The Journal of Contemporary History articles

Volume 47 (3)

One-dimensional Conflict? Recent Scholarship on 1968 and the Limitations of the Generation Concept
Bracke, M. A., vol. 47 (3): 638-646
Christine G. Kruger and Sonja Levsen (eds), War Volunteering in Modern Times: From the French Revolution to the Second World War
Arielli, N., vol. 47 (3): 647-649
Conan Fischer, Europe between Democracy and Dictatorship, 1900-1945
Conway, M., vol. 47 (3): 649-650
Francisco J. Romero Salvado and Angel Smith (eds), The Agony of Spanish Liberalism: From Revolution to Dictatorship, 1913-1923
Kustrin, S. S., vol. 47 (3): 651-653
Tammy M. Proctor, Civilians in a World at War, 1914-1918
Monger, D., vol. 47 (3): 653-655
Matt Perry, Memory of War in France, 1914-45: Cesar Fauxbras, the Voice of the Lowly
Pearson, C., vol. 47 (3): 655-656
Hester Vaizey, Surviving Hitler's War: Family Life in Germany, 1939-48
Fenemore, M., vol. 47 (3): 656-658
Kevin McDermott and Matthew Stibbe (eds), Stalinist Terror in Eastern Europe: Elite Purges and Mass Repression
Prazmowska, A. J., vol. 47 (3): 658-660
Maria Bucur, Heroes and Victims: Remembering War in Twentieth-Century Romania
Solonari, V., vol. 47 (3): 660-663
Mary Chamberlain, Empire and Nation-Building in the Caribbean: Barbados, 1937-66
Drayton, R., vol. 47 (3): 663-664
Peter Lowe, Contending with Nationalism and Communism: British Policy Towards Southeast Asia, 1945-65
Clayton, D., vol. 47 (3): 664-666
Michael J. Kurtz, America and the Return of Nazi Contraband
Osmond, J., vol. 47 (3): 666-668
Frances L. Bernstein, Christopher Burton and Dan Healey (eds), Soviet Medicine: Culture, Practice, and Science; Donald Filtzer, The Hazards of Urban Life in Late Stalinist Russia: Health, Hygiene and Living Standards, 1943-1953
Shaw, C., vol. 47 (3): 668-670
Lynne Attwood, Gender and Housing in Soviet Russia: Private Life in a Public Space
Smith, M. B., vol. 47 (3): 670-672
Keith D. McFarland (ed.), The Korean War: An Annotated Bibliography
Matray, J. I., vol. 47 (3): 672-674
Christopher J. Ward, Brezhnev's Folly: The Building of BAM and Late Socialism
Kalinovsky, A. M., vol. 47 (3): 674-676
Wolfram Kaiser and Antonio Varsori (eds), European Union History: Themes and Debates
Rosato, S., vol. 47 (3): 676-678
Abbas Milani, The Shah
Shakibi, Z., vol. 47 (3): 678-679
Daniel Burton-Rose, Guerrilla USA: The George Jackson Brigade and the Anti-capitalist Underground of the 1970s
Metzler, G., vol. 47 (3): 679-681
Kathleen Rasmussen (ed.), Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969-1976, Volume XXXI, Foreign Economic Policy 1973-1976
Basosi, D., vol. 47 (3): 681-683
Idesbald Goddeeris (ed.), Solidarity with Solidarity: Western European Trade Unions and the Polish Crisis, 1980-1982
Kosicki, P. H., vol. 47 (3): 683-685
James Pettifer and Miranda Vickers, The Albanian Question: Reshaping the Balkans
Knudsen, R. A., vol. 47 (3): 685-687
Keith L. Shimko, The Iraq Wars and America's Military Revolution
Black, J., vol. 47 (3): 687-688

Volume 47 (2)

Western Attitudes to War in the Balkans and the Shifting Meanings of Violence, 1912-91
Michail, E., vol. 47 (2): 219-239
'Can One Go Along With This?' German Diplomats and the Changes of 1918-19 and 1933-4
Jonas, M., vol. 47 (2): 240-269
Transatlantic Connections and Conspiracies: A.K. Chesterton and The New Unhappy Lords
Macklin, G., vol. 47 (2): 270-290
France's Occupation Costs and the War in the East: The Contribution to the German War Economy, 1940-4
Boldorf, M., Scherner, J., vol. 47 (2): 291-316
Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees of the Japanese in British Asia: The Similarities and Contrasts of Experience
Yap, F., vol. 47 (2): 317-346
The Politics of Impartiality: The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in the Soviet Union, 1946-7
Harder, A., vol. 47 (2): 347-369
Commemorating 'Heroes of a Special Kind': Deserter Monuments in Germany
Welch, S. R., vol. 47 (2): 370-401
'To Consolidate Peace'? The International Electro-technical Community and the Grid for the United States of Europe
Lagendijk, V., vol. 47 (2): 402-426
The Communist Culture Industry: The Music Business in 1980s Poland
Patton, R., vol. 47 (2): 427-449
Jose C. Moya (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Latin American History
Yaffe, H., vol. 47 (2): 450-451
Rachel G. Fuchs, Contested Paternity: Constructing Families in Modern France
Camiscioli, E., vol. 47 (2): 452-453
Antony Best (ed.), The International History of East Asia, 1900-1968: Trade, Ideology and the Quest for Order
Schenk, C. R., vol. 47 (2): 453-455
Julia Roos, Weimar Through the Lens of Gender: Prostitution Reform, Women's Emancipation, and German Democracy, 1919-1933
Vaizey, H., vol. 47 (2): 455-456
Paul Corner (ed.), Popular Opinion in totalitarian Regimes: Fascism, Nazism, Communism
Bergerson, A. S., vol. 47 (2): 457-459
Wolf Gruner and Jorg Osterloh (eds), Das 'Grossdeutsche Reich' und die Juden: Nationalsozialistische Verfolgung in den 'angegliederten' Gebieten
Baranowski, S., vol. 47 (2): 459-461
Olga Kucherenko, Little Soldiers: How Soviet Children Went to War, 1941-1945
Filtzer, D., vol. 47 (2): 461-463
Christopher Baxter, The Great Power Struggle in East Asia, 1944-50: Britain, America and Post-War Rivalry
Clayton, D., vol. 47 (2): 463-465