Journal of the History of Collections articles

Volume 24 (1)

Ancient Greek skulls in the Oxford University Museum, Part I: George Rolleston, Oxford and the formation of the human skulls collection
Nowak-Kemp, M., Galanakis, Y., vol. 24 (1): 89-104
Philanthropy, art and the museum: Loukia Zygomala and the promotion of Greek folk embroidery
Bounia, A., vol. 24 (1): 105-116
Moai on the move
Mason, P., vol. 24 (1): 117-130
Frederic Bussmann, Sammeln als Strategie. Die Kunstsammlungen des Prince de Conti im Paris des ausgehenden Ancien Regime
Vogtherr, C. M., vol. 24 (1): 131-132
The Story of Irish Museums, 1790-2000. Culture, Identity and Education
McEvansoneya, P., vol. 24 (1): 132-133
Poetique de la collection au XIXe siecle. Du document de l'historien au bibelot de l'esthete
Lasic, B., vol. 24 (1): 133-134
The Manchester Art Treasures Exhibition of 1857. Entrepreneurs, Connoisseurs and the Public.
Coote, J., vol. 24 (1): 134-135
Lara Kriegel, Grand Designs. Labor, Empire, and Museum in Victorian Culture
Whitehead, C., vol. 24 (1): 136-137
A Matter of Class. John Cotton Dana, Progressive Reform, and the Newark Museum
Maffei, N. P., vol. 24 (1): 137-138
The Maori Collections of the British Museum
Coote, J., vol. 24 (1): 138-140
A History of Taxidermy. Art, Science and Bad Taste
MacGregor, A., vol. 24 (1): 140-141
Books received
vol. 24 (1): 143-143

Volume 23 (2)

Introduction: Captured objects: Inventories of early modern collections
Keating, J., Markey, L., vol. 23 (2): 209-213
On the archival rhetoric of inventories: Some records of the Valois Burgundian court
Normore, C., vol. 23 (2): 215-227
Cortes's objects and the idea of New Spain: Inventories as spatial narratives
Russo, A., vol. 23 (2): 229-252
What makes a picture?: Evidence from sixteenth-century Venetian property inventories
Henry, C., vol. 23 (2): 253-265
Inventoried monsters: Dwarves and hirsutes at court
Ghadessi, T., vol. 23 (2): 267-281
'Indian' objects in Medici and Austrian-Habsburg inventories: A case-study of the sixteenth-century term
Keating, J., Markey, L., vol. 23 (2): 283-300
'Marvellous things are made with needles': Bengal colchas in European inventories, c. 1580-1630
Karl, B., vol. 23 (2): 301-313
Collecting in the garden: Inventories of casini in late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century Rome
Tice, L. N., vol. 23 (2): 315-331
The politics of possession: The pretiosa collection of Hedwig Eleonora of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, Dowager Queen of Sweden (1636-1715)
Skogh, L., vol. 23 (2): 333-347

Volume 23 (1)

Compiling 'God's great book [of] universal nature': The Royal Society's collecting strategies
Thomas, J., vol. 23 (1): 1-13
The Disegni intagliati: A forgotten book illustrating the first discoveries at Herculaneum
Burlot, D., vol. 23 (1): 15-28
La memoire des choses passees: Florimond Robertet, Charles de Rostaing, Henri Chesneau and the place of social narratives in French early modern noble collections
Herrera, A. U., vol. 23 (1): 29-47
From the Pacific to the Patent Office: The US Exploring Expedition and the origins of America's first national museum
Adler, A., vol. 23 (1): 49-74
'Unwholesome' and 'pornographic': A reassessment of the place of Rackstrow's Museum in the story of eighteenth-century anatomical collection and exhibition
Craske, M., vol. 23 (1): 75-99
The Musee de la folie: Collecting and exhibiting chez les fous
Morehead, A., vol. 23 (1): 101-126
James Thomson's picture collection and British history painting
Mitchell, S., vol. 23 (1): 127-151
The contributions from Japan and China displayed at the Vienna Weltausstellung in 1873
Baird, C., vol. 23 (1): 153-164
Artistically or historically important?: The reception of the Abe Bailey sporting art collection in South Africa
Tietze, A., vol. 23 (1): 165-177
Five Months Before Tut: Purchasers and prices at the MacGregor sale, 1922
Hardwick, T., vol. 23 (1): 179-192
Los Inventarios de Carlos V y la familia imperial/The Inventories of Charles V and the Imperial Family
Warren, J., vol. 23 (1): 193-195
Empire Without End. Antiquities Collections in Renaissance Rome, c. 1350-1527
Stenhouse, W., vol. 23 (1): 196-197
The World of Carolus Clusius
Elliott, B., vol. 23 (1): 197-197
Classical Sculpture and the Culture of Collecting in Britain since 1760
Sullivan, M. G., vol. 23 (1): 198-198
Colnaghi, Established 1760. The History
Harrison, C., vol. 23 (1): 198-199
Libraries within the Library. The Origins of the British Library's Printed Collections
Willoughby, J., vol. 23 (1): 200-201
A Museum of One's Own: Private Collection, Public Gift
Brilliant, V., vol. 23 (1): 201-202
The Cone Sisters of Baltimore. Collecting at Full Tilt
Butler, K. K., vol. 23 (1): 202-204
Museums and Difference
Dudley, S., vol. 23 (1): 204-205