The Journal of Contemporary History articles

Volume 49 (4)

The Fortress Shop: Consumer Culture, Violence, and Security in Weimar Berlin
Loberg, M., vol. 49 (4): 675-701
The Many Heads of the Hydra: Local Parafascism in Spain and Europe, 1936-50
Rodriguez Barreira, O., vol. 49 (4): 702-726
Japanese War Criminals in Indochina and the French Pursuit of Justice: Local and International Constraints
Trefalt, B., vol. 49 (4): 727-742
From Blackface to Beulah: Subtle Subversion in Early Black Sitcoms
Scott, M., vol. 49 (4): 743-769
Spiel Appeal: Play, Drug Use and the Culture of 1968 in West Germany
Morris, W., vol. 49 (4): 770-793
Cold War Identities: Citizenship, Constitutional Reform, and International Law between East and West Germany, 1967-75
Gehrig, S., vol. 49 (4): 794-814
After the Fall: Politics, the Public Use of History and the Historiography of the Italian Communist Party, 1991-2011
Fantoni, G., vol. 49 (4): 815-836
The Interdisciplinary Challenge in European Integration History
Warlouzet, L., vol. 49 (4): 837-845
Stephen Morillo with Michael F. Pavkovic, What is Military History?
Neitzel, S., vol. 49 (4): 846-847
Max Paul Friedman, Rethinking Anti-Americanism: The History of an Exceptional Concept in American Foreign Relations
Klautke, E., vol. 49 (4): 847-849
Andrew Thompson (ed.), Britain's Experience of Empire in the Twentieth Century
Owen, N., vol. 49 (4): 849-851
Michael Alpert, The Republican Army in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939
Matthews, J., vol. 49 (4): 851-852
Menno Spierling and Michael Wintle (eds), European Identity and the Second World War
Venken, M., vol. 49 (4): 853-854
Jennifer L. Foray, Visions of Empire in the Nazi-Occupied Netherlands
Moore, B., vol. 49 (4): 854-856
Catherine Epstein, Model Nazi: Arthur Greiser and the Occupation of Western Poland
Harvey, E., vol. 49 (4): 856-858
Daniel Maul, Human Rights, Development and Decolonization: The International Labour Organization, 1940-1970
Moores, C., vol. 49 (4): 858-860
Alon Confino, Foundational Pasts: The Holocaust as Historical Understanding,
Lawson, T., vol. 49 (4): 860-862
Julius W. Friend, Stateless Nations. Western European Regional Nationalisms and the Old Nations
Conway, M., vol. 49 (4): 862-864
Jussi M. Hanhimaki, Benedikt Schoenborn and Barbara Zanchetta, Transatlantic Relations since 1945: An Introduction,
Del Pero, M., vol. 49 (4): 864-865
Angela Davis, Modern Motherhood: Women and Family in England, 1945-2000,
Dawson, S. T., vol. 49 (4): 866-867
Olaf Mertelsmann and Kaarel Piirimae (eds), The Baltic Sea Region and the Cold War
Bošs, E., vol. 49 (4): 867-869
Quinn Slobodian, Foreign Front: Third World Politics in Sixties West Germany,
Chappel, J., vol. 49 (4): 869-871
Petri Hakkarainen, A State of Peace in Europe: West Germany and the CSCE, 1966-75
Hanisch, A., vol. 49 (4): 871-873
James Cooper, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan: A Very Political Special Relationship
Aldous, R., vol. 49 (4): 873-874
Julian E. Zelizer, Governing America: The Revival of Political History
Priest, A., vol. 49 (4): 874-876

Volume 49 (3)

Refugees and the Nation-State in Europe, 1919-59
Frank, M., Reinisch, J., vol. 49 (3): 477-490
National Construction Work and Hierarchies of Empathy in Postwar Austria
Knight, R., vol. 49 (3): 491-513
Between National and International Mandates: Displaced Persons and Refugees in Postwar Italy
Salvatici, S., vol. 49 (3): 514-536
Prejudiced Asylum: Czechoslovak Refugee Policy, 1918-60
Frankl, M., vol. 49 (3): 537-555
Remaking Asylum in Post-War France, 1944-52
Burgess, G., vol. 49 (3): 556-576
More and Less Deserving Refugees: Shifting Priorities in Swiss Asylum Policy from the Interwar Era to the Hungarian Refugee Crisis of 1956
Ludi, R., vol. 49 (3): 577-598
When the State Stepped into the Arena: The Swedish Welfare State, Refugees and Immigrants 1930s-50s
Bystrom, M., vol. 49 (3): 599-621

Volume 49 (2)

Healing the Soldier, Restoring the Nation: Representations of Shell Shock in the USA During and After the First World War
Stagner, A. C., vol. 49 (2): 255-274
Arab Students in Weimar Germany - Politics and Thought Beyond Borders
Nordbruch, G., vol. 49 (2): 275-295
Lies of Our Fathers: Memory and Politics in the Basque Country Under the Franco Dictatorship, 1936-68
Molina, F., vol. 49 (2): 296-319
The Price of Belonging to the Volk: Volksdeutsche, Land Redistribution and Aryanization in the Serbian Banat, 1941-4
Zakić, M., vol. 49 (2): 320-340
Inside a Chinese Communist Municipal Newspaper: Purges at the Beijing Daily
Hung, C.-t., vol. 49 (2): 341-365
Parallel Diplomacy, Parallel War: The PIDE/DGS's Dealings with Rhodesia and South Africa, 1961-74
de Meneses, F. R., McNamara, R., vol. 49 (2): 366-389
Champion of Human Rights: The European Parliament and the Helsinki Process
Gfeller, A. E., vol. 49 (2): 390-409
History in Flux: Indira Gandhi and the 'Great All-Party Campaign' for the Protection of the Cow, 1966-8
Copland, I., vol. 49 (2): 410-439