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The International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing (formerly History and Computing) is one of the world’s premier multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed forums for research on all aspects of arts and humanities computing. It focuses both on conceptual or theoretical approaches and case studies or essays demonstrating how advanced information technologies further scholarly understanding of traditional topics in the arts and humanities. The journal also welcomes submissions on policy, epistemological, and pedagogical issues insofar as they relate directly to computing-based arts and humanities research.

Published Mar & Oct.

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Volume 11 (2)

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Notes On Contributors
vol. 11 (2): 0-0
Editors' Note
vol. 11 (2): v-vi
Explanatory Annotation in the Context of the Digital Humanities: Introduction
Angelika Zirker, vol. 11 (2): 145-152
The Value of Plurality in ‘The Network with a Thousand Entrances’
Ray Siemens, vol. 11 (2): 153-173
Interpretation, Agency, Entropy: Annotating Pope's Dunciads
Valerie Rumbold, vol. 11 (2): 174-198
Annotation Between Formation And Information
Jürgen Leonhardt, vol. 11 (2): 199-211
Explanatory Annotation of Literary Texts and the Reader: Seven Types of Problems
Matthias Bauer, vol. 11 (2): 212-232
The Hermeneutic Profit of Annotation: On Preventing and Fostering Disagreement in Literary Analysis
Evelyn Gius, vol. 11 (2): 233-254
Challenges for Annotation Concepts in Music
Aristotelis Hadjakos, vol. 11 (2): 255-275
Practical Linguistic Annotation: The Hebrew Bible
Dirk Roorda, vol. 11 (2): 276-288

Volume 11 (1)

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Editors’ Note
vol. 11 (1): 0-0
Notes on Contributors
vol. 11 (1): 0-0
Guest Editor's Introduction: Digital GeoHumanities: Visualizing Geographic Thought
Nicholas Bauch, vol. 11 (1): 1-15
Guest Editor's Note: Process in Digital Geohumanities
Nicholas Bauch, vol. 11 (1): 16-19
Inhabiting the Line: A Digital Chronology of Suburban Expansion for San Antonio, Texas
Ian Caine, vol. 11 (1): 20-38
Peering Beyond the Imperial Gaze: Using Digital Tools to Construct a Spatial History of Conquest
Jeremy M. Mikecz, vol. 11 (1): 39-54