Journal of Design History articles

Volume 28 (2)

Chinoiserie: Commerce and Critical Ornament in Eighteenth-Century Britain
de Bruijn, E., vol. 28 (2): 210-211
Consumers, Tinkerers, Rebels: The People Who Shaped Europe
Fallan, K., vol. 28 (2): 212-213
Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming
Yelavich, S., vol. 28 (2): 214-215
Playing with the Past: Digital Games and the Simulation of History
Hatlen, J. F., vol. 28 (2): 216-217
Book Reviews Editor
vol. 28 (2): 218-218

Volume 28 (1)

Between Avant-Garde and Commercialism: Reconsidering Emigres and Design
Engelke, H., Hochscherf, T., vol. 28 (1): 1-14
'Fit for its purpose': Nikolaus Pevsner Argues for the Modern Movement
Engel, U., vol. 28 (1): 15-32
Home at a Distance: The Design of Nazi Germany in Exile Films from the Soviet Union
Hesse, C., vol. 28 (1): 33-47
Colour Magic at Pinewood: Hein Heckroth, The Archers and Avant-Garde Production Design in The Red Shoes (1948)
Engelke, H., Hochscherf, T., vol. 28 (1): 48-66
American Fashion and European Art--Alexander Liberman and the Politics of Taste in Vogue of the 1950s
Krause-Wahl, A., vol. 28 (1): 67-82
Emigre Designers in the University of Brighton Design Archives
Breakell, S., Whitworth, L., vol. 28 (1): 83-97
Architecture on the Carpet: The Curious Tale of Construction Toys and the Genesis of Modern Buildings * Modernist Complexity on a Small Scale: The Dandanah Glass Building Blocks of 1920 from an Object-based Research Perspective
Ogata, A. F., vol. 28 (1): 98-100
Fashion and Age
Partington, A., vol. 28 (1): 101-102
The Italian Townscape
Shane, D. G., vol. 28 (1): 102-104
Made in Italy: Rethinking a Century of Italian Design
Pasca, V., vol. 28 (1): 105-106
Software Takes Command
Loukissas, Y. A., vol. 28 (1): 107-108
Influences from Japan in Danish Art and Design 1870-2010
Breunig, M., vol. 28 (1): 108-110
The Islands of Benoit Mandelbrot: Fractals, Chaos and the Materiality of Thinking
Golec, M. J., vol. 28 (1): 110-112

Volume 27 (4)

Transnational Modern Design Histories in East Asia: An Introduction
Kikuchi, Y., Lee, Y., vol. 27 (4): 323-334
The Formation of the Concept of Gong-ye in the Korean Modern Age
Her, B., vol. 27 (4): 335-350
Shopping for Art: The New Middle Class' Art Consumption in Modern Japanese Department Stores
Oh, Y., vol. 27 (4): 351-369
Transnational Networkers--Iwao and Michiko Yamawaki and the Formation of Japanese Modernist Design
Čapkova, H., vol. 27 (4): 370-385
Design Development in Newly Industrialized Countries under Protectionist Policy: The Case of Taiwan's Household Appliances Industry from the 1960s to the 1980s
Wong, J.-J., vol. 27 (4): 386-402
Olympic Visions: Images of the Games through History
Jobling, P., vol. 27 (4): 403-405
Domestic Interiors: Representing Homes from the Victorians to the Moderns
Muthesius, S., vol. 27 (4): 406-407
Architecture & Design versus Consumerism: How Design Activism Confronts Growth
Markussen, T., vol. 27 (4): 407-409
Dressing Sydney: The Jewish Fashion Story, An Exhibition
Leong, R., vol. 27 (4): 409-411
Plakatbevaegelsen: En britisk designfront i mellemkrigsarene
Klevgaard, T., vol. 27 (4): 411-413
The Story of Design
O'Brien, S., vol. 27 (4): 413-414

Volume 27 (3)

Chromophilia: The Design World's Passion for Colour
Blaszczyk, R. L., vol. 27 (3): 203-217
One Essential Thing to Learn is Colour: Harmony, Science and Colour Theory in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Fashion Advice
Nicklas, C., vol. 27 (3): 218-236
White Walls, White Nights, White Girls: Whiteness and the British Artistic Interior, 1850-1900
Huxtable, S.-A., vol. 27 (3): 237-255
Synthetic Fluorescents: Day-Glo from Novelty to Norm
Kane, C. L., vol. 27 (3): 256-277
Chinese Colours and the Sydney Opera House (1956-1966): Jorn Utzon's Reinterpretation of Traditional Chinese Architecture
Chen-Yu, C., Myers, P., Goad, P., vol. 27 (3): 278-296
The Colour Reference Library, Royal College of Art, London
Parkinson, N., vol. 27 (3): 297-308
Ireland, Design and Visual Culture: Negotiating Modernity, 1922-1992
Bell, C., vol. 27 (3): 309-311
Makers: The New Industrial Revolution
Jackson, A., vol. 27 (3): 311-312
The Color Revolution
DeLong, M., vol. 27 (3): 313-314
Designing the Creative Child: Playthings and Places in Midcentury America
Wiley, A. N., vol. 27 (3): 314-316
Print Culture: From Steam Press to Ebook
Maffei, N. P., vol. 27 (3): 316-317