French History articles

Volume 25 (4)

Rendering justice in witch trials: the case of the val de Liepvre
Simon, M., vol. 25 (4): 453-472
A godly Fronde? Jansenism and the mid-seventeenth-century crisis of the French monarchy
Quantin, J.-L., vol. 25 (4): 473-491
Moving Mars: The Logistical Geography of Louis XIV'S France
Rowlands, G., vol. 25 (4): 492-514
Why the Dreyfus Affair matters * For the soul of France: culture wars in the age of Dreyfus * The man on Devil's Island: Alfred Dreyfus and the affair that divided France * Les artistes et l'affaire Dreyfus: 1898-1908
Sowerwine, C., vol. 25 (4): 515-520
The Sexual Culture of the French Renaissance
Austin, K., vol. 25 (4): 520-522
The English Republican Tradition and Eighteenth-Century France * De la souverainete du people, et de l'excellence d'un etat libre
Wright, K., vol. 25 (4): 522-524
The Efflorescence of Caricature, 1759-1838
Moores, J. R., vol. 25 (4): 524-525
Confronting Modernity in Fin-de-Siecle France: Bodies, Minds and Gender
Ferguson, E. E., vol. 25 (4): 526-527
Consumer Chronicles: Cultures of Consumption in modern French literature
Black, L., vol. 25 (4): 527-528
Future Tense: the Culture of Anticipation in France between the Wars
Tumblety, J., vol. 25 (4): 529-530
Confluence: The Nature of Technology and the Remaking of the Rhone
Pearson, C., vol. 25 (4): 530-531
Burning the Veil: The Algerian War and the 'Emancipation' of Muslim women, 1954-1962
Hammerman, J., vol. 25 (4): 531-533
French Muslims: New Voices in Contemporary France
Gildea, R., vol. 25 (4): 533-534
Les Refugies Arcadiens en France: 1758-85, L'impossible Reintegration?
Mandelblatt, B., vol. 25 (4): 534-535
Les guerres et les mots du general Paul Azan: soldat et historien (1874 - 1951)
Wilkin, B., vol. 25 (4): 535-535
SSFH Society News
vol. 25 (4): 536-541
vol. 25 (4): 542-542

Volume 25 (3)

Mathieu de Morgues and Michel de Marillac: The devots and absolutism
Maillet-Rao, C., vol. 25 (3): 279-297
The kingdom of France and its overseas nobilities
Ruggiu, F.-J., vol. 25 (3): 298-315
Napoleon as lawgiver: The renewal of an enlightened political motif for the iconographic program of the Louvre's Cour Carree
Yaya, I., vol. 25 (3): 316-336
Cette nouvelle transformation du gamin de Paris: The figures of the Mobile Guard and vivandieres in popular culture in 1848
O'Brien, L., vol. 25 (3): 337-361
Memoirs of French peasant life: Progress and nostalgia in postwar France
Farmer, S., vol. 25 (3): 362-379
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France, Queen of England
Richards, P., vol. 25 (3): 380-381
La France, les femmes et le pouvoir. Tome 2: Les resistances de la societe (XVIIe-XVIIIe siecle)
Tingle, E., vol. 25 (3): 381-382
Family Business: Litigation and the Political Economies of Daily Life in Early Modern France
Jo Maynes, M., vol. 25 (3): 383-384
Ambitions Tamed: Urban Expansion in Pre-revolutionary Lyon
Duche, E., vol. 25 (3): 384-385
Napoleonic Friendship: Military Fraternity, Intimacy and Sexuality in Nineteenth-century France
Forrest, A., vol. 25 (3): 386-387
Arab France: Islam and the Making of Modern Europe
Gemie, S., vol. 25 (3): 387-388
Heroes of Empire: Five Charismatic Men and the Conquest of Africa
Bramwell, W., vol. 25 (3): 388-390
The Enemy Within: Culture Wars and Political Identity in Novels of the French Third Republic
Wardhaugh, J., vol. 25 (3): 390-391
Gender and Justice: Violence, Intimacy and Community in Fin-de-Siecle France
Everton, E., vol. 25 (3): 391-392
Medieval Saints' Lives: The Gift, Kinship, and Community in Old French Hagiography
Ruth Love, I., vol. 25 (3): 393-393
In Conversation with Napoleon Bonaparte: J.H. Vivian's Visit to the Island of Elba
Crook, M., vol. 25 (3): 394-394

Volume 25 (2)

Itinerant Lordship. Relic Translations and Social Change in Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Flanders
Vanderputten, S., vol. 25 (2): 143-163
The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes and the Role of the Intendants in the Dragonnades
Gratton, J., vol. 25 (2): 164-187
The Myth of the Foreign Enemy? The Brunswick Manifesto and the Radicalization of the French Revolution
Cross, E., vol. 25 (2): 188-213
Exile and the Politics of Return and Liberation: Algerian Colonial Workers and Anti-Colonialism in France During the Interwar Period
Aissaoui, R., vol. 25 (2): 214-231
Radio Propaganda and Public Opinion Under Endgame Vichy: The Impact of Philippe Henriot
Chadwick, K., vol. 25 (2): 232-252
Madeleine de l'Aubespine. Selected Poems and Translations
De Smet, I. A. R., vol. 25 (2): 253-255
Cultural Revolutions: The Politics of Everyday Life in Britain, North America and France
Harvey, K., vol. 25 (2): 255-256