History of the Human Sciences articles

Volume 27 (5)

The emergence and development of psychopathy
Horley, J., vol. 27 (5): 91-110
Revisiting early sociological studies on addiction: Interactions with collectives
Chen, J.-s., vol. 27 (5): 111-125
Quantifying the quiet epidemic: Diagnosing dementia in late 20th-century Britain
Wilson, D., vol. 27 (5): 126-146
The pitfalls of bombast: A response to Stephen Dunne's 'Figurational sociology and the rhetoric of post-philosophy'
Kilminster, R., vol. 27 (5): 147-150
Response to Kilminster: Figurational sociology without the sophistry
Dunne, S., vol. 27 (5): 151-154

Volume 27 (4)

On relations between ethnology and psychology in historical context
Jahoda, G., vol. 27 (4): 3-21
The mental test as a boundary object in early-20th-century Russian child science
Byford, A., vol. 27 (4): 22-58
'Blind' to the obvious: Wittgenstein and Kohler on the obvious and the hidden
Dinishak, J., vol. 27 (4): 59-76
Reflections on the ruins of Athens and Rome: Derrida and Simmel on temporality, life and death
Hancock, B. H., Garner, R., vol. 27 (4): 77-97
Constructing a social subject: Autism and human sociality in the 1980s
Hollin, G., vol. 27 (4): 98-115
The growth and the stagnation of work stress: Publication trends and scientific representations 1960-2011
Vaananen, A., Murray, M., Kuokkanen, A., vol. 27 (4): 116-138
White psychologists only: The rise and fall of the Psychological Institute of the Republic of South Africa
Long, W., vol. 27 (4): 139-154
Book review: History and Psyche: Culture, Psychoanalysis and the Past
Barham, P., vol. 27 (4): 155-160
Book review: Gentlemen's Disagreement: Alfred Kinsey, Lewis Terman, and the Sexual Politics of Smart Men
Wake, N., vol. 27 (4): 161-166

Volume 27 (3)

'Human beings in the round': Towards a general theory of the human sciences
Gabriel, N., Kaspersen, L. B., vol. 27 (3): 3-19
What economists forgot (and what Wall Street and the City never learned): A sociological perspective on the crisis in economics
Mennell, S., vol. 27 (3): 20-37
The taming of the aristoi - an ancient Greek civilizing process?
Jorgensen, J. P., vol. 27 (3): 38-54
Towards a complex-figurational socio-linguistics: Some contributions from physics, ecology and the sciences of complexity
Bastardas-Boada, A., vol. 27 (3): 55-75
Figurational sociology and the rhetoric of post-philosophy
Dunne, S., vol. 27 (3): 76-95
The dawn of detachment: Norbert Elias and sociology's two tracks
Kilminster, R., vol. 27 (3): 96-115
Growing up beside you: A relational sociology of early childhood
Gabriel, N., vol. 27 (3): 116-135

Volume 27 (2)

Principles, dialectic and the common world of friendship: Socrates and Crito in conversation
Bonner, K., vol. 27 (2): 3-25
What is armchair anthropology? Observational practices in 19th-century British human sciences
Sera-Shriar, E., vol. 27 (2): 26-40
Gabriel Tarde's publics
Niezen, R., vol. 27 (2): 41-59
Crime as social excess: Reconstructing Gabriel Tarde's criminal sociology
Tonkonoff, S., vol. 27 (2): 60-74
Deprived of touch: How maternal and sensory deprivation theory converged in shaping early debates over autism
Raz, M., vol. 27 (2): 75-96
Historical resonances of the DSM-5 dispute: American exceptionalism or Eurocentrism?
Pilgrim, D., vol. 27 (2): 97-117
The ordeal of solitude
Blum, A., vol. 27 (2): 118-132
Book review: A Guided Science: History of Psychology in the Middle of its Making
Pleh, C., vol. 27 (2): 133-135
Book review: An Alternative History of Hyperactivity: Food Additives and the Feingold Diet
Evans, B., vol. 27 (2): 136-141

Volume 27 (1)

Max Weber's charismatic prophets
Adair-Toteff, C., vol. 27 (1): 3-20
Collectivity, human fulfilment and the 'force of life': Wilfred Trotter's concept of the herd instinct in early 20th-century Britain
Swanson, G., vol. 27 (1): 21-50
Heidegger's influence on posthumanism: The destruction of metaphysics, technology and the overcoming of anthropocentrism
Rae, G., vol. 27 (1): 51-69
Why sociologists abandoned the sick role concept
Burnham, J. C., vol. 27 (1): 70-87
Disorders of inattention and hyperactivity: The production of responsible subjects
Bowden, G., vol. 27 (1): 88-107
Critique is a thing of this world: Towards a genealogy of critique
Boland, T., vol. 27 (1): 108-123
Explanation, understanding and determinism in Pierre Bourdieu's sociology
Peters, G., vol. 27 (1): 124-149
Book review: Identities and Social Change in Britain since 1940: The Politics of Method
Morgan, M., vol. 27 (1): 150-154

Volume 26 (5)

The extent of cognitivism
Arponen, V. P. J., vol. 26 (5): 3-21
There is no evidence of 'latent cognitivism' in Peter Hacker's treatment of criteria
Tissaw, M. A., vol. 26 (5): 22-26