History of the Human Sciences articles

Volume 25 (5)

'The gut war': Functional somatic disorders in the UK during the Second World War
Jones, E., vol. 25 (5): 30-48
War on fear: Solly Zuckerman and civilian nerve in the Second World War
Burney, I., vol. 25 (5): 49-72
Glasgow's 'sick society'?: James Halliday, psychosocial medicine and medical holism in Britain c.1920-48
Hull, A., vol. 25 (5): 73-90
Political dimensions of 'the psychosocial': The 1948 International Congress on Mental Health and the mental hygiene movement
Toms, J., vol. 25 (5): 91-106
Democratizing mental health: Motherhood, therapeutic community and the emergence of the psychiatric family at the Cassel Hospital in post-Second World War Britain
Chettiar, T., vol. 25 (5): 107-122
Rats, stress and the built environment
Ramsden, E., vol. 25 (5): 123-147

Volume 25 (4)

Contested psychiatric ontology and feminist critique: 'Female Sexual Dysfunction' and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
Angel, K., vol. 25 (4): 3-24
Mimesis in Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan (1651)
Reagan, L. S., vol. 25 (4): 25-42
Freud's social theory: Modernist and postmodernist revisions
Tauber, A. I., vol. 25 (4): 43-72
Sources of governmentality: Two notes on Foucault's lecture
Korvela, P.-E., vol. 25 (4): 73-89
Governing the injecting drug user: Beyond needle fixation
Walmsley, I., vol. 25 (4): 90-107
The enigma of the brain and its place as cause, character and pretext in the imaginary of dementia
Blum, A., vol. 25 (4): 108-124
Book review: Portrait of the Psychiatrist as a Young Man: The Early Writing and Work of R.D. Laing, 1927-60
Barham, P., vol. 25 (4): 125-130

Volume 25 (3)

Value orientation and the secularization of post-Enlightenment social science
Eliaeson, S., vol. 25 (3): 3-31
Do brains think? Comparative anatomy and the end of the Great Chain of Being in 19th-century Britain
Price, E. H., vol. 25 (3): 32-50
Post-Romantic irony in Bakhtin and Lefebvre
Gardiner, M. E., vol. 25 (3): 51-69
The evolution of atheism: Scientific and humanistic approaches
LeDrew, S., vol. 25 (3): 70-87
Whatever happened to the 'European' in European social psychology? A study of the ambitions in founding the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology
Schruijer, S. G. L., vol. 25 (3): 88-107
'Americanization' of European Social Psychology
Markova, I., vol. 25 (3): 108-116
An evaluation of the impact of the European Association of Social Psychology: A response to Schruijer (2012)
Hewstone, M., Liebkind, K., Lewicka, M., Laszlo, J., Voci, A., Contarello, A., Gomez, A., Hantzi, A., Bilewicz, M., Guinote, A., Graf, S., Petkova, K., vol. 25 (3): 117-126
Max Weber's legal thinking: Why read his Recht
Adair-Toteff, C., vol. 25 (3): 127-138
Review symposium: A reply to Brock
Buchanan, R. D., vol. 25 (3): 139-147
Review symposium: A reply to the reply
Brock, A. C., vol. 25 (3): 148-153
Book review: Understanding Autism: Parents, Doctors, and the History of a Disorder
Smith, M., vol. 25 (3): 154-159
Book review: What is Posthumanism?
Quick, T., vol. 25 (3): 160-163

Volume 25 (2)

Guest Editorial
vol. 25 (2): 1-1
Psychical research and parapsychology interpreted: suggestions from the international historiography of psychical research and parapsychology for investigating its history in the Netherlands
Kloosterman, I., vol. 25 (2): 2-22
Psychical research and the origins of American psychology: Hugo Munsterberg, William James and Eusapia Palladino
Sommer, A., vol. 25 (2): 23-44
Hallucination or materialization? The animism versus spiritism debate in late-19th-century Germany
Wolffram, H., vol. 25 (2): 45-66
Spooks and spoofs: relations between psychical research and academic psychology in Britain in the inter-war period
Valentine, E. R., vol. 25 (2): 67-90
Psychology and psychical research in France around the end of the 19th century
Plas, R., vol. 25 (2): 91-107
Metapsychics in Spain: acknowledging or questioning the marvellous?
Mulberger, A., Balltondre, M., vol. 25 (2): 108-130
Sandor Ferenczi and the problem of telepathy
Gyimesi, J., vol. 25 (2): 131-148
The Fukurai affair: parapsychology and the history of psychology in Japan
Takasuna, M., vol. 25 (2): 149-164

Volume 25 (1)

Michel Foucault and the enigmatic origins of bio-politics and governmentality
Ojakangas, M., vol. 25 (1): 1-14
Liberty, necessity and the foundations of Hume's 'science of man'
Demeter, T., vol. 25 (1): 15-31
'On what condition is the equation organism-society valid?' Cell theory and organicist sociology in the works of Alfred Espinas (1870s-80s)
D'Hombres, E., Mehdaoui, S., vol. 25 (1): 32-51
Sociological theory and Jungian psychology
Walker, G., vol. 25 (1): 52-74
'A most interesting chapter in the history of science': intellectual responses to Alfred Kinsey's Sexual Behavior in the Human Male
Drucker, D. J., vol. 25 (1): 75-98
Laboratizing and de-laboratizing the world: changing sociological concepts for places of knowledge production
Guggenheim, M., vol. 25 (1): 99-118