Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

The Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television is an interdisciplinary journal concerned with the evidence produced by the mass media for historians and social scientists, and with the impact of mass communications on the political and social history of the twentieth century. The needs of those engaged in research and teaching are served by scholarly articles, book reviews and by archival reports concerned with the preservation and availability of records. The journal also reviews films, television and radio programmes of historical or educational importance. In addition, it aims to provide a survey of developments in the teaching of history and social science courses which involve the use of film and broadcast materials. It is the official journal of the International Association for Media and History (IAMHIST), and is supported by the College of Arts and Sciences, Louisiana State University.

4 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 36 (4)

Roger Casement on Screen: The Background Story on an Historical Film Opportunity, 1915–1916
vol. 36 (4): 493-508
Trophy, evidence, document: appropriating an archive film from Liepaja, 1941
vol. 36 (4): 509-528
Re-orientating Japanese cinema: cold war criticism of ‘anti-American’ films
vol. 36 (4): 529-547
Resisting Hollywood dominance in sixties British cinema: the NFFC/rank joint financing initiative
vol. 36 (4): 548-568
Cinema advertising and the Sea Witch ‘Lost Island’ film (1965)
vol. 36 (4): 569-586
Exploiting local controversy: regional British censorship of Last Tango in Paris (1972)
vol. 36 (4): 587-603
The ballad of Alan and Auntie Beeb: Alan Lomax’s radio programmes for the BBC, 1943–1960
vol. 36 (4): 604-626
A transnational history of radio listening groups II: Canada, Australia and the world
vol. 36 (4): 627-648
Reconfiguring radio drama after television: the historical significance of Theater 5, Earplay and CBS Radio Mystery Theater as post-network radio drama
vol. 36 (4): 649-667
Channel 4 and the declining influence of organized religion on UK television. The case of Jesus: The Evidence
vol. 36 (4): 668-688
Bollywood in Britain: cinema, brand, discursive complex
vol. 36 (4): 689-691
The Appreciation of Film: The Postwar Film Society Movement and Film Culture in Britain
vol. 36 (4): 698-702
Hitler, Mein Kampf: Eine kritische Edition
vol. 36 (4): 702-704
The Great War in Popular British Cinema of the 1920s: before Journey’s End
vol. 36 (4): 706-708
Using Film as a Source
vol. 36 (4): 719-721

Volume 36 (3)

Preview Screenings and the Spaces of an Emerging Local Cinema Trade in Scotland
vol. 36 (3): 285-304
‘The good earth and the still waters’: new deal rhetoric in FDR’s political speeches and M-G-M’s captains courageous
vol. 36 (3): 305-330
‘Are You Proud to Be British?’: Mobile Film Shows, Local Voices and the Demise of the British Empire in Africa
vol. 36 (3): 331-351
The Creation of the Nippon Newsreel Company: Personal Rivalry and Profit in Wartime Japan
vol. 36 (3): 352-372
‘Adjuncts of Government’: Darryl F. Zanuck and 20th Century-Fox in Service to the Executive Branch, 1935–1971
vol. 36 (3): 373-391