Historical Research articles

Volume 84 (225)

Central authority and local powers: the apostolic penitentiary and the English church in the fifteenth century
P. D. Clarke, vol. 84 (225): 416-442
Fiscal revolution and state formation in mid seventeenth-century Scotland
Laura A. M. Stewart, vol. 84 (225): 443-469
Mercurius Britanicus on Charles I: an exercise in civil war journalism and high politics, August 1643 to May 1646
Joyce Macadam, vol. 84 (225): 470-492
‘The riddle of the frontier’: Winston Churchill, the Malakand Field Force and the rhetoric of imperial expansion
Richard Toye, vol. 84 (225): 493-512
‘Appeasement’ or consistent Conservatism? British foreign policy, party politics and the guarantees of 1867 and 1939*
Geoffrey Hicks, vol. 84 (225): 513-534
The army, the press and the ‘Curragh incident’, March 1914
M. L. Connelly, vol. 84 (225): 535-557

Volume 84 (224)

A silent presence: the English king in parliament in the fourteenth century*
Phil Bradford, vol. 84 (224): 189-211
‘Measuring by the bushel’: reweighing the Indian Ocean pepper trade
Sebastian R. Prange, vol. 84 (224): 212-235
Between king and pope: Thomas Wolsey and the Knight mission
Jessica Sharkey, vol. 84 (224): 236-248
Securing the monarchical republic: the remaking of the lord lieutenancies in 1585
Neil Younger, vol. 84 (224): 249-265
The establishment of a statutory militia in Ireland, 1692–1716: legislative processes and Protestant mentalities
Neal Garnham, vol. 84 (224): 266-287
The Catholic Church, Ireland and the British empire, 1800–1921
Oliver P. Rafferty, vol. 84 (224): 288-309
Britain, the ‘German revolution’, and the fall of France, 1870/1
William Mulligan, vol. 84 (224): 310-327
Colonel Wedgwood and the historians
D. W. Hayton, vol. 84 (224): 328-355
Re-inventing the ‘moral economy’ in post-war Britain
Jim Tomlinson, vol. 84 (224): 356-373
Reconsidering the Empress Matilda's act for Andwell
Kathleen Thompson, vol. 84 (224): 374-378

Volume 84 (223)

The archive of the official of Stow and the ‘machinery’ of church government in the late thirteenth century
Ian Forrest, vol. 84 (223): 1-13
Administrative efficiency in fourteenth-century England: the delivery of writs based on evidence from the register of Bishop Martival
Michael Ray, vol. 84 (223): 14-27
An annotated and revised copy of The Institution of a Christen Man (1537)
Dunstan C. D. Roberts, vol. 84 (223): 28-52
Public and private service at the early Stuart court: the career of William Raylton, Strafford's agent
Fiona Pogson, vol. 84 (223): 53-66
Protestant interests? The 1641 rebellion and state formation in early modern Ireland
John Gibney, vol. 84 (223): 67-86
Vestry politics and the emergence of a reform ‘public’ in Calcutta, 1813–36
Joseph Hardwick, vol. 84 (223): 87-108
Politicizing national literature: the scholarly debate around La chanson de Roland in the nineteenth century
Isabel N. DiVanna, vol. 84 (223): 109-134
Urban civil society: the context of empire
Lynn Hollen Lees, vol. 84 (223): 135-147
Before the Cultural Cold Wars: American philanthropy and cultural diplomacy in the inter-war years
Katharina Rietzler, vol. 84 (223): 148-164
A man of peaceable intent: Burckhardt, the British and Red Cross neutrality during the Second World War
James Crossland, vol. 84 (223): 165-182
Crusade administration in fifteenth-century England: regulations for the distribution of indulgences in 1489
R. N. Swanson, vol. 84 (223): 183-188