The Journal of Contemporary History articles

Volume 46 (3)

Speaking Truth to Power: Contemporary History in the Twenty-first Century
Palmowski, J., Spohr Readman, K., vol. 46 (3): 485-505
Contemporary History in Europe: From Mastering National Pasts to the Future of Writing the World
Spohr Readman, K., vol. 46 (3): 506-530
The Poisoned Madeleine: The Autobiographical Turn in Historical Writing
Vinen, R., vol. 46 (3): 531-554
The Past Under Erasure? History, Memory, and the Contemporary
Eley, G., vol. 46 (3): 555-573
European Intellectual History as Contemporary History
Muller, J.-W., vol. 46 (3): 574-590
Tracking the Language of Space and Time, 1948-2008
Hart, R. P., Lim, E. T., vol. 46 (3): 591-609
The Contemporaneity of Environmental History: Negotiating Scholarship, Useful History, and the New Human Condition
Sorlin, S., vol. 46 (3): 610-630
The Europeanization of the Nation-State
Palmowski, J., vol. 46 (3): 631-657
Blogging Current Affairs History
Cole, J., vol. 46 (3): 658-670
Where Does the World Historian Write From? Objectivity, Moral Conscience and the Past and Present of Imperialism
Drayton, R., vol. 46 (3): 671-685
The Shadow of the Gunman: Irish Historians and the IRA
McBride, I., vol. 46 (3): 686-710

Volume 46 (2)

The Clerical Response to a Totalitarian Political Religion: La Civilta Cattolica and Italian Fascism
Nelis, J., vol. 46 (2): 245-270
Popular Film-going in Britain in the Early 1930s
James, R., vol. 46 (2): 271-287
The Air Panic of 1935: British Press Opinion between Disarmament and Rearmament
Holman, B., vol. 46 (2): 288-307
The Racist Critics of Ataturk and Kemalism, from the 1930s to the 1960s
Ayturk, I., vol. 46 (2): 308-335
Incompatible Experiences: Poles, Ukrainians and Jews in Lviv under Soviet and German Occupation, 1939-44
Mick, C., vol. 46 (2): 336-363
Parents and Children in Second World War Germany: An Inter-generational Perspective on Wartime Separation
Vaizey, H., vol. 46 (2): 364-382
Western Allied Intelligence and the German Military Document Section, 1945-6
Mallett, D. R., vol. 46 (2): 383-406
Limitation of Economic Damages as a 'Humanitarian Gesture': The German Foundation 'Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future'
Hense, A., vol. 46 (2): 407-424

Volume 46 (1)

Conflict and Co-operation in the Cold War: New Directions in Contemporary Historical Research
Suri, J., vol. 46 (1): 5-9
Germany's Postwar Re-education and Its Weimar Intellectual Roots
Greenberg, U. E., vol. 46 (1): 10-32
The Need for West: Hans Kohn and the North Atlantic Community
Gordon, A., vol. 46 (1): 33-57
Moscow's Cold War on the Periphery: Soviet Policy in Greece, Iran, and Turkey, 1943--8
Roberts, G., vol. 46 (1): 58-81
The Struggle to Rearm Japan: Negotiating the Cold War State in US-Japanese Relations
Miller, J. M., vol. 46 (1): 82-108
At the End of Influence: The Letelier Assassination, Human Rights, and Rethinking Intervention in US-Latin American Relations
Walker, V., vol. 46 (1): 109-135
Nuclear War and Nuclear Fear in the 1970s and 1980s
Thompson, N., vol. 46 (1): 136-149
'Aviation Will Either Destroy or Save Our Civilization': Proposals for the International Control of Aviation, 1920--45
Zaidi, W. H., vol. 46 (1): 150-178
Industrial Diplomacy and Economic Integration: The Origins of All-European Paper Cartels, 1959--72
Jensen-Eriksen, N., vol. 46 (1): 179-202
Reviews: Simone Gigliotti, The Train Journey: Transit, Captivity, and Witnessing in the Holocaust, New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2009; viii + 244 pp.; {pound}45.00 hbk; ISBN 9781571812681
Kay, A. J., vol. 46 (1): 215-217

Volume 45 (4)

Hungarian Aristocracy and the White Terror
Bodo, B., vol. 45 (4): 703-724
A History of Violence: The Shooting in Jerusalem of British Assistant Police Superintendent Alan Sigrist, 12 June 1936
Hughes, M., vol. 45 (4): 725-743
English-speaking Units of the International Brigades: War, Politics and Discipline
Stradling, R., vol. 45 (4): 744-767
The 'Clean Wehrmacht' in the German-occupied Netherlands, 1940-5
Foray, J. L., vol. 45 (4): 768-787
Dunkirk and the Popular Memory of Britain at War, 1940--58
Summerfield, P., vol. 45 (4): 788-811
Treacherous Allies: The Cold War in East Asia and American Postwar Anxiety
Kushner, B., vol. 45 (4): 812-843
'Ish bin ein Bearleener' - JFK's 26 June 1963 Visit to Berlin: The Views from East Germany
Waite, R. G., vol. 45 (4): 844-865

Volume 45 (3)

Before Auschwitz: The Formation of the Nazi Concentration Camps, 1933-9
Goeschel, C., Wachsmann, N., vol. 45 (3): 515-534
'We'll Meet Again in Dachau': The Early Dachau SS and the Narrative of Civil War
Dillon, C., vol. 45 (3): 535-554
A 'Political Soldier' and 'Practitioner of Violence': The Concentration Camp Commandant Hans Loritz
Riedel, D., vol. 45 (3): 555-575
Cementing the Enemy Category: Arrest and Imprisonment of German Jews in Nazi Concentration Camps, 1933-8/9
Wunschmann, K., vol. 45 (3): 576-600