Imago Mundi The International Journal for the History of Cartography articles

Volume 65 (2)

vol. 65 (2): 338-362
The International Society for the History of the Map (ISHM)
vol. 65 (2): 363-0

Volume 65 (1)

Benedetto Cotrugli's Lost Mappamundi Found—Three Times
vol. 65 (1): 1-14
The International Society for the History of the Map (ISHM)
vol. 65 (1): 1-14
Amerigo Vespucci and His Alleged Awareness of America as a Separate Land Mass
vol. 65 (1): 15-24
Francisco Faleiro and Scientific Methodology at the Casa de la Contratación in the Sixteenth Century
vol. 65 (1): 25-36
The Selden Map Rediscovered: A Chinese Map of East Asian Shipping Routes, c.1619
vol. 65 (1): 37-63
The Trudaine Atlas: Government Road Mapping in Eighteenth-Century France
vol. 65 (1): 64-79
An Unpublished Map of the Holy Land: Venice, Biblioteca Marciana, MS Lat. X 116 (=3783)
vol. 65 (1): 80-86
A Saxton Miscellany
vol. 65 (1): 87-96
The Construction of the Selden Map: Some Conjectures
vol. 65 (1): 97-105
Bi’äñki's Ghost Dance Map: Thanatoptic Cartography and the Native American Spirit World
vol. 65 (1): 106-114
Obituaries: ObituariesRear Admiral G. S. Ritchie CB DSC (1914–2012)
vol. 65 (1): 115-118
Obituaries: Louis Carpenter De Vorsey (6 April 1929–29 April 2012)
vol. 65 (1): 115-118
European Perceptions of Terra Australis. Edited by Anne M. Scott, Alfred Hiatt, Claire McIlroy and Christopher Wortham
vol. 65 (1): 119-120
Political Essay on the Island of Cuba: A Critical Edition. By Alexander von Humboldt. Edited by Vera M. Kutzinski and Ottmar Ette. (Imre Josef Demhardt)
vol. 65 (1): 119-132
Early American Cartographies. Edited by Martin Brückner
vol. 65 (1): 120-121
Mapping Latin America: A Cartographic Reader. Edited by Jordana Dym and Karl Offen
vol. 65 (1): 121-122
Mapas das Minas. Edited by Júnia Ferreira Furtado
vol. 65 (1): 122-0
Surveyors of Empire: Samuel Holland, J. F. W. Des Barres, and the Making of The Atlantic Neptune. By Stephen J. Hornsby
vol. 65 (1): 123-124
Geography in America’s Schools, Libraries, and Homes: A Comprehensive Bibliography of Nineteenth-Century Geography Books, Atlases, Globes, and Manuals; Extended into the Early Twentieth Century; Includes an Introductory Essay. By Donald C. Dahmann
vol. 65 (1): 124-125
Inventaire raisonné des collections cartographiques Vandermaelen conservées à la Bibliothèque royale de Belgique. Volume 5: L’Atlas universel (1825–1827). By Marguerite Silvestre. (Gilles Palsky)
vol. 65 (1): 126-0
Mapping Ethnography in Early Modern Germany: New Worlds in Print Culture. By Stephanie Leitch
vol. 65 (1): 126-0
Mapping Ethnography in Early Modern Germany: New Worlds in Print Culture. By Stephanie Leitch
vol. 65 (1): 126-0
Los geógrafos del rey. By Antonio T. Reguera Rodríguez
vol. 65 (1): 127-128
Syevyernaya i vostochnaya Tartariya, vklyuchayuahchaya oblasti, racpolozhyennyye v syevyernoy i vostochoy chastyakh Yevropy i Azii. [North and East Tartary.] By Nicolaas Witsen. (Dennis Reinhartz)
vol. 65 (1): 128-129
Geografia e storia nella Grecia antica. By Francesco Prontera
vol. 65 (1): 129-0
Rome’s World: The Peutinger Map Reconsidered. By Richard J. A. Talbert
vol. 65 (1): 129-130
Curious Visions of Modernity: Enchantment, Magic and the Sacred. By David L. Martin. (Evelyn Edson)
vol. 65 (1): 130-131
Territory, Globalization, and International Relations: The Cartographic Reality of Space By Jeppe Strandsbjerg
vol. 65 (1): 131-0
Disease Maps: Epidemics on the Ground. By Tom Koch
vol. 65 (1): 132-0
Aesthetic Cartography: The Cultural Function of Portolan Charts from 1300 to 1700
vol. 65 (1): 133-136
Quantifying Irish Cartographic Histories
vol. 65 (1): 135-136
vol. 65 (1): 137-158

Volume 64 (2)

Editorial Board
vol. 64 (2): 0-0
The Making and Re-making of the Gough Map of Britain: Manuscript Evidence and Historical ContextEntstehung und Überarbeitung der ‘Gough-Map’ von Britannien: Erkenntnisse aus dem Original und historische HintergründeFaire et refaire la ‘Gough Map’ d'Anglet
vol. 64 (2): 155-168
The Making of the Gough Map Reconsidered: a Personal ViewDie Entstehung der ‘Gough Map’ von neuem erwogen: ein persönlicher BlickLa réalisation de la Gough Map réexaminée: une opinion personnelleLa elaboración del ‘mapa Gough’ revisada: una visión persona
vol. 64 (2): 169-180
Blunders, Errors and Entanglements: Scrutinizing the Cantino Planisphere with a Cartometric EyeIrrungen und Wirrungen: Eine Untersuchung der Cantino-Karte mit einem kartometrischen AugeBévues, erreurs et confusion: examiner le planisphère de Cantino d'un
vol. 64 (2): 181-200
Making War from a Map: Andrada's Atlas for Privateers (1641–1661)Kriegführung mittels einer Karte: Andradas Atlas für Freibeuter (1641–1661)Faire la guerre à partir d'une carte: l'atlas d'Andrada pour les corsaires (1641–1661)Haciendo la guerra a partir d
vol. 64 (2): 201-215
The Pembroke Map: A Medieval Sketch
vol. 64 (2): 216-226