The History of the Family: An International Quarterly

The History of the Family: An International Quarterly makes a significant contribution by publishing works reflecting new developments in scholarship and by charting new directions in the historical study of the family. Further emphasizing the international developments in historical research on the family, the Quarterly encourages articles on comparative research across various cultures and societies in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim, in addition to Europe, the United States and Canada, as well as work in the context of global history. While firmly rooted in history, the Quarterly is interdisciplinary; it publishes articles on historical anthropology, historical sociology, economic history and psychology as they relate to the family and the life course.

The History of the Family: An International Quarterly publishes essays submitted by individual authors as well as special topical issues on the history of the family, the household and kinship, marriage, childhood and youth, life course and aging, and historical demography as it relates to the family. The Quarterly also publishes book review essays, methodological reports, descriptions of databases and other source materials and conference reports.

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Latest articles

Volume 0 (0)

Differences in intergenerational fertility associations by sex and race in Saba, Dutch Caribbean, 1876–2004
Inherited dimensions of infant mortality. Detecting signs of disproportionate mortality risks in successive generations
Unraveling the intergenerational transmission of fertility: genetic and shared-environment effects during the demographic transition in the Netherlands, 1810–1910
Intergenerational transmission of young motherhood. Evidence from Sweden, 1986–2009

Volume 19 (3)

Erratum: Erratum
vol. 19 (3): 0-0
Household economies, social norms and practices of unpaid market work in Europe from the sixteenth century to the present
vol. 19 (3): 273-282
Enterprising widows and active wives: women's unpaid work in the household economy of early modern England
vol. 19 (3): 283-300
The profits of unpaid work. ‘Assisting labour’ of women in the early modern urban Dutch economy
vol. 19 (3): 301-322
Only unpaid labour force? Women's and girls' work and property in family business in early modern Italy
vol. 19 (3): 323-340
Female and male domestic partners in wine-grape farms (Cognac, France): conjugal asymmetry and gender discrimination in family businesses
vol. 19 (3): 341-357
Women and family businesses. When women are left only minor roles
vol. 19 (3): 358-379
Son of two fathers? Trajan and the adoption of emperorship in the Roman Empire
vol. 19 (3): 380-392
Labor division in an upland economy: workforce in a seventeenth-century transhumance system
vol. 19 (3): 393-410

Volume 19 (2)

South-Eastern Europe: challenges and prospects for family history
vol. 19 (2): 141-144
The history of family and community life through the study of civil registers: Paros in the 20th century
vol. 19 (2): 145-164
The dynamic of family structures in seventeenth-century Moldavia. Adoption and godparenthood
vol. 19 (2): 165-181
A dimension of private life in Wallachia: violence between parents and children (1830–1860)
vol. 19 (2): 182-201
Teachers as collectors of national heritage of customs in Serbia from 1880 to World War I
vol. 19 (2): 202-217
Ideological dimensions of the “Balkan Family Pattern” in the first half of the 20th century
vol. 19 (2): 218-234
Strong and weak family ties revisited: reconsidering European family structures from a network perspective
vol. 19 (2): 235-259