History of the Human Sciences articles

Volume 26 (3)

The question-and-answer logic of historical context
Fear, C., vol. 26 (3): 68-81
Moralizing biology: The appeal and limits of the new compassionate view of nature
Meloni, M., vol. 26 (3): 82-106
Book review: The dawn of critical neuroscience
Fuller, S., vol. 26 (3): 107-115
Book review: Luigi Russolo, Futurist: Noise, Visual Arts and the Occult
Mansell, J. G., vol. 26 (3): 116-119

Volume 26 (2)

Religion, polygenism and the early science of human origins
Keel, T. D., vol. 26 (2): 3-32
Badness, madness and the brain - the late 19th-century controversy on immoral persons and their malfunctioning brains
Schirmann, F., vol. 26 (2): 33-50
Lester Ward and Patrick Geddes in early American and British sociology
Lybeck, E. R., vol. 26 (2): 51-69
Malinowski and the New Humanism
Fernandez, O., vol. 26 (2): 70-87
Non-reductive continental naturalism in the contemporary humanities: Working with Helene Metzger's philosophical reflections
Van der Tuin, I., vol. 26 (2): 88-105
Human economy and social policy: On ordo-liberalism and political authority
Bonefeld, W., vol. 26 (2): 106-125
Making the cut: The production of 'self-harm' in post-1945 Anglo-Saxon psychiatry
Millard, C., vol. 26 (2): 126-150
Book review: The Pursuit of the Nazi Mind: Hitler, Hess, and the Analysts
Linstrum, E., vol. 26 (2): 151-155

Volume 26 (1)

The materiality of things? Bruno Latour, Charles Peguy and the history of science
Schmidgen, H., vol. 26 (1): 3-28
Oikonomia in the age of empires
Leshem, D., vol. 26 (1): 29-51
Adam Ferguson and ethnocentrism in the science of man
Smith, C., vol. 26 (1): 52-67
Insects, instincts and boundary work in early social psychology
Rodgers, D. M., vol. 26 (1): 68-89
Between the vertical and the horizontal: Time and space in archaeology
Simonetti, C., vol. 26 (1): 90-110
The mind is a brittle object: The abortion law and therapeutic legitimation
Flatseth, M., Madsen, O. J., vol. 26 (1): 111-127
Capitalism and criticism: Weber on economic history
Adair-Toteff, C., vol. 26 (1): 128-139
Memory and the psychologists
Collins, A., vol. 26 (1): 140-150
Book review: About Faces: Physiognomy in Nineteenth Century Britain
Rees, D. L., vol. 26 (1): 151-154
Book review: Normalizing the Balkans: Geopolitics of Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry
Savelli, M., vol. 26 (1): 155-157

Volume 25 (5)

The invention of the psychosocial: An introduction
Hayward, R., vol. 25 (5): 3-12
The pursuit of happiness: The social and scientific origins of Hans Selye's natural philosophy of life
Jackson, M., vol. 25 (5): 13-29
'The gut war': Functional somatic disorders in the UK during the Second World War
Jones, E., vol. 25 (5): 30-48
War on fear: Solly Zuckerman and civilian nerve in the Second World War
Burney, I., vol. 25 (5): 49-72
Glasgow's 'sick society'?: James Halliday, psychosocial medicine and medical holism in Britain c.1920-48
Hull, A., vol. 25 (5): 73-90
Political dimensions of 'the psychosocial': The 1948 International Congress on Mental Health and the mental hygiene movement
Toms, J., vol. 25 (5): 91-106
Democratizing mental health: Motherhood, therapeutic community and the emergence of the psychiatric family at the Cassel Hospital in post-Second World War Britain
Chettiar, T., vol. 25 (5): 107-122
Rats, stress and the built environment
Ramsden, E., vol. 25 (5): 123-147

Volume 25 (4)

Contested psychiatric ontology and feminist critique: 'Female Sexual Dysfunction' and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
Angel, K., vol. 25 (4): 3-24
Mimesis in Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan (1651)
Reagan, L. S., vol. 25 (4): 25-42
Freud's social theory: Modernist and postmodernist revisions
Tauber, A. I., vol. 25 (4): 43-72
Sources of governmentality: Two notes on Foucault's lecture
Korvela, P.-E., vol. 25 (4): 73-89
Governing the injecting drug user: Beyond needle fixation
Walmsley, I., vol. 25 (4): 90-107
The enigma of the brain and its place as cause, character and pretext in the imaginary of dementia
Blum, A., vol. 25 (4): 108-124
Book review: Portrait of the Psychiatrist as a Young Man: The Early Writing and Work of R.D. Laing, 1927-60
Barham, P., vol. 25 (4): 125-130

Volume 25 (3)

Value orientation and the secularization of post-Enlightenment social science
Eliaeson, S., vol. 25 (3): 3-31
Do brains think? Comparative anatomy and the end of the Great Chain of Being in 19th-century Britain
Price, E. H., vol. 25 (3): 32-50
Post-Romantic irony in Bakhtin and Lefebvre
Gardiner, M. E., vol. 25 (3): 51-69