Jewish Culture and History

Jewish Culture and History is an inter-disciplinary journal which brings together the best of current research in Jewish social history with innovative work in Jewish cultural studies. The journal includes cutting-edge research by younger scholars as well as established specialists, reviews of recent publications, and a documents section in each issue reproduces selected primary materials from archives and lesser-known resources for the study of Jewish culture and history. The journal explores previously neglected areas of the Jewish experience from a range of different perspectives including Jewish popular culture, social and political history, literary and cultural representation of Jews, and the global contexts of Jewish culture and history.

Publishes 3 issues a year. 

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Latest articles

Volume 18 (1)

Jewish property after 1945: cultures and economies of ownership, loss, recovery, and transfer
Jacob Ari Labendz, vol. 18 (1): 1-4
The amnesia of the Wirtschaftswunder: Essen’s ‘House of Industrial Design’
Michael L. Meng, vol. 18 (1): 5-16
Toward a material culture of Jewish loss
David Gerlach, vol. 18 (1): 17-33
Unsettled possession: the question of ownership of Jewish sites in Poland after the Holocaust from a local perspective
Yechiel Weizman, vol. 18 (1): 34-53
Synagogues for sale: Jewish-State mutuality in the communist Czech lands, 1945–1970
Jacob Ari Labendz, vol. 18 (1): 54-78
Property Claims of Jews from Arab Countries: political, monetary, or cultural?
Shayna Zamkanei, vol. 18 (1): 79-95
Grave connections: Algeria’s Jewish cemeteries as sites of diaspora-homeland contact
Sara T. Jay, vol. 18 (1): 96-108
Reconnecting with a fugitive collection: a case study of the records of JDC’s Warsaw Office, 1945–1949
Jeffrey Edelstein, vol. 18 (1): 109-117
The Battle of Britishness: migrant journeys, 1685 to the present
Colin Holmes, vol. 18 (1): 118-119
Return of the Jew: identity narratives of the third post-Holocaust generation of Jews in Poland
Rachel Rothstein, vol. 18 (1): 119-121

Volume 17 (3)

Editorial Board
vol. 17 (3): 0-0
Jewish Studies at the University of Graz and in Austria
Gerald Lamprecht, vol. 17 (3): 183-188
Viennese newspapers and Jewish reading habits around 1900
Klaus Hödl, vol. 17 (3): 189-202
‘Der König rief, und alle, alle kamen’ Jewish military chaplains on duty in the Austro-Hungarian army during World War I
Dieter J. Hecht, vol. 17 (3): 203-216
A time of upheaval in an anti-Semitic environment – the representation of the Jewish population in Austria in the parliamentary debates from 1917–1919
Thomas Stoppacher, vol. 17 (3): 217-232
From Vienna to New York: migration, space and in-betweenness in Im weißen Rößl
Susanne Korbel, vol. 17 (3): 233-248
The emergence of scientific literature in Hebrew for children and youth in the nineteenth century: preliminary directions for research
Tal Kogman, vol. 17 (3): 249-263
From melting pot to multiculturalism: Eshkol Nevo’s Ashkenazi comedy
Gideon Nevo, vol. 17 (3): 264-281
The image and its prohibition in Jewish antiquity
Natalie Lantz, vol. 17 (3): 282-285
The modernity of others: Jewish anti-Catholicism in Germany and France
Olaf Blaschke, vol. 17 (3): 285-287