The Journal of Contemporary History articles

Volume 50 (3)

Beyond Western European Idealism: A Comparative Perspective on the Transnational Scope of Belgian Solidarity Movements with Nicaragua, Poland and South Africa in the 1980s
Christiaens, K., Goddeeris, I., vol. 50 (3): 632-655
Border Visions and Border Regimes in Cold War Eastern Europe
Oates-Indruchova, L., Blaive, M., vol. 50 (3): 656-659
A Shared Environment: German-German Relations along the Border, 1945-72
Grady, T., vol. 50 (3): 660-679
Working the Passage: East German Border Checkpoints, 1961-90. The Case of GUSt Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse, Berlin
Ludtke, A., vol. 50 (3): 680-705

Volume 50 (2)

The Louvain Library and US Ambition in Interwar Belgium
Proctor, T. M., vol. 50 (2): 147-167
Fascist Educational Policy from 1922 to 1943: A Contribution to the Current Debate on Political Religions
Tarquini, A., vol. 50 (2): 168-187
The Myth of 'Christian Rome' and the Institute of Roman Studies: An Attempted Synthesis of Fascism and Catholicism
Aramini, D., vol. 50 (2): 188-214
Imperial Links: The Italian-Ethiopian War and Japanese New Order Thinking, 1935-6
Hofmann, R., vol. 50 (2): 215-233
The 'Jewish Question' and the 'Italian Peril': Vichy, Italy, and the Jews of Tunisia, 1940-2
Peterson, T., vol. 50 (2): 234-258
Fitting in to the French Resistance: Marie-Madeleine Fourcade and Georges Loustaunau-Lacau at the Intersection of Politics and Gender
Deacon, V., vol. 50 (2): 259-273
The Particularist Pursuit of American Universalism: The American Jewish Committee's 1944 'Declaration on Human Rights'
Loeffler, J., vol. 50 (2): 274-295
British Public Opinion and Military Intervention in Greece, December 1944-January 1945: Stories from Mass-Observation
Hassiotis, L., vol. 50 (2): 296-317
Unsettled Landscapes: Czech and German Conceptions of Social and Ecological Decline in the Postwar Czechoslovak Borderlands
Glassheim, E., vol. 50 (2): 318-336
Closely Watched Tourism: The Securitate as Warden of Transnational Encounters, 1967-9
Petrescu, D., vol. 50 (2): 337-353
Song of Brotherhood, Dance of Unity: Cultural-Entertainment Activities for Yugoslav Economic Emigrants in the West in the 1960s and 1970s
Baković, N., vol. 50 (2): 354-375
French Military Action in Spain from Dictatorship to Democracy: Arms, Technology and Convergence
Sanchez Sanchez, E. M., vol. 50 (2): 376-399

Volume 50 (1)

The Limits of Demobilization: Global Perspectives on the Aftermath of the Great War
Edele, M., Gerwarth, R., vol. 50 (1): 3-14
Brutalization Revisited: The Case of Russia
Beyrau, D., vol. 50 (1): 15-37
Demobilization and Remobilization of German and Lithuanian Paramilitaries after the First World War
Balkelis, T., vol. 50 (1): 38-57
Enduring Violence: The Postwar Struggles in East-Central Europe, 1917-21
Bohler, J., vol. 50 (1): 58-77
A 'Brutalizing' War? The USA after the First World War
Keene, J., vol. 50 (1): 78-99
Demobilization in British and French Africa at the End of the First World War
Fogarty, R. S., Killingray, D., vol. 50 (1): 100-123
Demobilization and Empire: Empire Nationalism and Soldier Citizenship in Australia After the First World War - in Dominion Context
Garton, S., vol. 50 (1): 124-143

Volume 49 (4)

Editorship of the Journal of Contemporary History
Evans, R. J., Hodge, M., vol. 49 (4): 625-626
'Our Russian Passport': First World War Monuments, Transnational Commemoration, and the Russian Emigration in Europe, 1918-39
Cohen, A. J., vol. 49 (4): 627-651
Humanitarianism and National Sovereignty: Red Cross Intervention on behalf of Political Prisoners in Soviet Russia, 1921-3
Lowe, K. A., vol. 49 (4): 652-674
The Fortress Shop: Consumer Culture, Violence, and Security in Weimar Berlin
Loberg, M., vol. 49 (4): 675-701
The Many Heads of the Hydra: Local Parafascism in Spain and Europe, 1936-50
Rodriguez Barreira, O., vol. 49 (4): 702-726
Japanese War Criminals in Indochina and the French Pursuit of Justice: Local and International Constraints
Trefalt, B., vol. 49 (4): 727-742
From Blackface to Beulah: Subtle Subversion in Early Black Sitcoms
Scott, M., vol. 49 (4): 743-769
Spiel Appeal: Play, Drug Use and the Culture of 1968 in West Germany
Morris, W., vol. 49 (4): 770-793
Cold War Identities: Citizenship, Constitutional Reform, and International Law between East and West Germany, 1967-75
Gehrig, S., vol. 49 (4): 794-814
After the Fall: Politics, the Public Use of History and the Historiography of the Italian Communist Party, 1991-2011
Fantoni, G., vol. 49 (4): 815-836
The Interdisciplinary Challenge in European Integration History
Warlouzet, L., vol. 49 (4): 837-845
Stephen Morillo with Michael F. Pavkovic, What is Military History?
Neitzel, S., vol. 49 (4): 846-847
Max Paul Friedman, Rethinking Anti-Americanism: The History of an Exceptional Concept in American Foreign Relations
Klautke, E., vol. 49 (4): 847-849
Andrew Thompson (ed.), Britain's Experience of Empire in the Twentieth Century
Owen, N., vol. 49 (4): 849-851
Michael Alpert, The Republican Army in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939
Matthews, J., vol. 49 (4): 851-852
Menno Spierling and Michael Wintle (eds), European Identity and the Second World War
Venken, M., vol. 49 (4): 853-854
Jennifer L. Foray, Visions of Empire in the Nazi-Occupied Netherlands
Moore, B., vol. 49 (4): 854-856