The International History Review articles

The ‘Labors of Atlas, Sisyphus, or Hercules’? US Gas-Centrifuge Policy and Diplomacy, 1954–60
Those Who Dared: A Reappraisal of Britain's Special Air Service, 1950–80
Mountbatten and India, 1948–64
Savrola and Winston Churchill's Search for Meaning
Foreign Advisers and Modernisation before the First World War: British Diplomacy, Sir Richard Crawford, and the Reform of the Ottoman Empire's Customs Service, 1906–11
All Paths Leading to Beijing? Western Europe and Détente in East Asia, 1969–72
French Scientific Exploitation and Technology Transfer from Germany in the Diplomatic Context of the Early Cold War
The Trouble with Propaganda: the Second World War, Franco's Spain, and the Origins of US Post-War Public Diplomacy
The Long Rupture, 1870–1970: the Darker Side of Franco-Irish Relations

Volume 37 (1)

Sovereignty and Solidarity: Moral Obligation, Confessional England, and the Huguenots
vol. 37 (1): 1-21
‘Founded in Lasting Interests’: British Projects for European Imperial Collaboration in the Age of the American Revolution*
vol. 37 (1): 22-40
Going Against the Flow: Sinn Féin’s Unusual Hungarian ‘Roots’
vol. 37 (1): 41-58
The Interdependent Hegemon: the United States and the Quest for Strategic Raw Materials during the Early Cold War
vol. 37 (1): 59-79
Divided Development: Post-War Ideas on River Utilisation and their Influence on the Development of the Danube
vol. 37 (1): 80-98
International Relations in Africa before the Europeans
vol. 37 (1): 99-118
A Kingdom for a Catholic? Pope Clement VIII, King James VI/I, and the English Succession in International Diplomacy (1592–1605)
vol. 37 (1): 119-141
Madame de Staël and the Transformation of European Politics, 1812–17
vol. 37 (1): 142-166
Helmut Schmidt and the Shaping of Western Security in the Late 1970s: the Guadeloupe Summit of 1979
vol. 37 (1): 167-192
Britain's Oceanic Empire. Atlantic and Indian Ocean Worlds, c. 1550–1850, Edited by H.V. Bowen, Elizabeth Mancke, and John G. Reid
vol. 37 (1): 196-196
A Review of “Camp and Combat on the Sinai and Palestine Front: The Experience of the British Empire Soldier”, by Edward C. Woodfin
vol. 37 (1): 197-198
A Review of “British Prisoners of the Korean War”, by S.P. MacKenzie
vol. 37 (1): 198-199

Volume 36 (5)

Editorial Board
vol. 36 (5): 0-0
Traditions of British International Thought
vol. 36 (5): 823-834
Halford J. Mackinder, Geopolitics, and the Heartland Thesis
vol. 36 (5): 835-857
G.D.H. Cole's International Thought: the Dilemmas of Justifying Socialism in the Twentieth Century
vol. 36 (5): 858-875
Russell’s Realist Radicalism
vol. 36 (5): 876-893
Barbara Wootton, Friedrich Hayek and the debate on democratic federalism in the 1940s
vol. 36 (5): 894-918
F.A. Hayek and the Reinvention of Liberal Internationalism
vol. 36 (5): 919-942
Rival Traditions of Natural Law: Martin Wight and the Theory of International Society
vol. 36 (5): 943-960
Martin Wight, Western Values, and the Whig Tradition of International Thought
vol. 36 (5): 961-981
vol. 36 (5): 982-983
Arms Transfers, Neutrality and Britain's Role in the Cold War: Anglo-Swiss Relations 1945–1958. by Marco Wyss/Neutralité Et Engagement: Les relations entre le Comité international de la Croix-Rouge (CICR) et le Gouvernement suisse 1938–1945. by Isabelle V
vol. 36 (5): 984-987
On the Precipice. Stalin, the Red Army Leadership and the Road to Stalingrad, 1931–1942, by Peter Mezhiritsky
vol. 36 (5): 987-988
Clash of Empires in South China: The Allied Nations' Proxy War with Japan, 1935–41, by Franco David Macri
vol. 36 (5): 988-990
Elites and Decolonization in the Twentieth Century, by Jost Duelffer and Marc Frey
vol. 36 (5): 990-991
The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914, by Christopher Clark
vol. 36 (5): 991-993
Underdogs: The Making of the Modern Marine Corps, by Aaron B. O’Connell
vol. 36 (5): 993-995
General Smuts, by Antony Lentin
vol. 36 (5): 995-996