Imago Mundi The International Journal for the History of Cartography articles

Volume 65 (1)

Geografia e storia nella Grecia antica. By Francesco Prontera
vol. 65 (1): 129-0
Rome’s World: The Peutinger Map Reconsidered. By Richard J. A. Talbert
vol. 65 (1): 129-130
Curious Visions of Modernity: Enchantment, Magic and the Sacred. By David L. Martin. (Evelyn Edson)
vol. 65 (1): 130-131
Territory, Globalization, and International Relations: The Cartographic Reality of Space By Jeppe Strandsbjerg
vol. 65 (1): 131-0
Disease Maps: Epidemics on the Ground. By Tom Koch
vol. 65 (1): 132-0
Aesthetic Cartography: The Cultural Function of Portolan Charts from 1300 to 1700
vol. 65 (1): 133-136
Quantifying Irish Cartographic Histories
vol. 65 (1): 135-136
vol. 65 (1): 137-158

Volume 64 (2)

Editorial Board
vol. 64 (2): 0-0
The Making and Re-making of the Gough Map of Britain: Manuscript Evidence and Historical ContextEntstehung und Überarbeitung der ‘Gough-Map’ von Britannien: Erkenntnisse aus dem Original und historische HintergründeFaire et refaire la ‘Gough Map’ d'Anglet
vol. 64 (2): 155-168
The Making of the Gough Map Reconsidered: a Personal ViewDie Entstehung der ‘Gough Map’ von neuem erwogen: ein persönlicher BlickLa réalisation de la Gough Map réexaminée: une opinion personnelleLa elaboración del ‘mapa Gough’ revisada: una visión persona
vol. 64 (2): 169-180
Blunders, Errors and Entanglements: Scrutinizing the Cantino Planisphere with a Cartometric EyeIrrungen und Wirrungen: Eine Untersuchung der Cantino-Karte mit einem kartometrischen AugeBévues, erreurs et confusion: examiner le planisphère de Cantino d'un
vol. 64 (2): 181-200
Making War from a Map: Andrada's Atlas for Privateers (1641–1661)Kriegführung mittels einer Karte: Andradas Atlas für Freibeuter (1641–1661)Faire la guerre à partir d'une carte: l'atlas d'Andrada pour les corsaires (1641–1661)Haciendo la guerra a partir d
vol. 64 (2): 201-215
The Pembroke Map: A Medieval Sketch
vol. 64 (2): 216-226
Alte Landkarten von der Antike bis zum Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts: Ein Handbuch zur Geschichte der Kartographie. By Ivan Kupčík
vol. 64 (2): 227-0
Ptolemy's Geography in the Renaissance. Edited by Zur Shalev and Charles Burnett
vol. 64 (2): 227-228
Sacred Words and Worlds: Geography, Religion and Scholarship, 1550–1700. By Zur Shalev
vol. 64 (2): 228-229
British Map Engravers: A Dictionary of Engravers, Lithographers and Their Principal Employers to 1850. By Laurence Worms and Ashley Baynton-Williams
vol. 64 (2): 229-230
The Printed Maps of Norfolk 1574–1840: A Carto-Bibliography. By Raymond Frostick
vol. 64 (2): 230-231
Scotland: Mapping the Nation. By Christopher Fleet, Margaret Wilkes and Charles W. J. Withers
vol. 64 (2): 231-0
Costa e arcipelago Toscano nel Kitab-i Bahriye: Un confronto cartografico (secoli XIII–XVII). By F. Lepore, M. Piccardi and E. Pranzini
vol. 64 (2): 231-232
Atlante Trevigiano: cartografie e iconografie di città e territorio dal XV al XX secolo. Edited by Massimo Rossi
vol. 64 (2): 232-233
Die Welt aus Weimar: zur Geschichte des Geographischen Instituts. Katalog zur Ausstellung Stadtmuseum Weimar 29. Juli–16. Oktober 2011. Edited by Andreas Christoph and Olaf Breidbach
vol. 64 (2): 233-234
The Atlas Blaeu–Van der Hem of the Austrian National Library: History of the Atlas and the Making of the Facsimile. Edited by Koert van der Horst
vol. 64 (2): 234-235
Maps in Books of Russia and Poland Published in the Netherlands to 1800. By Paula van Gestel–van het Schip … [et al.]
vol. 64 (2): 235-0
Torn in Two: 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. An Exhibition from the Collections of the Boston Public Library May 12 to December 31, 2011. Exhibition catalog by Ronald E. Grim and Debra Block, edited by Janet H. Spitz and Dale Rosen
vol. 64 (2): 236-0
Chizu bunkashi-jō no Kōyozu (The Kwang-Yü-T'u in the Cultural History of Chinese Maps). By Unno Kazutaka
vol. 64 (2): 236-237
An Errant Eye: Poetry and Topography in Early Modern France. By Tom Conley
vol. 64 (2): 237-238
Die Leidenschaft des Sammelns: Streifzüge durch die Sammlung Woldan. Edited by Gerhard Holzer, Thomas Horst and Petra Svatek
vol. 64 (2): 238-239
The Image of Europe: Visualizing Europe in Cartography and Iconography throughout the Ages. By Michael Wintle
vol. 64 (2): 239-240
Antiquity without Cartography? Some New Approaches to Roman Mapping Traditions
vol. 64 (2): 241-242
British Cartographic Representations of Africa c.1880–c.1915
vol. 64 (2): 242-243
Chronicle for 2011
vol. 64 (2): 244-260
vol. 64 (2): 261-283

Volume 64 (1)

The Ebstorf Mappamundi and Gervase of Tilbury: The Controversy RevisitedEl Mappamundi de Ebstorf y Gervasio de Tilbury: revisión de una controversia
vol. 64 (1): 1-27
Making an Impression: The Display of Maps in Sixteenth-Century Venetian HomesCausar impresión: la exhibición de mapas en las casas venecianas en el siglo XVI
vol. 64 (1): 28-40
New Evidence for the Date of Five Rare Dutch-Italian Wall Maps: F. de Wit's World Map and W. J. Blaeu's Four ContinentsNueva evidencia de la fecha de cinco raros mapas murales holandeses e italianos: el mapa del mundo de F. de Wit y los de los cuatro cont
vol. 64 (1): 41-59
A Family Affair: The Dundas Family of Arniston and the Military Survey of Scotland (1747–1755)Un asunto de familia: la familia de Dundas Arniston y la cartografía militar de Escocia (1747–1755)
vol. 64 (1): 60-77
Italian Mapmakers in the Spanish Civil War (1937–1939)Cartógrafos italianos en la Guerra Civil española (1937–1939)
vol. 64 (1): 78-95
A Hitherto Unknown Sketch Map by Lord Burghley
vol. 64 (1): 96-100