Innes Review

The Innes Review is a fully peer-reviewed journal promoting the study of the history of Catholic Scotland. It covers all aspects of Scottish history and culture, especially ones related to religious history. 

Published continuously by the Scottish Catholic Historical Association since 1950, it contains articles and book reviews on a wide field of ecclesiastical, cultural, liturgical, architectural, literary and political history from earliest times to the present day. It is named after Thomas Innes (1662-1744), a missionary priest, historian, and archivist of the Scots College in Paris whose impartial scholarship stood out amongst the denominational prejudices of the time.

Published May & Nov

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Latest articles

Volume 68 (1)

Front matter
vol. 68 (1): -
Back matter
vol. 68 (1): -
Adomnán, two saints, and the paschal controversy
Gilbert Márkus, vol. 68 (1): 1-18
Pittenweem Priory and the conventuality question
Anthony Lodge, vol. 68 (1): 19-37
Elizabeth Melville, Lady Culross: new light from Fife
Jamie Reid Baxter, vol. 68 (1): 38-77
Robert Henryson's Moral Fabillis: ‘Exempill and similitude’, the animal as true Sign, and an argument from design
David Moses, vol. 68 (1): 78-87
Scalan destroyed: a Hanoverian perspective
Alasdair Roberts, vol. 68 (1): 88-98
Michael Penman, Robert the Bruce: King of the Scots
Christine McGladdery, vol. 68 (1): 99-101
Bannockburn 1314–2014: Battle and Legacy. Proceedings of the 2014 Stirling Conference, ed. Michael Penman
Michael Prestwich, vol. 68 (1): 101-104
In Dialogue with the Agallamh. Essays in Honour of Seán Ó Coileáin, ed. Aidan Doyle and Kevin Murray
Deborah Hayden, vol. 68 (1): 104-106
Christianities in the Early Modern Celtic World, ed. Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin and Robert Armstrong
Russell Newton, vol. 68 (1): 106-108
Andrew Melville (1545–1622): Writings, Reception, and Reputation, ed. Roger A. Mason and Steven J. Reid
Martin Ritchie, vol. 68 (1): 108-111
Alasdair A. MacDonald, The Gude and Godlie Ballatis
Elaine Moohan, vol. 68 (1): 111-112
Alastair J. Mann, James VII: Duke and King of Scots, 1633–1701
Ben Rogers, vol. 68 (1): 113-115

Volume 67 (2)

Front matter
vol. 67 (2): -
Back matter
vol. 67 (2): -
Introduction: biography and James VI's Scotland
vol. 67 (2): 83-92
Not just a lawyer: Thomas Craig and humanist Edinburgh
vol. 67 (2): 93-106
The life of Sir James MacDonald of Knockrinsay
vol. 67 (2): 107-137
Sir William Keith of Delny: courtier, ambassador and agent of noble power
vol. 67 (2): 138-158