History of Psychiatry articles

Volume 24 (4)

Spiritist delusions and spiritism in the nosography of French psychiatry (1850-1950)
Le Malefan, P., Evrard, R., Alvarado, C. S., vol. 24 (4): 477-491
Forbes Winslow and his Journal: With an introduction by
Berrios, G., vol. 24 (4): 492-501
Book Review: Catherine Cox, Negotiating Insanity in the Southeast of Ireland, 1820-1900
Baur, N., vol. 24 (4): 502-503
Book Review: Enric Novella, La ciencia del alma. Locura y modernidad en la cultura espanola del siglo XIX
Huertas, R., vol. 24 (4): 504-505
Book Review: Deborah Weinstein, The Pathological Family: Postwar America and the Rise of Family Therapy
Stewart, J., vol. 24 (4): 505-506
Dementia praecox revisited
McNally, K., vol. 24 (4): 507-509
vol. 24 (4): 510-510

Volume 24 (3)

The theoretical root of Karl Jaspers' General Psychopathology. Part 2: The influence of Max Weber
Kumazaki, T., vol. 24 (3): 259-273
The Bavarian royal drama of 1886 and the misuse of psychiatry: new results
Hafner, H., Sommer, F., vol. 24 (3): 274-291
Mental health issues of Maria I of Portugal and her sisters: the contributions of the Willis family to the development of psychiatry
Peters, T. J., Willis, C., vol. 24 (3): 292-307
Psychodynamics in child psychiatry in Sweden, 1945-85: from political vision to treatment ideology
Nelson, K. Z., Sandin, B., vol. 24 (3): 308-325
The birth and death of Villa 21
Wall, O., vol. 24 (3): 326-340
Battling demons with medical authority: werewolves, physicians and rationalization
Metzger, N., vol. 24 (3): 341-355
'Pauper Lunatics and their Treatment', by Joshua Harrison Stallard (1870)
Miller, E., vol. 24 (3): 356-368
Book Review: Naoko Wake, Private Practices: Harry Stack Sullivan, the Science of Homosexuality, and American Liberalism
Cocks, H., vol. 24 (3): 369-370
Book Review: Anne Borsay and Pamela Dales (eds), Disabled Children: Contested Caring, 1850-1979
Hutchison, I., vol. 24 (3): 371-372
Research on the history of psychiatry: Dissertation Abstracts, 2010-11 (Part 2)
vol. 24 (3): 373-381
Otto M. Marx, 1929-2012
vol. 24 (3): 382-384

Volume 24 (2)

Ergotism in Norway. Part 2: The symptoms and their interpretation from the eighteenth century onwards
Alm, T., Elvevag, B., vol. 24 (2): 131-147
From psychiatric symptom to diagnostic category: self-harm from the Victorians to DSM-5
Gilman, S. L., vol. 24 (2): 148-165
Neopositivism and the DSM psychiatric classification. An epistemological history. Part 1: Theoretical comparison
Aragona, M., vol. 24 (2): 166-179
A 'German world' shared among doctors: a history of the relationship between Japanese and German psychiatry before World War II
Hashimoto, A., vol. 24 (2): 180-195
The bones of the insane
Wallis, J., vol. 24 (2): 196-211
The theoretical root of Karl Jaspers' General Psychopathology. Part 1: Reconsidering the influence of phenomenology and hermeneutics
Kumazaki, T., vol. 24 (2): 212-226
'Struensee's memoir on the situation of the King' (1772): Christian VII of Denmark
Schioldann, J., vol. 24 (2): 227-247
Book Review: E James Lieberman and Robert Kramer (eds), The Letters of Sigmund Freud and Otto Rank: Inside Psychoanalysis
Harding, C., vol. 24 (2): 248-249
Book Review: Howard Padwa, Social Poison: The Culture and Politics of Opiate Control in Britain and France, 1821-1926
Malleck, D., vol. 24 (2): 249-251
Book Review: Angela McCarthy and Catharine Coleborne (eds), Migration, Ethnicity, and Mental Health. International Perspectives, 1840-2010
York, S., vol. 24 (2): 251-252
Book Review: Luis Montiel, El Rizoma Oculto de la Psicologia Profunda. Gustav Meyrink y Carl Gustav Jung
Villasante, O., vol. 24 (2): 252-254
Book Review: L Stephen Jacyna and Stephen T Casper (eds), The Neurological Patient in History
Wynter, R., vol. 24 (2): 254-255

Volume 24 (1)

The morbidity and mortality linked to melancholia: two cohorts compared, 1875-1924 and 1995-2005
Harris, M., Farquhar, F., Healy, D., Le Noury, J. C., Linden, S. C., Hughes, J. A., Roberts, A. P., vol. 24 (1): 3-14
Ergotism in Norway. Part 1: The symptoms and their interpretation from the late Iron Age to the seventeenth century
Alm, T., Elvevag, B., vol. 24 (1): 15-33
Revisiting mental hygiene: Josef Lundahl's interpretation of modern psychiatry in Sweden at the beginning of the twentieth century
Piuva, K., vol. 24 (1): 34-45
Psychopathology beyond semiology. An essay on the inner workings of psychopathology
Rejon Altable, C., Dening, D. T., vol. 24 (1): 46-61
William James and psychical research: towards a radical science of mind
Sech Junior, A., de Freitas Araujo, S., Moreira-Almeida, A., vol. 24 (1): 62-78
'Paralysed with fears and worries': neurasthenia as a gender-specific disease of civilization
Slijkhuis, J., Oosterhuis, H., vol. 24 (1): 79-93
Use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs during the heroic age of Antarctic exploration
Guly, H., vol. 24 (1): 94-105
'On the Diseases of the Head' in the Scale of Medicine by Muhammad Akbar Arzani [d. 1722]
Aggarwal, N. K., vol. 24 (1): 106-117
Book Review: RA Houston, Punishing the Dead? Suicide, Lordship, and Community in Britain, 1500-1830
Snell, E., vol. 24 (1): 118-119
Book Review: Kathrin Lieb, Split-Brain-Forschung und ihre Folgen. Medizin - Geschichte - Popularwissenschaft
Matusall, S., vol. 24 (1): 119-121