The Journal of Contemporary History articles

Volume 47 (2)

Margarete Myers Feinstein, Holocaust Survivors in Postwar Germany, 1945-1957
Dean, C. J., vol. 47 (2): 465-467
Malgorzata Fidelis, Women, Communism, and Industrialization in Postwar Poland
Fleming, M., vol. 47 (2): 467-469
Rochona Majumdar, Writing Postcolonial History
Sherman, T. C., vol. 47 (2): 469-470
Steven J. Brady, Eisenhower and Adenauer: Alliance Maintenance under Pressure, 1953-1960
Maulucci, T. M., vol. 47 (2): 471-472
Jeremy Smith and Melanie Ilic (eds), Khrushchev in the Kremlin: Policy and Government in the Soviet Union, 1953-1964
McCallum, C. E., vol. 47 (2): 472-474
Pertti Ahonen, Death at the Berlin Wall
Harrison, H. M., vol. 47 (2): 474-476
Hamilton M Stapell, Remaking Madrid. Culture, Politics and Identity after Franco
Munoz-Rojas, O., vol. 47 (2): 476-478
Christine Kinealy, War and Peace: Ireland since the 1960s
Bew, J., vol. 47 (2): 478-480

Volume 47 (1)

Sites of Convergence: The USSR and Communist Eastern Europe at International Fairs Abroad and at Home
Peteri, G., vol. 47 (1): 3-12
Facing Hitler's Pavilion: The Uses of Modernity in the Soviet Pavilion at the 1937 Paris International Exhibition
Udovicki-Selb, D., vol. 47 (1): 13-47
Kebabche, Caviar or Hot Dogs? Consuming the Cold War at the Plovdiv Fair 1947-72
Neuburger, M., vol. 47 (1): 48-68
Showcasing Cold War Germany in Cairo: 1954 and 1957 Industrial Exhibitions and the Competition for Arab Partners
Pence, K., vol. 47 (1): 69-95
Making a Spectacle of Restraint: The Deutschland Pavilion at the 1958 Brussels Exposition
Castillo, G., vol. 47 (1): 97-119
Sputnik Goes to Brussels: The Exhibition of a Soviet Technological Wonder
Siegelbaum, L., vol. 47 (1): 120-136
Transsystemic Fantasies: Counterrevolutionary Hungary at Brussels Expo '58
Peteri, G., vol. 47 (1): 137-160
An Avant-Garde Architecture for an Avant-Garde Socialism: Yugoslavia at EXPO '58
Kulic, V., vol. 47 (1): 161-184
Industrial Design and the Czechoslovak Pavilion at EXPO '58: Artistic Autonomy, Party Control and Cold War Common Ground
Giustino, C. M., vol. 47 (1): 185-212

Volume 46 (4)

Eugene Kulischer, Joseph Schechtman and the Historiography of European Forced Migrations
Ferrara, A., vol. 46 (4): 715-740
Reframing the Interwar Peace Movement: The Curious Case of Albert Einstein
Ashkenazi, O., vol. 46 (4): 741-766
H.M. Hyndman and the Russia Question after 1917
Ruotsila, M., vol. 46 (4): 767-787
Foreign Involvement and Loss of Democracy, Estonia 1934
Valge, J., vol. 46 (4): 788-808
'Framing' Romanita: The Celebrations for the Bimillenario Augusteo and the Augusteo-Ara Pacis Project
Kallis, A., vol. 46 (4): 809-831
Maternalism, Race, Class and Citizenship: Aspects of Illegitimate Motherhood in Nazi Germany
Joshi, V., vol. 46 (4): 832-853
Induced to Volunteer? The Predicament of Jewish Communists in Palestine and the Spanish Civil War
Arielli, N., vol. 46 (4): 854-870
The Last Chance Saloon? The Independent Labour Party and Miners' Militancy in the Second World War Revisited
McIlroy, J., Campbell, A., vol. 46 (4): 871-896
From 'Irresponsible' to 'Immoral': The Shifts in de Gaulle's Perception of Israel and the Jews
Heimann, G., vol. 46 (4): 897-919
Violence, Volksgemeinschaft and Empire: Interpreting the Third Reich in the Twenty-first Century
Kurlander, E., vol. 46 (4): 920-934
Frederic E. Wakeman Jr, Telling Chinese History: A Selection of Essays
Zheng, Y., vol. 46 (4): 935-938
Prasenjit Duara, The Global and Regional in China's Nation-Formation
Mitter, R., vol. 46 (4): 938-940
Andrea Orzoff, Battle for the Castle: The Myth of Czechoslovakia in Europe, 1914-1948
Ort, T., vol. 46 (4): 940-942
Jane Caplan and Nikolaus Wachsmann (eds), Concentration Camps in Nazi Germany: The New Histories
Schulte, J. E., vol. 46 (4): 942-945
Peter Gatrell and Nick Baron (eds), Warlands: Population Resettlement and State Reconstruction in the Soviet-East European Borderlands, 1945-1950
Scala, S. J., vol. 46 (4): 945-947
Mathew Grant, After the Bomb: Civil Defence and Nuclear War in Britain, 1945-68
Stoddart, K., vol. 46 (4): 947-949
Ian J. Bickerton, The Arab-Israeli Conflict: A History
Bregman, A., vol. 46 (4): 949-950
Melanie Ilic and Jeremy Smith (eds), Soviet State and Society under Nikita Khrushchev
Chernyshova, N., vol. 46 (4): 950-952

Volume 46 (3)

Speaking Truth to Power: Contemporary History in the Twenty-first Century
Palmowski, J., Spohr Readman, K., vol. 46 (3): 485-505
Contemporary History in Europe: From Mastering National Pasts to the Future of Writing the World
Spohr Readman, K., vol. 46 (3): 506-530
The Poisoned Madeleine: The Autobiographical Turn in Historical Writing
Vinen, R., vol. 46 (3): 531-554
The Past Under Erasure? History, Memory, and the Contemporary
Eley, G., vol. 46 (3): 555-573
European Intellectual History as Contemporary History
Muller, J.-W., vol. 46 (3): 574-590