Innes Review

The Innes Review is a fully peer-reviewed journal promoting the study of the history of Catholic Scotland. It covers all aspects of Scottish history and culture, especially ones related to religious history. 

Published continuously by the Scottish Catholic Historical Association since 1950, it contains articles and book reviews on a wide field of ecclesiastical, cultural, liturgical, architectural, literary and political history from earliest times to the present day. It is named after Thomas Innes (1662-1744), a missionary priest, historian, and archivist of the Scots College in Paris whose impartial scholarship stood out amongst the denominational prejudices of the time.

Published May & Nov

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Latest articles

Volume 67 (1)

In Memoriam Jenny Wormald (1942–2015)
vol. 67 (1): 1-4
Jenny Wormald, historian: an appreciation
vol. 67 (1): 5-5
Defining Liberalism: the first Home Rule crisis in the Scottish capital
vol. 67 (1): 6-30
An ‘Inventair of som of the Earill of Dunfermline his buiks in Pinkie June 1625’: a fragment of the library of Alexander Seton (1555–1622)
vol. 67 (1): 31-54
Bishop John Geddes, Robert Burns and Dr Alexander Geddes
vol. 67 (1): 55-61
Corrigenda: Statehood and lordship in ‘Scotland’ before the mid-twelfth century
vol. 67 (1): 62-62
A House That Thieves Might Knock At: Proceedings of the 2010 Stirling and 2011 Dundee Conferences (Tower Studies, 1 & 2). Edited by Richard Oram
vol. 67 (1): 63-65
Supplications from England and Wales in the Registers of the Apostolic Penitentiary, 1410–1503. Edited by Peter D. Clarke and Patrick N. R. Zutshi
vol. 67 (1): 66-68
Ian A. Olson, Bludie Harlaw: Realities, Myths, Ballads
vol. 67 (1): 68-70
Scottish Witches and Witch-Hunters. Palgrave Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic. Edited by Julian Goodare
vol. 67 (1): 70-72
Alistair Mutch, Religion and National Identity: Governing Scottish Presbyterianism in the Eighteenth Century
vol. 67 (1): 72-74
The Scots College, Spain, 1767–1780: Memoirs of the Translation of the Scotch College from Madrid to Valladolid. Edited by Michael Briody
vol. 67 (1): 75-77
Anthony Cooke, A History of Drinking: The Scottish Pub since 1700
vol. 67 (1): 77-79
Alana Harris, Faith in the family: A lived religion history of English Catholicism, 1945–82
vol. 67 (1): 79-81

Volume 66 (2)

King William and the Brecc Bennach in 1211: reliquary or holy banner?
vol. 66 (2): 163-190
Adam King: a man for all seasons
vol. 66 (2): 191-207
Making Histories: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Insular Art, York 2011. Edited by Jane Hawkes. Shaun Tyas: Donington, 2013. 512 pp, 165 figs. £49.50 hardback. ISBN 9781907730313.
vol. 66 (2): 208-211
Wilfrid: Abbot, Bishop, Saint: Papers from the 1300th Anniversary Conferences. Edited by N. J. Higham. Shaun Tyas: Donington, 2013. xxvi + 390 pp. £29.95 hardback. ISBN 9781907730276.
vol. 66 (2): 212-213
Robert Crawford, Bannockburns: Scottish Independence and Literary Imagination, 1314–2014. Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh, 2014. 288 pp. £19.99 paperback. ISBN 9780748685844.
vol. 66 (2): 213-216
Richard Holland, The Buke of the Howlat. Edited by Ralph Hanna. Scottish Text Society, Fifth Series. Boydell and Brewer: Woodbridge, 2014. 226 pp. £38 hardback. ISBN 9781897976395.
vol. 66 (2): 216-218