., vol. 28 (2): 280-282
A History of Violence in the Early Algerian Colony
Francis, K., vol. 28 (2): 282-283
D'herbe, de terre et de sang. La Cerdagne du XIVe au XIXe siecle
Brunet, S., vol. 28 (2): 283-284
Noblesse et pauvrete. La petite noblesse en Bretagne XVe-XVIIIe siecle
McHugh, T. J., vol. 28 (2): 284-285
Fondation et Ruine d'une 'maison'. Histoire sociale des comtes de Belin (1582-1706)
Sandberg, B., vol. 28 (2): 285-286
Le ministere des pretres et des pasteurs. Histoire d'une controverse entre Catholiques et Reformes francais au debut du XVIIe siecle
Spicer, A., vol. 28 (2): 286-286
Le discours de verite dans les memoires du duc de Saint-Simon
Donneau, O., vol. 28 (2): 287-287
Medievalist Enlightenment from Charles Perrault to Jean-Jacques Rousseau
West, C., vol. 28 (2): 287-288
L'obscurantisme et les Lumieres: Itineraire de l'abbe Gregoire eveque revolutionnaire
Currie, G., vol. 28 (2): 289-290
Narratives of the French Empire: Fiction, Nostalgia, and Imperial Rivalries, 1784 to the Present
Aldrich, R., vol. 28 (2): 289-289
Physiologie de la Veuve. Une histoire medicale de la guillotine
Bastien, P., vol. 28 (2): 290-291
Les Bretons et la Grande Guerre
Wilkin, B., vol. 28 (2): 291-292
A Pact with Vichy. Angelo Tasca from Italian Socialism to French Collaboration
Galimi, V., vol. 28 (2): 292-293
The Law of Kinship: Anthropology, Psychoanalysis and the Family in France
Windebank, J., vol. 28 (2): 293-293
SSFH Society News
vol. 28 (2): 294-301