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Founded in 1938, The Historian has one of the largest circulations of any scholarly journal in the US or Britain with over 13,000 paid subscribers, both individual and institutional. The Historian seeks to publish only the finest of contemporary and relevant historical scholarship. It is the commitment of The Historian to serve as an integrator for the historical profession, bringing together the many strands of historical analysis through the publication of a diverse collection of articles. The Historian is also committed to promoting a comprehensive understanding of current historiographical debates and the most recent scholarship on contemporary historical concerns. In addition to its renown for the publication of original articles, The Historian is also noted for its extensive book review section. Running at an average of 100 pages per issue, and reflecting the general scope of the journal, this section covers a broad array of recently published scholarly monographs affording the reader an up to date survey of all fields of historical study. As part of its commitment to diversity and scholarship, The Historian encourages submissions from all levels of the historical profession and from all regional, temporal and thematic fields of history.

Quarterly: March, June, September, December.

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Latest articles

Volume 77 (2)

Gordon Morris Bakken
Graydon Tunstall, vol. 77 (2): 211-212
Russian Military Intelligence, July 1914: What St. Petersburg Perceived and Why It Mattered
Bruce Menning, vol. 77 (2): 213-268
British Prestige and the Mesopotamia Campaign, 1914–1916
Nikolas Gardner, vol. 77 (2): 269-289
Through the Looking Glass: German Strategic Planning Before 1914
Holger H. Herwig, vol. 77 (2): 290-314
Muslim Zion: Pakistan as a Political Idea. By Faisal Devji. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2013. Pp. vii, 278. $21.95.)
Sonja Wentling, vol. 77 (2): 315-317
The First President: A Life of John L. Dube, Founding President of the ANC. By Heather Hughes. (Auckland Park, South Africa: Jacana Media, 2011. Pp. xxiii, 312. $35.95.)
Sara Pugach, vol. 77 (2): 317-319
Tell This in My Memory: Stories of Enslavement from Egypt, Sudan, and the Ottoman Empire. By Eve Troutt Powell. (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2012. Pp. 246. $40.00.)
Ismael M. Montana, vol. 77 (2): 319-320
Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor: The Forging of American Independence, 1774–1776. By Richard Beeman. (New York, NY: Basic Books, 2013. Pp. xix, 528. $29.99.)
Ray Raphael, vol. 77 (2): 320-321
The History and Present State of Virginia. By Robert Beverley. A New Edition with an Introduction by Susan Scott Parrish. (Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, 2013. Pp. xxx
Jon Kukla, vol. 77 (2): 322-323
Black Against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party. By Joshua Bloom and Waldo E. Martin. (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2013. Pp. xi, 539. $34.95.)
Davarian L. Baldwin, vol. 77 (2): 323-324
American Phoenix: John Quincy and Louisa Adams, the War of 1812, and the Exile that Saved American Independence. By Jane Hampton Cook. (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Press, 2013. Pp. xii, 500. $26.99.)
Gene Allen Smith, vol. 77 (2): 324-325
Katie Gale: A Coast Salish Woman's Life on Oyster Bay. By Llyn De Danaan. (Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2013. Pp. 304. $29.95.)
John M. Findlay, vol. 77 (2): 325-327
Beyond Redemption: Race, Violence, and the American South after the Civil War. By Carole Emberton. (Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 2013. Pp. 285. $45.00.)
Samuel C. Hyde, vol. 77 (2): 327-328
X-15 Rocket Plane: Flying the First Wings into Space. By Michelle Evans. (Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2013. Pp. xxv, 450. $36.95.)
A. Bowdoin Van Riper, vol. 77 (2): 329-330
Cusco: Urbanism and Archaeology in the Inka World. By Ian Farrington. (Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida, 2013. Pp. xx, 409. $79.95.)
Brian S. Bauer, vol. 77 (2): 330-331
The Body of Faith: A Biological History of Religion in America. By Robert C. Fuller. (Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 2013. Pp. xiv, 231. $35.00.)
Candy Gunther Brown, vol. 77 (2): 331-332
The Election of 1860 Reconsidered. Edited by A. James Fuller. (Kent, OH: Kent State University Press, 2013. Pp. xii, 271. $49.95.)
Christopher M. Paine, vol. 77 (2): 332-333
The Trials of Laura Fair: Sex, Murder, and Insanity in the Victorian West. By Carole Haber. (Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 2013. Pp. 310. $39.95.)
Donald L. Shaw, vol. 77 (2): 334-335
Leak: Why Mark Felt Became Deep Throat. By Max Holland. (Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2012. Pp. xiii, 285. $29.95.)
Mark Tushnet, vol. 77 (2): 335-336
River of Dark Dreams: Slavery and Empire in the Cotton Kingdom. By Walter Johnson. (Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2013. Pp. 420. $35.00.)
Sharon A. Roger Hepburn, vol. 77 (2): 336-337