The International History Review articles

Volume 38 (5)

The Nixon and Ford Administrations and the Future of Post-Franco Spain (1970–6)
vol. 38 (5): 930-942
Choosing Peace and Order: National Security and Sovereignty in a North American Borderland, 1837–42
vol. 38 (5): 943-960
Destruction Repaired and Destruction Anticipated: United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA), the Atomic Bomb, and US Policy 1944–6
vol. 38 (5): 961-983
The Power-Transition Crisis of the 240s BCE and the Creation of the Parthian State
vol. 38 (5): 984-1013
Human Rights and International Security: The International Community and the Greek Dictators
vol. 38 (5): 1014-1039
A Great American Scholar of the Royal Navy? The Disputed Legacy of Arthur Marder Revisited
vol. 38 (5): 1040-1054
Studying the International, Serving the Nation: The Origins of International Relations (IR) Scholarship in Germany, 1912–33
vol. 38 (5): 1055-1080
vol. 38 (5): 1081-1082
Women of the World: The Rise of the Female Diplomat, by Helen McCarthy
vol. 38 (5): 1083-1084
Never Surrender: Winston Churchill and Britain's Decision to Fight Nazi Germany in the Fateful Summer of 1940, by Kelly John
vol. 38 (5): 1084-1085
Rab Butler: The Best Prime Minister We Never Had?, by Jago Michael
vol. 38 (5): 1085-1087
A Cornerstone of Modern Diplomacy. Britain and the Negotiation of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, by Kai Bruns
vol. 38 (5): 1087-1088
Geopolitics and the Quest for Dominance, by Black Jeremy
vol. 38 (5): 1088-1089

Volume 38 (4)

The International Character of a Trimmer: Interest, Reason of State, and Balance of Power in Halifax's Political Thought
vol. 38 (4): 621-635
The Foreign Enlistment Act, International Law, and British Politics, 1819–2014
vol. 38 (4): 636-656
British Diplomatic Attitudes towards Europe, 1801–4Ignorant and Indifferent?
vol. 38 (4): 657-674
The Alexei Obrescoff Case: The Levantine Backstage of British Mediation in the Russo-Turkish War (1768–74)
vol. 38 (4): 675-693
Turning Foe to Friend? US Objectives in Including Russia in Post-Cold War Euro-Atlantic Security Co-operation
vol. 38 (4): 694-718
Constructing Sovereignty in Nineteenth-Century China: the Negotiation of Reciprocity in the Sino-Spanish Treaty of 1864
vol. 38 (4): 719-740
Global Horizons: Mexico, the Third World, and the Non-Aligned Movement at the Time of the 1961 Belgrade Conference
vol. 38 (4): 741-764
‘A Billion Dollar Racket’: the United States, South Vietnam, and Global Currency Manipulation during War, 1968–9
vol. 38 (4): 765-787
‘The Constructive Use of Abundance’: the UN World Food Programme and the Evolution of the International Food-Aid System during the Post-War Decades
vol. 38 (4): 788-813
Icebreakers in Anglo-Russian Relations (1914–21)
vol. 38 (4): 814-829
Mission Impossible: UN Special Representative Gunnar Jarring and His Quest for Peace in the Middle East
vol. 38 (4): 830-853
vol. 38 (4): 854-856

Volume 38 (2)

vol. 38 (2): 243-249
‘Postponing the Evil Day’: Sir Edward Grey and British Foreign Policy
vol. 38 (2): 250-263
Sir Edward Grey and Austria-Hungary
vol. 38 (2): 264-274
Grey and the Russian Threat to India, 1892–1915
vol. 38 (2): 275-284
Sir Edward Grey, France, and the Entente: How to Catch the Perfect Angler?
vol. 38 (2): 285-300
Sir Edward Grey, Germany, and the Outbreak of the First World War: A Re-Evaluation
vol. 38 (2): 301-325
Sir Edward Grey and the July Crisis
vol. 38 (2): 326-338
Sir Edward Grey: The Private Life of a Foreign Secretary
vol. 38 (2): 339-355
vol. 38 (2): 356-357
Cold War Captives: Imprisonment, Escape and Brainwashing, by Susan Carruthers/A Cold War State of Mind: Brainwashing and Postwar American Society, by Matthew Dunne/Name, Rank and Serial Number: Exploiting Korean War POWs At Home and Abroad, by Charles You
vol. 38 (2): 358-360
Agents of Empire. Knights, Corsairs, Jesuits and Spies in the Sixteenth-Century Mediterranean World, by Noel Malcolm
vol. 38 (2): 360-361
Britain in Global Politics Volume 1: From Gladstone to Churchill, by Christopher Baxter, Michael L. Dockrill, and Keith Hamilton (eds)/Britain in Global Politics Volume 2: From Churchill to Blair, by John W. Young, Effie G.H. Pedaliu, and Michael D. Kandi
vol. 38 (2): 362-363
France, Britain and the United States in the Twentieth Century 1900–1940: A Reappraisal, Andrew J. Williams
vol. 38 (2): 363-365
U.S. Foreign Policy and the Other, edited by Michael Patrick Cullinane and David Ryan
vol. 38 (2): 365-366

Volume 38 (1)

A Quest to be Global: The League of Nations Health Organization and Inter-Colonial Regional Governing Agendas of the Far Eastern Association of Tropical Medicine 1910–25
vol. 38 (1): 1-23