The Journal of Contemporary History articles

Volume 51 (2)

Tobias Rupprecht, Soviet Internationalism after Stalin. Interaction and Exchange between the USSR and Latin America during the Cold War
Iandolo, A., vol. 51 (2): 446-448
Dionysios Chourchoulis, The Southern Flank of NATO, 1951-1959: Military Strategy or Political Stabilization
Hatzivassiliou, E., vol. 51 (2): 448-450

Volume 51 (1)

The Dark Side of Transnationalism Social Engineering and Nazism, 1930s-40s
Patel, K. K., Reichardt, S., vol. 51 (1): 3-21
Architecture and Urban Planning as Social Engineering: Selective Transfers between Germany and Sweden in the 1930s and 1940s
Kuchenbuch, D., vol. 51 (1): 22-39
Engineering the European Volksgemeinschaft: Social Engineering, Pedagogy and Fascism in the case of the Swiss Alfred Zander
Gutmann, M., vol. 51 (1): 40-60
Hitlers Africa in the East: Italian Colonialism as a Model for German Planning in Eastern Europe
Bernhard, P., vol. 51 (1): 61-90
The Gospel of Enthusiasm: Salesmanship, Religion and Colonialism in Australian Department Stores in the 1920s and 1930s
Loy-Wilson, S., vol. 51 (1): 91-123
Between Empire and Nation: A Micro-Historical Approach to Japanese Repatriation and the Korean Economy During the US Occupation of Korea, 1945-6
Kahm, H., vol. 51 (1): 124-144
A Case of Diplomatic Symbiosis: France, Israel and the Former French Colonies in Africa, 1958-62
Heimann, G., vol. 51 (1): 145-164
Formula Pinochet: Chilean Lessons for Russian Liberal Reformers during the Soviet Collapse, 1970-2000
Rupprecht, T., vol. 51 (1): 165-186
Jeremi Suri, Libertys Surest Guardian: Rebuilding Nations after War from the Founders to Obama
Schwabe, K., vol. 51 (1): 187-189
Mark Cornwall, The Devils Wall: The Nationalist Youth Mission of Heinz Rutha
Benes, J., vol. 51 (1): 189-191
Richard Breitman and Allan J. Lichtman, FDR and the Jews
Steiner, Z., vol. 51 (1): 191-192
Maria Mitchell, The Origins of Christian Democracy: Politics and Confession in Modern Germany
Conway, M., vol. 51 (1): 192-194
Roger Fieldhouse and Richard Taylor (eds), E.P. Thompson and English Radicalism; Cal Winslow (ed.), E.P. Thompson and the Making of the New Left: Essays and Polemics
Efstathiou, C., vol. 51 (1): 194-197
Spencer Mawby, Ordering Independence: The End of Empire in the Anglophone Caribbean, 1947-69
Altink, H., vol. 51 (1): 197-199
Polly Jones, Myth, Memory, Trauma: Rethinking the Stalinist Past in the Soviet Union, 1953-70
Jenks, A., vol. 51 (1): 199-200
Per Hogselius, Red Gas: Russia and the Origins of European Gas Dependence
Feygin, J., vol. 51 (1): 201-202
Mitchell B. Lerner (ed.), A Companion to Lyndon B. Johnson
Novosejt, A. B. I., vol. 51 (1): 202-204
William Weyand Turner, The Cuban Connection: Nixon, Castro, and the Mob,
Kami, H., vol. 51 (1): 204-206
Jerry Davila, Dictatorship in South America
Field, T. C., vol. 51 (1): 206-208
Pedro Ramos Pinto, Lisbon Rising - Urban Social Movements in the Portuguese Revolution, 1974-75
Noronha, R., vol. 51 (1): 208-210

Volume 50 (4)

The Journal of Contemporary History and its Editors
Evans, R. J., vol. 50 (4): 710-737
The Journal of Contemporary History: Fifty Years of Change and Continuity
Hart, B. W., vol. 50 (4): 738-749
George L. Mosse and Walter Laqueur on the History of Fascism
Payne, S. G., vol. 50 (4): 750-767
Unfinished Europe: Transition from Communism to Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe
Berend, I. T., Bugaric, B., vol. 50 (4): 768-785
The Right to Manumit and British Relations with Ibn Saud and Persia in the 1920s
Zdanowski, J., vol. 50 (4): 786-804
Contention in the Courtroom: The Legal Dimension of the 1960s Protests in the German and US Student Movements
Kraft, S., vol. 50 (4): 805-832
The Diplomatic History of Global Women's Rights: The British Foreign Office and International Women's Year, 1975
McCarthy, H., vol. 50 (4): 833-853
Germanizing Germans: Co-ethnic Immigration and Name Change in West Germany, 1953-93
Panagiotidis, J., vol. 50 (4): 854-874

Volume 50 (3)

Between Decolonization and the Cold War: Transnational Activism and its Limits in Europe, 1950s-90s
Bracke, M. A., Mark, J., vol. 50 (3): 403-417
Bombs and Border Crossings: Peace Activist Networks and the Post-colonial State in Africa, 1959-62
Skinner, R., vol. 50 (3): 418-438
'We Are with You, Vietnam': Transnational Solidarities in Socialist Hungary, Poland and Yugoslavia
Mark, J., Apor, P., Vucetic, R., Oseka, P., vol. 50 (3): 439-464
Progressive Participation and Transnational Activism in the Catholic Church after Vatican II: The Dutch and West German Examples
Dols, C., Ziemann, B., vol. 50 (3): 465-485
'Cuban Europe'? Greek and Iberian tiersmondisme in the 'Long 1960s'
Kornetis, K., vol. 50 (3): 486-515
'Do What the Afro-Americans Are Doing': Black Power and the Start of the Northern Ireland Troubles
Prince, S., vol. 50 (3): 516-535
Attraction and Aversion in Germany's '1968': Encountering the Western Revolt in East Berlin
von der Goltz, A., vol. 50 (3): 536-559
Our Bodies, Ourselves: The Transnational Connections of 1970s Italian and Roman Feminism
Bracke, M. A., vol. 50 (3): 560-580
The Transnational in the Local: The Larzac Plateau as a Site of Transnational Activism since 1970
Gildea, R., Tompkins, A., vol. 50 (3): 581-605
French and British Anti-Racists Since the 1960s: A rendez-vous manque?
Gordon, D. A., vol. 50 (3): 606-631