Imago Mundi The International Journal for the History of Cartography articles

Volume 64 (2)

Chizu bunkashi-jō no Kōyozu (The Kwang-Yü-T'u in the Cultural History of Chinese Maps). By Unno Kazutaka
vol. 64 (2): 236-237
An Errant Eye: Poetry and Topography in Early Modern France. By Tom Conley
vol. 64 (2): 237-238
Die Leidenschaft des Sammelns: Streifzüge durch die Sammlung Woldan. Edited by Gerhard Holzer, Thomas Horst and Petra Svatek
vol. 64 (2): 238-239
The Image of Europe: Visualizing Europe in Cartography and Iconography throughout the Ages. By Michael Wintle
vol. 64 (2): 239-240
Antiquity without Cartography? Some New Approaches to Roman Mapping Traditions
vol. 64 (2): 241-242
British Cartographic Representations of Africa c.1880–c.1915
vol. 64 (2): 242-243
Chronicle for 2011
vol. 64 (2): 244-260
vol. 64 (2): 261-283

Volume 64 (1)

The Ebstorf Mappamundi and Gervase of Tilbury: The Controversy RevisitedEl Mappamundi de Ebstorf y Gervasio de Tilbury: revisión de una controversia
vol. 64 (1): 1-27
Making an Impression: The Display of Maps in Sixteenth-Century Venetian HomesCausar impresión: la exhibición de mapas en las casas venecianas en el siglo XVI
vol. 64 (1): 28-40
New Evidence for the Date of Five Rare Dutch-Italian Wall Maps: F. de Wit's World Map and W. J. Blaeu's Four ContinentsNueva evidencia de la fecha de cinco raros mapas murales holandeses e italianos: el mapa del mundo de F. de Wit y los de los cuatro cont
vol. 64 (1): 41-59
A Family Affair: The Dundas Family of Arniston and the Military Survey of Scotland (1747–1755)Un asunto de familia: la familia de Dundas Arniston y la cartografía militar de Escocia (1747–1755)
vol. 64 (1): 60-77
Italian Mapmakers in the Spanish Civil War (1937–1939)Cartógrafos italianos en la Guerra Civil española (1937–1939)
vol. 64 (1): 78-95
A Hitherto Unknown Sketch Map by Lord Burghley
vol. 64 (1): 96-100
The 24th International Conference on the History of Cartography, Moscow, Russia, 10–15 July 2011
vol. 64 (1): 101-107
Ingrid Kretschmer (1939–2011)
vol. 64 (1): 108-111
Tra cartografia politica e immaginario figurativo: Matthew Paris e l'Iter de Londinio in Terram Sanctam. By Salvatore Sansone.; ‘A crusading habitus’. In Imagining an English Reading Public, 1150–1400. By Katharine Breen.
vol. 64 (1): 112-113
A Carto-Bibliography of the Maps in Eighteenth-Century British and American Geography Books. By Barbara Backus McCorkle.; The Last Great Cartographic Myth: Mer de l'Ouest. By Don McGuirk.
vol. 64 (1): 113-114
The 1776–1777 Northern Campaigns of the American War for Independence and Their Sequels: Contemporary Maps of Mainly German Origin. By Thomas M. Barker and Paul R. Huey
vol. 64 (1): 114-115
Printed Maps of the District and State of Maine, 1793–1860: An Illustrated and Comparative Study. By Edward V. Thompson
vol. 64 (1): 115-116
Mapping America: Exploring the Continent. Edited by Tom Howells and Duncan McCorquodale
vol. 64 (1): 116-0
George Washington's America: A Biography through His Maps. By Barnet Schecter
vol. 64 (1): 116-117
William Faden and Norfolk's 18th-Century Landscape. By Tom Williamson and Andrew Macnair
vol. 64 (1): 117-0
Nimmo's Inverness Survey & Journal 1806. Edited by Noël P. Wilkins
vol. 64 (1): 117-118
John Rocque's Dublin: A Guide to the Georgian City. By Colm Lennon and John Montague
vol. 64 (1): 118-119
Die Cosmographiae Introductio Matthias Ringmanns und die Weltkarte Martin Waldseemüllers aus dem Jahre 1507. By Martin Lehmann
vol. 64 (1): 119-120
Johann Schöner's Globe of 1515: Transcription and Study. By Chet Van Duzer
vol. 64 (1): 120-121
Johann Georg Kohl: Ein Leben zwischen der Alten und der Neuen Welt. By Thomas Elsmann
vol. 64 (1): 121-122
Dienstbare kaarten: Een cartografische geschiedenis van het Koninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap en het Tijdschrift 1873–1966. By Paul van den Brink
vol. 64 (1): 122-0
Aproximacions a la història de la cartografia de Barcelona. Edited by Carme Montaner and Francesc Nadal
vol. 64 (1): 122-123
Um Antigo Mapa Corográfico de Portugal (c.1525): Reconstituição a partir do Códice de Hamburgo. By Suzanne Daveau
vol. 64 (1): 123-124
Cursos e percursos para o Mar Oceano: Intervenções nos rios portugueses e representações da Cartografia Militar. By Maria Helena Dias
vol. 64 (1): 124-0
Special Maps of Persia 1477–1925. By Cyrus Alai
vol. 64 (1): 124-125
The Goddess and the Nation: Mapping Mother India. By Sumathi Ramaswamy
vol. 64 (1): 125-126
A Malleable Map: Geographies of Restoration in Central Japan, 1600–1912. By Kären Wigen
vol. 64 (1): 126-127
Cartographies of Time: A History of the Timeline. By Daniel Rosenberg and Anthony Grafton
vol. 64 (1): 127-128
Geographies of Mars: Seeing and Knowing the Red Planet. By K. Maria D. Lane
vol. 64 (1): 128-0
Maps, Management and Mills in Colonial Lima, Peru (1532–1821)
vol. 64 (1): 129-132
vol. 64 (1): 133-153

Volume 63 (2)

vol. 63 (2): 1-8