The Journal of Contemporary History articles

Volume 51 (4)

Neal M. Rosendorf, Franco Sells Spain to America: Hollywood, Tourism and Public Relations as Postwar Spanish Soft Power
Perez, F. S., vol. 51 (4): 919-921
Jeremy Black, The Cold War: A Military History
Michaels, J. H., vol. 51 (4): 921-923
Leopoldo Nuti, Frederic Bozo, Marie-Pierre Rey and Bernd Rother (eds), The Euromissile Crisis and the End of the Cold War
Lutsch, A., vol. 51 (4): 923-924
Emile Chabal (ed.), France Since the 1970s: History, Politics and Memory in an Age of Uncertainty
Smith, A., vol. 51 (4): 925-926
Andrzej Paczkowski, Revolution and Counterrevolution in Poland, 1980-1989,
Domber, G. F., vol. 51 (4): 926-928
Wolfgang Mueller, Michael Gehler and Arnold Suppan (eds), The Revolutions of 1989: A Handbook
Brier, R., vol. 51 (4): 928-929

Volume 51 (3)

German Child Distress, US Humanitarian Aid and Revisionist Politics, 1918-24
Piller, E., vol. 51 (3): 453-486
The Rise and Fall of the Palestinian-Arab Middle Class Under the British Mandate, 1920-39
Radai, I., vol. 51 (3): 487-506
Banknotes from the Underground: Counterfeiting and the International Order in Interwar Europe
Petruccelli, D., vol. 51 (3): 507-530
At the Intersection of Modernities: Migrants as Agents of Economic and Cultural Change
Efremkin, E., vol. 51 (3): 531-554
Into the Tiger's Den: Japan and the Tripartite Pact, 1940
Yellen, J. A., vol. 51 (3): 555-576
A Smashing Success? The Paradox of Hungarian Cultural Imperialism in Nazi New Order Europe, 1939-42
Frey, D. S., vol. 51 (3): 577-605
French Politics of Relief and International Aid: France, UNRRA and the Rescue of European Displaced Persons in Postwar Germany, 1945-47
Humbert, L., vol. 51 (3): 606-634
The Maoist Enemy: Chinas Challenge in 1960s East Germany
Slobodian, Q., vol. 51 (3): 635-659
'Keeping with Contemporary Times: Social Tourism and West German Youth Hostel Organizations, 1950s-80s
Papadogiannis, N., vol. 51 (3): 660-687
Music and Protest: The Case of the 1960s and its Long Shadow
Heilbronner, O., vol. 51 (3): 688-700
Karina Urbach, Go-Betweens for Hitler
Gottlieb, J., vol. 51 (3): 701-702
Chris Millington and Kevin Passmore (eds), Political Violence and Democracy in Western Europe, 1918-1940
Steege, P., vol. 51 (3): 703-704
Samuel Kalman, French Colonial Fascism: The Extreme Right in Algeria, 1919-1939
Marynower, C., vol. 51 (3): 704-706
Peter F. Dembowski, Memoirs Red and White: Poland, the War and After
Fleming, M., vol. 51 (3): 706-708
David M. Watry, Diplomacy at the Brink: Eisenhower, Churchill, and Eden in the Cold War
Holt, A., vol. 51 (3): 708-710
Eirini Karamouzi, Greece, the EEC and the Cold War, 1974-1979: The Second Enlargement
Crump, L., vol. 51 (3): 710-712

Volume 51 (2)

The Reversal of the Passfield White Paper, 1930-1: A Reassessment
Beckerman-Boys, C., vol. 51 (2): 213-233
Highland Rebels: The North Caucasus During the Stalinist Collectivization Campaign
Perovic, J., vol. 51 (2): 234-260
The Vatican, Nazi-Fascism, and the Making of Transnational Anti-communism in the 1930s
Chamedes, G., vol. 51 (2): 261-290
Palestinian Collaboration with the British: The Peace Bands and the Arab Revolt in Palestine, 1936-9
Hughes, M., vol. 51 (2): 291-315
The Group of 7 and International Terrorism: The Snowball Effect That Never Materialized
Blumenau, B., vol. 51 (2): 316-334
The Armed Neutrality Paradox: Sweden and Switzerland in US Cold War Armaments Policy
Nilsson, M., Wyss, M., vol. 51 (2): 335-363
Musical Cultural Exchanges in the Age of Detente: Cultural Fixation, Trust, and the Permeability of Culture
Martin, B., vol. 51 (2): 364-384
Nuclear Power for a Dictatorship: State and Business involvement in the Spanish Atomic Program, 1950-85
De la Torre, J., Rubio-Varas, M. d. M., vol. 51 (2): 385-411
Paul Prestons The Spanish Holocaust and Recent Historiography on the Spanish Second Republic
Bjork, J., Spohr, K., vol. 51 (2): 412-412
Violence, Continuity, and the Spanish State: Some Considerations
Blaney, G., vol. 51 (2): 413-419
The Second Republic: Myths and Realities
Villa Garcia, R., vol. 51 (2): 420-424
When Ideology Takes Precedence over Historical Understanding: The Role of the 'Right' in the Spanish Interwar Crisis
Alvarez Tardio, M., vol. 51 (2): 425-429
The Spanish Second Republic and Political Violence
del Rey, F., vol. 51 (2): 430-435
The Need to Record the Past
Carmichael, C., vol. 51 (2): 436-438
Joshua Sanborn, Imperial Apocalypse: The Great War and the Destruction of the Russian Empire
Lohr, E., vol. 51 (2): 439-440
John Pollard, The Papacy in the Age of Totalitarianism, 1914-1958
Kirby, D., vol. 51 (2): 440-442
Jenny Leigh Smith, Works in Progress: Plans and Realities on Soviet Farms, 1930-1963
Kalinovsky, A. M., vol. 51 (2): 442-444
Sarah Davies and James Harris, Stalins World: Dictating the Soviet Order
Lovell, S., vol. 51 (2): 444-446