Gender and History

Gender & History is now established as the major international journal for research and writing on the history of gender relations, sexuality, and the semiotics of gender in a wide geographical and chronological scope. Scanning epochs and continents, Gender & History examines changing conceptions of gender, and maps the dialogue between femininities, masculinities and their historical contexts. The journal publishes rigorous and readable articles both on particular episodes in gender history and on broader methodological questions which have ramifications for the discipline as a whole.

Triennially: April, August, November.

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Latest articles

Volume 27 (2)

vol. 27 (2): 0-0
Bodies of Evidence: Sex and Murder (or Gender and Homicide) in Early Modern England, c.1500–1680
K. J. Kesselring, vol. 27 (2): 245-262
Women, ‘Usury’ and Credit in Early Modern England: The Case of the Maiden Investor
Judith M. Spicksley, vol. 27 (2): 263-292
‘Skills Proper to their Sex’: Cecilia Morillas and a New Domestic Education in Early Modern Spain
Margaret E. Boyle, vol. 27 (2): 293-306
The Pleasures of a Single Life: Envisioning Bachelorhood in Early Eighteenth-Century England
James Rosenheim, vol. 27 (2): 307-328
‘You May Bind Me, You May Beat Me, You May Even Kill Me’: Bridewealth, Consent and Conversion in Nineteenth-Century Abẹ́òkúta (in Present-day Southwest Nigeria)
Temilola Alanamu, vol. 27 (2): 329-348
Piety, Professionalism and Power: Chinese Protestant Missionary Physicians and Imperial Affiliations between Women in the Early Twentieth Century
Sarah Pripas-Kapit, vol. 27 (2): 349-373
Queering the Martial Races: Masculinity, Sex and Circumcision in the Twentieth-Century British Indian Army
Kate Imy, vol. 27 (2): 374-396
‘A Spanish Housewife is Your Next Door Neighbour’: British Women and the Spanish Civil War
Roseanna Webster, vol. 27 (2): 397-416
Dressing the Shop Window of Socialism: Gender and Consumption in the Soviet Union in the Era of ‘Cultured Trade’, 1934–53
Philippa Hetherington, vol. 27 (2): 417-445
From ‘Mother of the Nation’ to ‘Lady Macbeth’: Winnie Mandela and Perceptions of Female Violence in South Africa, 1985–91
Emily Bridger, vol. 27 (2): 446-464
Nirbhaya's Body: The Politics of Protest in the Aftermath of the 2012 Delhi Gang Rape
Krupa Shandilya, vol. 27 (2): 465-486
Jan Bardsley, Women and Democracy in Cold War Japan (London: Bloomsbury/SOAS Studies in Modern and Contemporary Japan, 2014), pp. xiii + 236. ISBN 978-1-4725-2699-1 (hb)
JULIA C. BULLOCK, vol. 27 (2): 487-488
Bret Hinsch, Masculinities in Chinese History (Plymouth: Rowman & Littlefield, 2013), pp. viii + 199. ISBN 1-442-22233-6 (hb); 978-1-442-22234-4 (pb).
OLEG BENESCH, vol. 27 (2): 489-490
Laura Kelly, Irish Women in Medicine c.1880s–1920: Origins, Education and Careers (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2012), pp. xiv + 255. ISBN 978-0-7190-8835-3 (hb). Geraldine Meaney, Mary O'Dowd and Bernadette Whelan, Reading the Irish Woman: St
CAITRIONA CLEAR, vol. 27 (2): 491-493
Fiona I. B. Ngô, Imperial Blues: Geographies of Race and Sex in Jazz Age New York (Durham NC: Duke University Press, 2014), pp. vii+251. ISBN 978-0-8223-5539-7.
IMAOBONG D. UMOREN, vol. 27 (2): 494-495
Eleanor Newbigin, The Hindu Family and the Emergence of Modern India: Law, Citizenship and Community (Cambridge: University of Cambridge Press, 2013), pp. xiii + 263. ISBN 978-1-107-03783-0 (hb).
ANINDITA GHOSH, vol. 27 (2): 496-497
Judith M. Bennett and Ruth Mazo Karras (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Women and Gender in Medieval Europe (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013), pp. xiv + 626. ISBN 978-0-19-958217-4 (hb and e-book).
KIM M. PHILLIPS, vol. 27 (2): 498-499
Felice Lifshitz, Religious Women in Early Carolingian Francia: A Study of Manuscript Transmission & Monastic Culture (New York: Fordham University Press, 2014), pp. xxii + 349. ISBN 978–0–8232–5687–7 (hb).
LINDA COON, vol. 27 (2): 500-501
Tim Stretton and Krista J. Kesselring (eds), Married Women and the Law: Coverture in England and the Common Law (Ithaca: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2013), pp. xiii + 282. ISBN 978-0-773-54297-6. Cordelia Beattie and Matthew Frank Stevens (eds), Marr
BEATRICE ZUCCA MICHELETTO, vol. 27 (2): 502-504