The Journal of Contemporary History articles

Volume 51 (1)

The Dark Side of Transnationalism Social Engineering and Nazism, 1930s-40s
Patel, K. K., Reichardt, S., vol. 51 (1): 3-21
Architecture and Urban Planning as Social Engineering: Selective Transfers between Germany and Sweden in the 1930s and 1940s
Kuchenbuch, D., vol. 51 (1): 22-39
Engineering the European Volksgemeinschaft: Social Engineering, Pedagogy and Fascism in the case of the Swiss Alfred Zander
Gutmann, M., vol. 51 (1): 40-60
Hitlers Africa in the East: Italian Colonialism as a Model for German Planning in Eastern Europe
Bernhard, P., vol. 51 (1): 61-90
The Gospel of Enthusiasm: Salesmanship, Religion and Colonialism in Australian Department Stores in the 1920s and 1930s
Loy-Wilson, S., vol. 51 (1): 91-123
Between Empire and Nation: A Micro-Historical Approach to Japanese Repatriation and the Korean Economy During the US Occupation of Korea, 1945-6
Kahm, H., vol. 51 (1): 124-144
A Case of Diplomatic Symbiosis: France, Israel and the Former French Colonies in Africa, 1958-62
Heimann, G., vol. 51 (1): 145-164
Formula Pinochet: Chilean Lessons for Russian Liberal Reformers during the Soviet Collapse, 1970-2000
Rupprecht, T., vol. 51 (1): 165-186
Jeremi Suri, Libertys Surest Guardian: Rebuilding Nations after War from the Founders to Obama
Schwabe, K., vol. 51 (1): 187-189
Mark Cornwall, The Devils Wall: The Nationalist Youth Mission of Heinz Rutha
Benes, J., vol. 51 (1): 189-191
Richard Breitman and Allan J. Lichtman, FDR and the Jews
Steiner, Z., vol. 51 (1): 191-192
Maria Mitchell, The Origins of Christian Democracy: Politics and Confession in Modern Germany
Conway, M., vol. 51 (1): 192-194
Roger Fieldhouse and Richard Taylor (eds), E.P. Thompson and English Radicalism; Cal Winslow (ed.), E.P. Thompson and the Making of the New Left: Essays and Polemics
Efstathiou, C., vol. 51 (1): 194-197
Spencer Mawby, Ordering Independence: The End of Empire in the Anglophone Caribbean, 1947-69
Altink, H., vol. 51 (1): 197-199
Polly Jones, Myth, Memory, Trauma: Rethinking the Stalinist Past in the Soviet Union, 1953-70
Jenks, A., vol. 51 (1): 199-200
Per Hogselius, Red Gas: Russia and the Origins of European Gas Dependence
Feygin, J., vol. 51 (1): 201-202
Mitchell B. Lerner (ed.), A Companion to Lyndon B. Johnson
Novosejt, A. B. I., vol. 51 (1): 202-204
William Weyand Turner, The Cuban Connection: Nixon, Castro, and the Mob,
Kami, H., vol. 51 (1): 204-206
Jerry Davila, Dictatorship in South America
Field, T. C., vol. 51 (1): 206-208
Pedro Ramos Pinto, Lisbon Rising - Urban Social Movements in the Portuguese Revolution, 1974-75
Noronha, R., vol. 51 (1): 208-210

Volume 50 (4)

The Journal of Contemporary History and its Editors
Evans, R. J., vol. 50 (4): 710-737
The Journal of Contemporary History: Fifty Years of Change and Continuity
Hart, B. W., vol. 50 (4): 738-749
George L. Mosse and Walter Laqueur on the History of Fascism
Payne, S. G., vol. 50 (4): 750-767
Unfinished Europe: Transition from Communism to Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe
Berend, I. T., Bugaric, B., vol. 50 (4): 768-785
The Right to Manumit and British Relations with Ibn Saud and Persia in the 1920s
Zdanowski, J., vol. 50 (4): 786-804
Contention in the Courtroom: The Legal Dimension of the 1960s Protests in the German and US Student Movements
Kraft, S., vol. 50 (4): 805-832
The Diplomatic History of Global Women's Rights: The British Foreign Office and International Women's Year, 1975
McCarthy, H., vol. 50 (4): 833-853
Germanizing Germans: Co-ethnic Immigration and Name Change in West Germany, 1953-93
Panagiotidis, J., vol. 50 (4): 854-874

Volume 50 (3)

Between Decolonization and the Cold War: Transnational Activism and its Limits in Europe, 1950s-90s
Bracke, M. A., Mark, J., vol. 50 (3): 403-417
Bombs and Border Crossings: Peace Activist Networks and the Post-colonial State in Africa, 1959-62
Skinner, R., vol. 50 (3): 418-438
'We Are with You, Vietnam': Transnational Solidarities in Socialist Hungary, Poland and Yugoslavia
Mark, J., Apor, P., Vucetic, R., Oseka, P., vol. 50 (3): 439-464
Progressive Participation and Transnational Activism in the Catholic Church after Vatican II: The Dutch and West German Examples
Dols, C., Ziemann, B., vol. 50 (3): 465-485
'Cuban Europe'? Greek and Iberian tiersmondisme in the 'Long 1960s'
Kornetis, K., vol. 50 (3): 486-515
'Do What the Afro-Americans Are Doing': Black Power and the Start of the Northern Ireland Troubles
Prince, S., vol. 50 (3): 516-535
Attraction and Aversion in Germany's '1968': Encountering the Western Revolt in East Berlin
von der Goltz, A., vol. 50 (3): 536-559
Our Bodies, Ourselves: The Transnational Connections of 1970s Italian and Roman Feminism
Bracke, M. A., vol. 50 (3): 560-580
The Transnational in the Local: The Larzac Plateau as a Site of Transnational Activism since 1970
Gildea, R., Tompkins, A., vol. 50 (3): 581-605
French and British Anti-Racists Since the 1960s: A rendez-vous manque?
Gordon, D. A., vol. 50 (3): 606-631
Beyond Western European Idealism: A Comparative Perspective on the Transnational Scope of Belgian Solidarity Movements with Nicaragua, Poland and South Africa in the 1980s
Christiaens, K., Goddeeris, I., vol. 50 (3): 632-655
Border Visions and Border Regimes in Cold War Eastern Europe
Oates-Indruchova, L., Blaive, M., vol. 50 (3): 656-659