The Historian articles

Volume 74 (2)

Prickly Pears and Pagodas: The East India Company's Failure to Establish a Cochineal Industry in Early Colonial India
JAMES W. FREY, vol. 74 (2): 241-266
The Repression of Soviet Koreans during the 1930s
ALEXANDER KIM, vol. 74 (2): 267-285
Plundering Pensions: The Destruction of the German Pension System by the Third Reich
ALFRED C. MIERZEJEWSKI, vol. 74 (2): 286-306
Regional Respite: Guild of All Arts and Craft Revival in Ontario
ALLA MYZELEV, vol. 74 (2): 307-329
Bridges Across the Sahara: Social, Economic and Cultural Impact of the Trans-Sahara Trade During the 19th and 20th Centuries – Edited by Ali Abdullatif Ahmida
George Michael La Rue, vol. 74 (2): 332-333
Marriage and Slavery in Early Islam – By Kecia Ali
Natana J. DeLong-Bas, vol. 74 (2): 333-334
Muhammad and the Believers: At the Origins of Islam – By Fred M. Donner
Jonathan P. Berkey, vol. 74 (2): 334-335
Africa as a Living Laboratory: Empire Development and the Problem of Scientific Knowledge, 1870–1950 – By Helen Tilley
Jeff D. Grischow, vol. 74 (2): 335-337
In the Lion's Mouth: Black Populism in the New South, 1886–1900 – By Omar H. Ali
Clay Ouzts, vol. 74 (2): 337-338
Abigail and John Adams: The Americanization of Sensibility – By G. J. Barker-Benfield
Elizabeth B. Dunn, vol. 74 (2): 338-339
Andrew Johnson's Civil War and Reconstruction – By Paul H. Bergeron
J. Michael Martinez, vol. 74 (2): 339-341
The Fate of Cities: Urban America and the Federal Government, 1945–2000 – By Roger Biles
Randall Bartlett, vol. 74 (2): 341-342
The Capture of Louisbourg, 1758 – By Hugh Boscawen
Steven C. Eames, vol. 74 (2): 342-343
The War on Welfare: Family, Poverty, and Politics in Modern America – By Marisa Chappell
Daniel M. Cobb, vol. 74 (2): 343-344
Founding the Fathers: Early Church History and Protestant Professors in Nineteenth-Century America – By Elizabeth A. Clark
Nathaniel Wiewora, vol. 74 (2): 345-346
After Moctezuma: Indigenous Politics and Self-Government in Mexico City, 1524–1730 – By William F. Connell
Michael S. Cole, vol. 74 (2): 346-347
Tom Paine's America: The Rise and Fall of Transatlantic Radicalism in the Early Republic – By Seth Cotlar
Gautham Rao, vol. 74 (2): 347-348
John F. Kennedy – By Robert Dallek
Philip Nash, vol. 74 (2): 349-350
Radio Utopia: Postwar Audio Documentary in the Public Interest – By Matthew C. Ehrlich
Paul Ashdown, vol. 74 (2): 350-351
Influenza and Inequality: One Town's Tragic Response to the Great Epidemic of 1918 – By Patricia J. Fanning
Fred R. van Hartesveldt, vol. 74 (2): 351-352
Gentlewomen and Learned Ladies: Women and Elite Formation in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia – By Sarah Fatherly
George W. Boudreau, vol. 74 (2): 353-354
Mr. Speaker! The Life and Times of Thomas B. Reed, the Man Who Broke the Filibuster – By James Grant
R. Scott Burnet, vol. 74 (2): 354-355
The Last Gunfight: The Real Story of the Shootout at the O.K. Corral—And How It Changed the American West – By Jeff Guinn
George E. Webb, vol. 74 (2): 355-356
American Patriotism, American Protest: Social Movements Since the Sixties – By Simon Hall
Caroline M. Hoefferle, vol. 74 (2): 356-357
Claiming Lincoln: Progressivism, Equality, and the Battle for Lincoln's Legacy in Presidential Rhetoric – By Jason R. Jividen
Thomas C. Mackey, vol. 74 (2): 358-359
William Clark's World: Describing America in an Age of Unknowns – By Peter J. Kastor
John H. Monnett, vol. 74 (2): 359-360
Fugitive Justice: Runaways, Rescuers, and Slavery on Trial – By Steven Lubet
Alfred L. Brophy, vol. 74 (2): 360-361
Sing Not War: The Lives of Union and Confederate Veterans in Gilded Age America – By James Marten
Michael B. Chesson, vol. 74 (2): 361-362
Making Slavery History: Abolitionism and the Politics of Memory in Massachusetts – By Margot Minardi
Stanley Harrold, vol. 74 (2): 363-364
Political Intelligence and the Creation of Modern Mexico, 1938–1954 – By Aaron W. Navarro
Sarah Osten, vol. 74 (2): 364-365
With Fire and Sword: The Battle of Bunker Hill and the Beginning of the American Revolution – By James L. Nelson
Mark V. Kwasny, vol. 74 (2): 365-366
The Roots of Rough Justice: Origins of American Lynching – By Michael J. Pfeifer
Christopher Waldrep, vol. 74 (2): 367-368
The Killing of Crazy Horse – By Thomas Powers
Barbara Alice Mann, vol. 74 (2): 368-369
Kit Carson: The Life of an American Border Man – By David Remley
Roger L. Nichols, vol. 74 (2): 369-370
Culture and Liberty in the Age of the American Revolution – By Michal Jan Rozbicki
Ellen Holmes Pearson, vol. 74 (2): 370-371
The Enemy Within: Fears of Corruption in the Civil War North – By Michael Thomas Smith
Jean Harvey Baker, vol. 74 (2): 371-373
A Dangerous Stir: Fear, Paranoia, and the Making of Reconstruction – By Mark Wahlgren Summers
Ehren K. Foley, vol. 74 (2): 373-374
From Cochise to Geronimo: The Chiricahua Apaches, 1874–1886 – By Edwin R. Sweeney
James B. Sullivan, vol. 74 (2): 374-376
American Eve: Evelyn Nesbit, Stanford White, the Birth of the “It” Girl, and the Crime of the Century – By Paula Uruburu
Kriste Lindenmeyer, vol. 74 (2): 376-378
Game, Set, Match: Billie Jean King and the Revolution in Women's Sports – By Susan Ware
Theresa Kaminski, vol. 74 (2): 378-379