The International History Review articles

‘The Constructive Use of Abundance’: the UN World Food Programme and the Evolution of the International Food-Aid System during the Post-War Decades
States of Insecurity
The House of Nassau between France and Independence, 1795–1814: Lesser Powers, Strategies of Conflict Resolution, Dynastic Networks
Electing the European Parliament: Some Historiographical Notes
Accommodating and Confronting the Portuguese Dictatorship within NATO, 1970–4
‘Local Repercussions’: the Impact of Staff ‘Bias’ and Market ‘Sensitivity’ on Reuters Coverage of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1967–73

Volume 37 (3)

The ‘Labors of Atlas, Sisyphus, or Hercules’? US Gas-Centrifuge Policy and Diplomacy, 1954–60
vol. 37 (3): 431-457
The Emergence of International Studies in New Zealand
vol. 37 (3): 458-480
‘Not Intended to Act as Spies’: The Consular Intelligence Service in Denmark and Germany 1906–14
vol. 37 (3): 481-502
‘The Most Difficult Journey of All’: Willy Brandt's Trip to Israel in June 1973
vol. 37 (3): 503-518
The Good Plumpuddings’ Belief: British Voluntary Aid to Sweden During the Napoleonic Wars
vol. 37 (3): 519-539
Those Who Dared: A Reappraisal of Britain's Special Air Service, 1950–80
vol. 37 (3): 540-564
‘A Haven for Tortured Souls’: Hong Kong in the Vietnam War
vol. 37 (3): 565-581
Analogical Reasoning and the Diplomacy of the Raoul Wallenberg Case 1945–7
vol. 37 (3): 582-606
“‘We Need Not Be Ashamed of our own Economic Profit Motive”: Britain, Latin America, and the Alliance for Progress, 1959–63’
vol. 37 (3): 607-630
The German Approach to Counterinsurgency in the Second World War
vol. 37 (3): 631-642
vol. 37 (3): 643-644
Six Moments of Crisis: Inside British Foreign Policy, by Gill Bennett
vol. 37 (3): 645-646
The Cold War and After: History, Theory, and the Logic of International Politics, by Marc Trachtenberg
vol. 37 (3): 646-647
America's Black Sea Fleet: The U.S. Navy Amidst War and Revolution, 1919–1923, by Robert Shenk
vol. 37 (3): 648-649
Rethinking Anti-Americanism: The History of an Exceptional Concept in American Foreign Relations, by Max Paul Friedman
vol. 37 (3): 649-651
War Surgery 1914–18, edited by Thomas Scotland and Steven Heys
vol. 37 (3): 651-652
Imperial Eclipse: Japan's Strategic Thinking about Continental Asia before August 1945, by Yukiko Koshiro
vol. 37 (3): 652-654
To Crown the Waves. The Great Navies of the First World War, edited by V.P. O'Hara, W.D. Dickson, and R. Worth
vol. 37 (3): 654-655

Volume 37 (2)

The Long Rupture, 1870–1970: the Darker Side of Franco-Irish Relations
vol. 37 (2): 201-218
All Paths Leading to Beijing? Western Europe and Détente in East Asia, 1969–72
vol. 37 (2): 219-239
Mountbatten and India, 1948–64
vol. 37 (2): 240-261
Sentiment vs Strategy: British Naval Policy, Imperial Defence, and the Development of Dominion Navies, 1911–14
vol. 37 (2): 262-281
Savrola and Winston Churchill's Search for Meaning
vol. 37 (2): 282-302
Brazil and the Origins of the Multilateral Trading System
vol. 37 (2): 303-323
Italians in Africa (1870s–1914), or How to Escape Poverty and Become a Landowner
vol. 37 (2): 324-341
The Trouble with Propaganda: the Second World War, Franco's Spain, and the Origins of US Post-War Public Diplomacy
vol. 37 (2): 342-365
French Scientific Exploitation and Technology Transfer from Germany in the Diplomatic Context of the Early Cold War
vol. 37 (2): 366-385
Foreign Advisers and Modernisation before the First World War: British Diplomacy, Sir Richard Crawford, and the Reform of the Ottoman Empire's Customs Service, 1906–11
vol. 37 (2): 386-404
vol. 37 (2): 405-406
Why Europe Grew Rich and Asia Did Not. Global Economic Divergence, 1600–1850, by Prasannan Parthasarathi
vol. 37 (2): 407-408
The Night of Broken Glass. Eyewitness Accounts of Kristallancht, by Utah Gerhardt and Thomas Karlauf (eds) & Robert Simmons and NickSomers (trans)
vol. 37 (2): 408-409
Imperial Crossroads: The Great Powers and the Persian Gulf, edited by Jeffrey R. Macris and Saul Kelly
vol. 37 (2): 409-410
Cosmo Lang: Archbishop in War and Crisis, by Robert Beaken
vol. 37 (2): 411-412
The Oxford Handbook of Postwar European History, edited by Dan Stone
vol. 37 (2): 412-414