History of Psychiatry articles

Volume 25 (4)

Nostalgia: a conceptual history
Fuentenebro de Diego, F., Valiente Ots, C., vol. 25 (4): 404-411
'An atmosphere of cure': Frederick Mott, shell shock and the Maudsley
Jones, E., vol. 25 (4): 412-421
Langues et histoire de la psychiatrie
Garrabe, J., vol. 25 (4): 422-430
The birth of schizophrenia or a very modern Bleuler: a close reading of Eugen Bleuler's 'Die Prognose der Dementia praecox' and a re-consideration of his contribution to psychiatry
Maatz, A., Hoff, P., vol. 25 (4): 431-440
Madness as disability
Gilman, S. L., vol. 25 (4): 441-449
Psychiatric 'diseases' in history
Healy, D., vol. 25 (4): 450-458
Subjectivity in clinical practice: on the origins of psychiatric semiology in early French alienism
Huertas, R., vol. 25 (4): 459-467
White men and weak masculinity: men in the public asylums in Victoria, Australia, and New Zealand, 1860s-1900s
Coleborne, C., vol. 25 (4): 468-476
The distinction between 'Passion' and 'Emotion'. Vincenzo Chiarugi: a case study
Charland, L. C., vol. 25 (4): 477-484
The ten most important changes in psychiatry since World War II
Micale, M. S., vol. 25 (4): 485-491
'Introduction' to 'Episodic Psychoses', by Erik Stromgren (1940): Introduction and translation by
Schioldann, J., vol. 25 (4): 492-508
Congratulatory Notes
vol. 25 (4): 509-512

Volume 25 (3)

Death of an alienist: Louis-Victor Marce's final year
Luaute, J.-P., Lemperiere, T., Arnaud, P., vol. 25 (3): 265-282
'The world is full of big bad wolves': investigating the experimental therapeutic spaces of R.D. Laing and Aaron Esterson
McGeachan, C., vol. 25 (3): 283-298
From paranoia querulans to vexatious litigants: a short study on madness between psychiatry and the law. Part 1
Levy, B., vol. 25 (3): 299-316
Karl Jaspers on the disease entity: Kantian ideas and Weberian ideal types
Walker, C., vol. 25 (3): 317-334
Demonic possession and the historical construction of melancholy and hysteria
Westerink, H., vol. 25 (3): 335-349
From the Netherlands to Japan: communicating psychiatric practice in the 1830s
Nakamura, E., vol. 25 (3): 350-363
J.H. Pons on 'Sympathetic insanity': With an introduction by
Berrios, G., vol. 25 (3): 364-376
Book Review: PN Singer (ed.), with contributions by Daniel Davies and Vivian Nutton, Galen: Psychological Writings
Gill, C., vol. 25 (3): 377-378
Book Review: Anna Shepherd, Institutionalizing the Insane in Nineteenth-Century England
Dale, P., vol. 25 (3): 378-379
Book Review: Allan V Horwitz, Anxiety: A Short History
Jackson, M., vol. 25 (3): 380-381
Book Review: Mitzi Waltz, Autism: A Social and Medical History
Evans, B., vol. 25 (3): 381-383
Book Review: Theodor Itten and Courtenay Young (eds) R.D. Laing: 50 Years Since
Miller, G., vol. 25 (3): 383-384
Research on the history of psychiatry: Dissertation Abstracts, 2011 (continued)
vol. 25 (3): 385-389

Volume 25 (2)

John Locke on madness: redressing the intellectualist bias
Charland, L. C., vol. 25 (2): 137-153
Japanese psychoanalysis and Buddhism: the making of a relationship
Harding, C., vol. 25 (2): 154-170
Shifting boundaries between the normal and the pathological: the case of mild intellectual disability
Cooper, R., vol. 25 (2): 171-186
'I am reading the history of religion': a contribution to the knowledge of Freud's building of a theory
Cotti, P., vol. 25 (2): 187-202
Ernst Cassirer's Philosophy of Symbolic Forms and its impact on the theory of psychopathology
Andersch, N., Cutting, J., vol. 25 (2): 203-223
Insanity, philanthropy and emigration: dealing with insane children in late-nineteenth-century north-west England
Taylor, S. J., vol. 25 (2): 224-236
'Visions of the Dying', by James H Hyslop (1907): With an introduction by
Alvarado, C. S., vol. 25 (2): 237-252
Research on the history of psychiatry: Dissertation Abstracts, 2011 (continued)
vol. 25 (2): 253-259
On 'The bones of the insane' (letter received 23 December 2013)
vol. 25 (2): 260-262

Volume 25 (1)

The powers of suggestion: Albert Moll and the debate on hypnosis
Maehle, A.-H., vol. 25 (1): 3-19
Mental health, citizenship, and the memory of World War II in the Netherlands (1945-85)
Oosterhuis, H., vol. 25 (1): 20-34
Therapeutic Fascism: re-educating Communists in Nazi-occupied Serbia, 1942-44
Antic, A., vol. 25 (1): 35-56
'Rapid tranquillisation': an historical perspective on its emergence in the context of the development of antipsychotic medications
Allison, L., Moncrieff, J., vol. 25 (1): 57-69
Resilience of institutional culture: mental nursing in a decade of radical change
McCrae, N., vol. 25 (1): 70-86
When doctors cry wolf: a systematic review of the literature on clinical lycanthropy
Blom, J. D., vol. 25 (1): 87-102