Historical Research articles

Volume 86 (233)

‘Ge mid wedde ge mid aðe’: the functions of oath and pledge in Anglo-Saxon legal culture
Matthias Ammon, vol. 86 (233): 515-535
The twelfth-century rubrication of Anglo-Saxon legal texts in Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS. 383
Thomas Gobbitt, vol. 86 (233): 536-549

Volume 86 (232)

Magna Carta 1253: the ambitions of the church and the divisions within the realm
David A. Carpenter, vol. 86 (232): 179-190
More light on Henry III's confirmation of Magna Carta in 1253
David A. Carpenter, vol. 86 (232): 191-195
The ‘Boroughbridge roll of arms’ reconsidered
Bridget Wells-Furby, vol. 86 (232): 196-206
Talk, script and print: the making of island books in early modern Venice
Anastasia Stouraiti, vol. 86 (232): 207-229
‘His neighbours land mark’: William Sykes and the campaign for ‘free trade’ in civil war England
Thomas L. Leng, vol. 86 (232): 230-252
Was there a British Georgian town? A comparison between selected Scottish burghs and English towns
Charles McKean, vol. 86 (232): 253-291
‘The potent spirit of the black-browed Jacko’: new light on the impact of John Robinson on high politics in the era of the American Revolution, 1770–84
Andrew Connell, vol. 86 (232): 292-312
Quantifying the language of British politics, 1880–1910
Luke Blaxill, vol. 86 (232): 313-341
Sculpting the nation in early republican Turkey
Faik Gur, vol. 86 (232): 342-372
‘Tolerance means weakness’: the Dachau concentration camp S.S., militarism and masculinity
Christopher Dillon, vol. 86 (232): 373-389

Volume 86 (231)

The Catalogus Baronum and the recruitment and administration of the armies of the Norman kingdom of Sicily: a re-examination
James Hill, vol. 86 (231): 1-14
Revisiting the Stonor manuscripts
Alison Hanham, vol. 86 (231): 15-29
Oratory, itinerant lecturing and Victorian popular politics: a case study of James Acland (1799–1876)
Janette Martin, vol. 86 (231): 30-52
‘The true remedy for Irish grievances is to be found in good political institutions’: English radicals and Irish nationalism, 1847–74
Anthony Daly, vol. 86 (231): 53-75
‘A Warning Against Quack Doctors’: the Old Bailey trial of Indian oculists, 1893*
Sumita Mukherjee, vol. 86 (231): 76-91
The women pro-Boers: gender, peace and the critique of empire in the South African war
Eliza Riedi, vol. 86 (231): 92-115
‘Every Citizen of Empire Implored to Save the Children!’ Empire, internationalism and the Save the Children Fund in inter-war Britain
Emily Baughan, vol. 86 (231): 116-137
Tarred roads or tobacco? Debates on the cause of lung cancer, nineteen-twenties to nineteen-fifties
Peter Bartrip, vol. 86 (231): 138-157
Living beyond the barbed wire: the familial ties of British prisoners of war held in Europe during the Second World War
Clare Makepeace, vol. 86 (231): 158-177

Volume 85 (230)

Pandemics: waves of disease, waves of hate from the Plague of Athens to A.I.D.S.*
Samuel K. Cohn, vol. 85 (230): 535-555
Creating new Constantines at the end of the sixth century
Santiago Castellanos, vol. 85 (230): 556-575
Roger of Howden's sailing directions for the English coast
Paul Hughes, vol. 85 (230): 576-596
The Roman rolls of Edward II as a source of administrative and diplomatic practice in the early fourteenth century
Barbara Bombi, vol. 85 (230): 597-616
Henry VIII's French crown: his royal entry into Tournai revisited
Neil Murphy, vol. 85 (230): 617-631
Watchdogs or apologists? Financial journalism and company fraud in early Victorian Britain
James Taylor, vol. 85 (230): 632-650
Building a peaceable party: masculine identities in British Conservative politics, c.1903–24*
David Thackeray, vol. 85 (230): 651-673
Medicalizing the female reproductive cycle in rural Ireland, 1926–56*
Ciara Breathnach, vol. 85 (230): 674-690
Projecting Britishness to Hong Kong: the British Council and Hong Kong House, nineteen-fifties to nineteen-seventies
Mark Hampton, vol. 85 (230): 691-709

Volume 85 (229)

Complaints of the lesser commune, oligarchic rule and baronial reform in thirteenth-century Oxford*
Carl I. Hammer, vol. 85 (229): 353-371
John Cabot and his Italian financiers*
Francesco Guidi-Bruscoli, vol. 85 (229): 372-393
British commercial interests on the French Atlantic coast, c.1560–1713*
Siobhan Talbott, vol. 85 (229): 394-409
The South Sea Company and its plan for a naval expedition in 1712
Shinsuke Satsuma, vol. 85 (229): 410-429
Pain, sympathy and the medical encounter between the mid eighteenth and the mid twentieth centuries
Joanna Bourke, vol. 85 (229): 430-452
Peninsularity and patriotism: Spanish and British approaches to the Peninsular War, 1808–14
Mark Lawrence, vol. 85 (229): 453-468
The origins of ‘liberalism’ in Britain: the case of The Liberal*
D. M. Craig, vol. 85 (229): 469-487
The medicalization of poverty in colonial India*
David Arnold, vol. 85 (229): 488-504
British Unionism, the constitution and the referendum, c.1907–14
Kevin Manton, vol. 85 (229): 505-525
Some newly identified documents from the military survey of Warwickshire, 1522*
Penelope Upton, vol. 85 (229): 526-534