Historical Research articles

Volume 85 (230)

Projecting Britishness to Hong Kong: the British Council and Hong Kong House, nineteen-fifties to nineteen-seventies
Mark Hampton, vol. 85 (230): 691-709

Volume 85 (229)

Complaints of the lesser commune, oligarchic rule and baronial reform in thirteenth-century Oxford*
Carl I. Hammer, vol. 85 (229): 353-371
John Cabot and his Italian financiers*
Francesco Guidi-Bruscoli, vol. 85 (229): 372-393
British commercial interests on the French Atlantic coast, c.1560–1713*
Siobhan Talbott, vol. 85 (229): 394-409
The South Sea Company and its plan for a naval expedition in 1712
Shinsuke Satsuma, vol. 85 (229): 410-429
Pain, sympathy and the medical encounter between the mid eighteenth and the mid twentieth centuries
Joanna Bourke, vol. 85 (229): 430-452
Peninsularity and patriotism: Spanish and British approaches to the Peninsular War, 1808–14
Mark Lawrence, vol. 85 (229): 453-468
The origins of ‘liberalism’ in Britain: the case of The Liberal*
D. M. Craig, vol. 85 (229): 469-487
The medicalization of poverty in colonial India*
David Arnold, vol. 85 (229): 488-504
British Unionism, the constitution and the referendum, c.1907–14
Kevin Manton, vol. 85 (229): 505-525
Some newly identified documents from the military survey of Warwickshire, 1522*
Penelope Upton, vol. 85 (229): 526-534

Volume 85 (228)

The politics of remorse: penance and royal piety in the reign of Æthelred the Unready
Catherine Cubitt, vol. 85 (228): 179-192
The Montfortian bishops and the justification of conciliar government in 1264*
Sophie Ambler, vol. 85 (228): 193-209
Mendicant order politics and the status of Christ's shed blood*
Antonia Fitzpatrick, vol. 85 (228): 210-227
Information, disinformation and political knowledge under Henry VII and early Henry VIII*
C. S. L. Davies, vol. 85 (228): 228-253
Exclusive oratories and magnificent pagodas: the Anglican proprietary chapels of eighteenth-century Bath
Daniel Cummins, vol. 85 (228): 254-264
Supplied by the enemy: the Royal Navy and the British consular service in the Baltic, 1808–12*
James Davey, vol. 85 (228): 265-283
Conservative veteran M.P.s and the ‘lost generation’ narrative after the First World War
Richard Carr, vol. 85 (228): 284-305
The Liberals and Afghanistan, 1878–80*
Christopher Wallace, vol. 85 (228): 306-328
A catalyst for secession? European divisions on the parliamentary right of the Labour party 1962–72 and the schism of British social democracy
Stephen C. Meredith, vol. 85 (228): 329-351

Volume 85 (227)

Recorda splendidissima: the use of pipe rolls in the thirteenth century*
Richard Cassidy, vol. 85 (227): 1-12
The politics of factional conflict in late medieval Flanders
Jonas Braekevelt, vol. 85 (227): 13-31
‘Contrary to the liberties of this city’: Henry VII, English towns and the economics of law and order*
Mark R. Horowitz, vol. 85 (227): 32-56
The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation past and present*
Tim Blanning, vol. 85 (227): 57-70
Below stairs at Arbury Hall: Sir Richard Newdigate and his household staff, c.1670–1710*
Steve Hindle, vol. 85 (227): 71-88
Hierarchy, authority and jurisdiction in the mid eighteenth-century recruitment of the highland regiments
Matthew P. Dziennik, vol. 85 (227): 89-104
Anglo-French cultural transmission: the case of John Locke and the Huguenots*
Delphine Soulard, vol. 85 (227): 105-132
‘The eyes of an empire’: the Legion of Frontiersmen, 1904–14*
Michael Humphries, vol. 85 (227): 133-158
Exhibiting a new Japan: the Tokyo Olympics of 1964 and Expo '70 in Osaka*
Sandra Wilson, vol. 85 (227): 159-178

Volume 84 (226)

Church, state and law: solutions to lay contumacy in the Anglo-Scottish borders during the later thirteenth century
Philippa M. Hoskin, vol. 84 (226): 559-571
Grave stuff: litigation with a London tomb-maker in 1421
Nigel Saul, vol. 84 (226): 572-585
Thomas More, joint keeper of the exchange: a forgotten episode in the history of exchange control in England
George Ramsay, vol. 84 (226): 586-600
Uncovering the legislative process in the parliaments of James VI*
Alan R. MacDonald, vol. 84 (226): 601-617
‘The Warre of the Commons for the honour of King Charles’: the parliament-men and the reformation of the lord admiral in 1626*
Thomas Cogswell, vol. 84 (226): 618-636
The playing card trade in early modern England*
Nicholas Tosney, vol. 84 (226): 637-656
Irish immigrants in Scotland's shipyards and coalfields: employment relations, sectarianism and class formation
John Foster, vol. 84 (226): 657-692
Revolutionary tribunals and the origins of terror in early Soviet Russia*
Matthew Rendle, vol. 84 (226): 693-721
Rethinking a progressive moment: the Liberal and Labour parties in the 1945 general election
Peter Sloman, vol. 84 (226): 722-744

Volume 84 (225)

Ideas of the metropolis
Derek Keene, vol. 84 (225): 379-398
The descent of family land in later Anglo-Saxon England*
Julie Mumby, vol. 84 (225): 399-415