Imago Mundi The International Journal for the History of Cartography articles

Volume 66 (1)

Nicolas-Louis De La Caille: Astronomer and Geodesist
vol. 66 (1): 130-131
Illustrating the Phaenomena: Celestial Cartography in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
vol. 66 (1): 131-132
Ancient Perspectives: Maps and Their Places in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome
vol. 66 (1): 132-133
The Eye of History: Geography and Perceptions of the Continents in Seventeenth-Century Swedish Maps, Travel Narratives and Scholarly Literature
vol. 66 (1): 134-136
‘Companions in Geography’: The Sino-European Effort to Measure China, c.1685–1735
vol. 66 (1): 136-137
vol. 66 (1): 138-156
Imago Mundi Prize
vol. 66 (1): 157-157
The International Society for the History of the Map (ISHMap)
vol. 66 (1): 158-158

Volume 65 (2)

Hugh of St Victor (1096–1141) and Anglo-French Cartography
vol. 65 (2): 161-179
Locating the Hereford Mappamundi
vol. 65 (2): 180-206
A Cherokee Origin for the ‘Catawba’ Deerskin Map (c.1721)
vol. 65 (2): 207-216
Mapping Pathways to Heaven: A Topographical Engraving of Meteora (1782)
vol. 65 (2): 217-233
Malta Map Society's Project for 2013: Malta before 1565
vol. 65 (2): 233-0
Peninsular War Cartography: A New Look at the Military Mapping of General Sir George Murray and the Quartermaster General's Department
vol. 65 (2): 234-252
King George III's Geographical Collections
vol. 65 (2): 252-0
Mapping a New Kind of European Boundary: The Language Border between Modern France and Germany
vol. 65 (2): 253-267
Fifth Imago Mundi Prize Awarded
vol. 65 (2): 267-0
Two Thirteenth-Century Spanish Local Maps
vol. 65 (2): 268-279
Further Light on Ogilby and Morgan's Map of London (1676)
vol. 65 (2): 280-287
Picturing American Cities in the Twentieth Century: Emily Edwards's Maps of San Antonio and Mexico City
vol. 65 (2): 288-299
Japoniæ Insulæ. The Mapping of Japan: Historical Introduction and Cartobibliography of European Printed Maps of Japan to 1800. By Jason C. Hubbard
vol. 65 (2): 300-317
Korea: A Cartographic History. By John Rennie Short
vol. 65 (2): 301-0
Navigation et géographie dans l'antiquité Gréco-Romaine: la terre vue de la mer. By Jean-Marie Kowalski
vol. 65 (2): 301-302
Medieval Maps of the Holy Land. By P. D. A. Harvey
vol. 65 (2): 302-303
Imagining Jerusalem in the Medieval West. Edited by Lucy Donkin and Hanna Vorholt
vol. 65 (2): 303-304
Finding Their Way at Sea: The Story of Portolan Charts, the Cartographers Who Drew Them and the Mariners Who Sailed by Them. By Richard Pflederer
vol. 65 (2): 304-0
Seeing the World Anew: The Radical Vision of Martin Waldseemüller's 1507 & 1516 World Maps. By John W. Hessler and Chet Van Duzer
vol. 65 (2): 304-305
The Johann Ruysch and Martin Waldseemüller World Maps: The Interplay and Merging of Early Sixteenth Century New World Cartographies. By Gregory C. McIntosh
vol. 65 (2): 305-0
La Sala Bologna nei Palazzi Vaticani: Architettura, cartografia e potere nell'età di Gregorio XIII. Edited by Francesco Ceccarelli and Nadja Aksamija
vol. 65 (2): 305-306
Les Globes de Louis XIV: Étude artistique, historique et materielle. Edited by Catherine Hofmann and Hélène Richard
vol. 65 (2): 306-307
Mapping Greece, 1420–1800: A History. Maps in the Margarita Samourkas Collection. By Geōrgios Tolias
vol. 65 (2): 307-308
Mapping Europe's Borderlands: Russian Cartography in the Age of Empire. By Steven Seegal
vol. 65 (2): 308-309
The Mapping of Antarctica. By Jakob Søndergård Pedersen and Philip Curtis
vol. 65 (2): 309-310
The World at Their Fingertips: Eighteenth-Century British Two-Sheet Double-Hemisphere World Maps. By Geoff Armitage with Ashley Baynton-Williams
vol. 65 (2): 310-0
London: A History in Maps. By Peter Barber, with notes on the engravers by Laurence Worms; edited by Roger Cline and Ann Saunders
vol. 65 (2): 310-311
London Underground Maps: Art Design and Cartography. By Claire Dobbin; Underground Maps Unravelled: Explorations in Information Design. By Maxwell J. Roberts
vol. 65 (2): 311-312
Mapping, Measurement and Metropolis: How Land Surveyors Shaped Eighteenth-Century Dublin. By Finnian Ó Cionnaíth
vol. 65 (2): 312-313
Marco Polo's Daughters: Discovery of the New World. By Gunnar Thompson; Viking America: From King Arthur to Vinland. By Gunnar Thompson
vol. 65 (2): 313-314
William Clark's World: Describing America in an Age of Unknowns. By Peter J. Kastor
vol. 65 (2): 314-315
On the Edge: Mapping North America's Coasts. By Roger McCoy
vol. 65 (2): 315-0