International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing

The International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing (formerly History and Computing) is one of the world’s premier multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed forums for research on all aspects of arts and humanities computing. It focuses both on conceptual or theoretical approaches and case studies or essays demonstrating how advanced information technologies further scholarly understanding of traditional topics in the arts and humanities. The journal also welcomes submissions on policy, epistemological, and pedagogical issues insofar as they relate directly to computing-based arts and humanities research.

Published Mar & Oct.

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Latest articles

Volume 10 (1)

Editors' Note
vol. 10 (1): 0-0
Notes on Contributors
vol. 10 (1): 0-0
The Future of Digital Methods for Complex Datasets: An Introduction
vol. 10 (1): 1-7
Mindset and Guidelines: Insights to Enhance Collaborative, Campus-wide, Cross-sectoral Digital Humanities Initiatives
vol. 10 (1): 8-21
Towards Interoperable Network Ontologies for the Digital Humanities
vol. 10 (1): 22-35
Medieval Music in Linked Open Data: A Case Study on Linking Medieval Motets
vol. 10 (1): 36-50
Modeling the Humanities: Data Lessons from the World of Education
vol. 10 (1): 51-62
Semi-supervised Textual Analysis and Historical Research Helping Each Other: Some Thoughts and Observations
vol. 10 (1): 63-77
Lost in the Infinite Archive: The Promise and Pitfalls of Web Archives
vol. 10 (1): 78-94
The World Wide Web as Complex Data Set: Expanding the Digital Humanities into the Twentieth Century and Beyond through Internet Research
vol. 10 (1): 95-109
Mechanized Margin to Digitized Center: Black Feminism's Contributions to Combatting Erasure within the Digital Humanities
vol. 10 (1): 110-125

Volume 9 (2)

Editors’ Note
vol. 9 (2): 0-0
Notes on Contributors
vol. 9 (2): 0-0
Conceptualizing and Mapping Geocultural Space
vol. 9 (2): 133-141
Petal Diagrams: A New Technique for Mapping Historical Change in the Film Industry
vol. 9 (2): 142-163
Remote Locations: Early Scottish Scenic Films and Geo-databases
vol. 9 (2): 164-179
Where is France in French Cinema, 1976–2013?
vol. 9 (2): 180-195
Towards a GIS Analysis of Literary Cultures: The Making of the Slovenian Ethnoscape Through Literature
vol. 9 (2): 196-218
Acts of Perception: Samuel Becket, Time, Space and the Digital Literary Atlas of Ireland, 1922–1949
vol. 9 (2): 219-241
Maps and Mobilities: On the Possibilities and Limits of Spatial Technologies for Humanities Research
vol. 9 (2): 242-261