Journal of the History of Collections articles

Volume 27 (1)

Going for Gold. Craftsmanship and Collecting of Gold Boxes
Williams, E., vol. 27 (1): 124-125
The Museum of French Monuments 1795-1816. 'Killing art to make history'
Stammers, T., vol. 27 (1): 125-126
The Museum is Open. Towards a Transnational History of Museums, 1750-1940
Stammers, T., vol. 27 (1): 127-128
Exhibiting Englishness. John Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery and the Formation of a National Aesthetic
Barlow, C., vol. 27 (1): 128-129
L'Antiquite au service de la Modernite. La reception de l'antiquite classique en Belgique au xixe siecle
Phillips, C., vol. 27 (1): 129-130
Recreating First Contact: Expeditions, Anthropology, and Popular Culture
Bouquet, M., vol. 27 (1): 130-132
Books Received
vol. 27 (1): 133-133

Volume 26 (3)

Introduction: Inventive Inscriptions - The Organization of Epigraphic Knowledge in the Nineteenth Century
Orrells, D., vol. 26 (3): 329-336
The emergence of epigraphy in the Kingdom of Naples
Cooley, A. E., vol. 26 (3): 337-353
The Hunterian collection and its Museum
Keppie, L., vol. 26 (3): 355-362
Bartolomeo Borghesi, Theodor Mommsen et l'edition des inscriptions de Pirro Ligorio dans le Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum ( CIL )
Vagenheim, G., vol. 26 (3): 363-371
Inscriptions as texts and objects: Approaches to epigraphic publication in the nineteenth century
Davies, G., vol. 26 (3): 373-386
From chronography to liberal imperialism: Greek inscriptions, the history of Greece, and historiography from Selden to Grote
Liddel, P., vol. 26 (3): 387-398
Epigraphy in Early Modern Greece
Papazarkadas, N., vol. 26 (3): 399-412
The Archaeological Society and the development of epigraphy in nineteenth-century Greece
Marchand, F., vol. 26 (3): 413-422
Mommsen, Hubner, Haverfield, Watkin and Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum vol. VII
Freeman, P. W. M., vol. 26 (3): 423-437
Inventive inscriptions: afterword
Bodel, J., vol. 26 (3): 439-445

Volume 26 (2)

Roman antiquities and the emergence of Renaissance civic collections
Stenhouse, W., vol. 26 (2): 131-144
Dynasty, archaeology and conservation: the Bourbon rediscovery of Pompeii and Herculaneum in eighteenth-century Naples
Echlin, A., vol. 26 (2): 145-159
'In materia totale di pitture si rivolsero al singolar Museo Borghesiano': la quadreria Borghese tra il palazzo di Ripetta e la villa Pinciana
Pierguidi, S., vol. 26 (2): 161-170
The ambassador and the artist: Sir Dudley Carleton's relationship with Peter Paul Rubens: connoisseurship and art collecting at the court of the early Stuarts
Hill, R., Bracken, S., vol. 26 (2): 171-191
The cast collection of John Sanders, architect, at the Royal Academy
Lenaghan, J., vol. 26 (2): 193-205
From relic to relic: a brief history of the skull of Confucius
Pearce, N., vol. 26 (2): 207-222
The Royal Decree of 1721 and the ephemeral archaeological collection of the Royal Academy of Portuguese History
Ramos, P. O., vol. 26 (2): 223-227
Dr Louis Auzoux and his collection of papier-mache flowers, fruits and seeds
Cocks, M. M., vol. 26 (2): 229-248
Going east: the Wallace Collection at Bethnal Green, 1872-1875
Lasic, B., vol. 26 (2): 249-261
Inscribing missionary impact in Central Polynesia: mapping the George Bennet collection (1821-1824)
Jacobs, K., vol. 26 (2): 263-276
Coin collectors and museum donors: contextualizing Delfino Trucchi and Antonino Salinas in early post-Unification Sicily (1868-73)
Crisa, A., vol. 26 (2): 277-286
Rosamond's Bower, The Pryor's Bank, and the long shadow of Strawberry Hill
Clarke, S., vol. 26 (2): 287-306
'New China' and an old-fashioned collector: Vaclav Stejskal's collection in the 1950s
Heroldova, H., vol. 26 (2): 307-314
The King's Pictures: The Formation and Dispersal of the Collections of Charles I and his Courtiers
Wilks, T., vol. 26 (2): 315-317
Holophusicon: The Leverian Museum - An Eighteenth-Century English Institution of Science, Curiosity, and Art
Coote, J., vol. 26 (2): 317-318
Houghton Revisited: The Walpole Masterpieces from Catherine the Great's Hermitage
Zutter, J., vol. 26 (2): 319-321
Travel, Collecting, and Museums of Asian Art in Nineteenth-Century Paris
Lee, S. S., vol. 26 (2): 321-322
Natural Histories. Extraordinary Rare Book Selections from the American Museum of Natural History Library
MacGregor, A., vol. 26 (2): 322-323
Historias Naturales. Un proyecto de Miguel Angel Blanco
Mason, P., vol. 26 (2): 323-324
Provenance: An Alternate History of Art
Sebag-Montefiore, C., vol. 26 (2): 324-325
Sculpture and the Vitrine
Jones, C., vol. 26 (2): 325-326
Books Received
vol. 26 (2): 327-327

Volume 26 (1)

Gabriele Vendramin's 'disegni divini': the anatomy of an early collection of drawings
Windows, P., vol. 26 (1): 1-19