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Volume 100 (341)

Notes on Contributors
vol. 100 (341): 0-0
Enforcing Religious Repression in an Age of World Empires: Assessing the Global Reach of the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions
François Soyer, vol. 100 (341): 331-353
James VII's Multiconfessional Experiment and the Scottish Revolution of 1688–1690
Alasdair Raffe, vol. 100 (341): 354-373
Arson, Treason and Plot: Britain, America and the Law, 1770-1777
Gwenda Morgan, Peter Rushton, vol. 100 (341): 374-391
Pilgrims, Paupers or Progenitors: Religious Constructions of British Emigration from the 1840s to 1870s
Rowan Strong, vol. 100 (341): 392-411
Diehard Conservatives and the Appeasement of Nazi Germany, 1935–1940
N. C. Fleming, vol. 100 (341): 412-435
The Modern Origins of the Early Middle Ages. By Ian N. Wood. Oxford University Press. 2013. xiv + 374pp. £65.00.
James Palmer, vol. 100 (341): 436-437
Kingship, Legislation and Power in Anglo-Saxon England. Edited by Gale R. Owen-Crocker and Brian W. Schneider. Publications of the Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies, 13. Boydell. 2013. xii + 306pp. £60.00.
Tom Licence, vol. 100 (341): 438-439
The Haskins Society Journal, 22 (2010). Edited by William North. Boydell. 2012. xiii + 208pp. £45.00.
Nicholas Vincent, vol. 100 (341): 439-440
The Latin Cartulary of Godstow Abbey. Edited by Emilie Amt. British Academy Records of Social and Economic History, New Series, 52. Oxford University Press. 2014. xliii + 503pp. £100.00.
Edmund King, vol. 100 (341): 440-441
The Warenne (Hyde) Chronicle. Edited and translated by Elisabeth M. C. Van Houts and Rosalind C. Love. Oxford Medieval Texts. Oxford University Press. 2013. lxx + 140pp. £87.00.
Nicholas Vincent, vol. 100 (341): 442-443
Founders and Fellowship: The Early History of Exeter College, 1314-1592. By John Maddicott. Oxford University Press. 2014. 440pp. £75.00.
Sophie Ambler, vol. 100 (341): 443-446
The Reign of Richard II: From Minority to Tyranny, 1377-97. Translated and annotated by Alison K. McHardy. Manchester University Press. 2012. xxiv + 344pp. £19.99.
Peter Crooks, vol. 100 (341): 446-447
Crisis and Survival in Late Medieval Ireland: The English of Louth and their Neighbours, 1330-1450. By Brendan Smith. Oxford University Press. 2013. xviii + 260pp. £65.00.
Peter Crooks, vol. 100 (341): 447-449
Inventing Byzantine Iconoclasm. By Leslie Brubaker. Bristol Classical Press. 2012. xvi + 134pp. £17.99. The Hypotyposis of the Monastery of the Theotokos Evergetis, Constantinople (11th–12th Centuries). Introduction, Translation and Commentary by R. H. Jo
Catherine Holmes, vol. 100 (341): 449-452
Water in the City: the Aqueducts and Underground Passages of Exeter. By Mark Stoyle. University of Exeter Press. 2014. xx + 299pp. £45.00.
Roberta J. Magnusson, vol. 100 (341): 452-454
The Material Letter in Early Modern England: Manuscript Letters and the Culture and Practices of Letter-Writing, 1512-1635. By James Daybell. Palgrave Macmillan. 2012. xv + 357pp. £60.00.
Kelsey Jackson Williams, vol. 100 (341): 454-455
The Field of the Cloth of Gold. By Glenn Richardson. Yale University Press. 2013. xii + 275pp. £35.00.
Christine Knaack, vol. 100 (341): 455-457
Major-General Thomas Harrison: Millenarianism, Fifth Monarchism and the English Revolution 1616-1660. By David Farr. Ashgate. 2014. x + 304pp. £75.00.
Anthony Fletcher, vol. 100 (341): 457-459
London's News Press and the Thirty Years War. By Jayne E. E. Boys. Boydell. 2011. x + 336pp. £60.00.
Scott Mandelbrote, vol. 100 (341): 459-461