Journal of the History of Collections articles

Volume 25 (1)

True collector: The collecting narratives of Alice Van Leer Carrick
Sheumaker, H., vol. 25 (1): 119-135
A Complete Pattern of Nobility. John, Lord Lumley (c.1534-1609)
Evans, M., vol. 25 (1): 137-138
Elfenbeine aus Ceylon. Luxusguter fur Katharina von Habsburg (1507-1578)
Bujok, E., vol. 25 (1): 138-140
Von der Kunstkammer zum Kupferstich-Kabinett. Zur Fruhgeschichte des * Graphiksammelns in Dresden (1560-1738)
Seifert, C. T., vol. 25 (1): 140-141
The Travel Notebooks of Sir Charles Eastlake
Jonker, M., Bergvelt, E., vol. 25 (1): 141-142
Un aspect du patrimoine parisien: Les collections polonaises (1795-1919)
Zawadzki, H., vol. 25 (1): 142-143
Fraud, Fakery and False Business. Rethinking the Shrager v. Dighton 'Old Furniture Case'
Jackson, M., vol. 25 (1): 143-144
Oceania at the Tropenmuseum
McKinney, N., vol. 25 (1): 144-146
Books Received
vol. 25 (1): 147-147

Volume 24 (3)

Introduction: Greece and Rome at the Fitzwilliam Museum
Burn, L., vol. 24 (3): 285-287
Cambridge's 'Shrine of the Muses': The display of classical antiquities in the Fitzwilliam Museum, 1848-1898
Beard, M., vol. 24 (3): 289-308
Treasure, not trash: The Disney sculpture and its place in the history of collecting
Vout, C., vol. 24 (3): 309-326
Colonel Leake's collections: Their formation and their acquisition by the University of Cambridge
Wagstaff, M., vol. 24 (3): 327-336
From the Cam to the Cephissus: The Fitzwilliam Museum and students of the British School at Athens
Gill, D. W. J., vol. 24 (3): 337-346
The Antiquities Department takes shape: The Fitzwilliam in the early twentieth century
Cooper, C. L., vol. 24 (3): 347-367
'A maddening temptation': The Ricketts and Shannon collection of Greek and Roman antiquities
Rozeik, C., vol. 24 (3): 369-378
'Plaguey things': The history and technical examination of two 'Etruscan bronze' statuettes in the Fitzwilliam Museum
Dawson, J., Emmett, T., vol. 24 (3): 379-398
The Dam Hill bronzes
Burn, L., Moore, N., vol. 24 (3): 399-415

Volume 24 (2)

From the New World to Bologna, 1533: a gift for Pope Clement VII and Bolognese collections of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Laurencich-Minelli, L., vol. 24 (2): 145-158
Henrietta Maria's inventory at Colombes: courtly magnificence and hidden politics
Griffey, E., Hibbard, C., vol. 24 (2): 159-181
Sir Isaac Wake, Venice and art collecting in early Stuart England: a new document
Bracken, S., Hill, R., vol. 24 (2): 183-198
The Gottfried Wagner collection in Leipzig: insights into a middle-class private collection of c. 1700
Ketelsen, T., Melzer, C., vol. 24 (2): 199-218
'Per accompagnare l'antico': the restoration of ancient sculpture in early eighteenth-century Rome
Giometti, C., vol. 24 (2): 219-230
French neo-classical artists and their collections
Wisner, D. A., vol. 24 (2): 231-242
Reading and Writing at the V&A: an episode in the collection of Italian Gothic sculpture
Dent, P., Napione, E., vol. 24 (2): 243-256
Belgian decorative arts in the later nineteenth century: needs for a national museum and debates surrounding didactic collections in Brussels
Prina, D. N., vol. 24 (2): 257-274
An Ardent Patron. Cardinal Camillo Massimo and his Antiquarian and Artistic Circle
Baker-Bates, P. A., vol. 24 (2): 275-276
Spanish Art in Britain and Ireland, 1750-1920. Studies in Reception in Memory of Enriqueta Harris Frankfort
Tromans, N., vol. 24 (2): 276-277
The Afterlives of Animals. A Museum Menagerie
Morris, P., vol. 24 (2): 277-278
Kurt Schmutzer, Der Liebe zur Naturgeschichte halber. Johann Natterers Reisen in Brasilien 1817-1836
Mason, P., vol. 24 (2): 278-279
Collecting the American West. The Rise and Fall of William Blackmore
King, J. C. H., vol. 24 (2): 280-281
Museums, Colonialism and Identity. A History of Naga Collections in Britain
Rycroft, D. J., vol. 24 (2): 281-282
Books Received
vol. 24 (2): 283-283

Volume 24 (1)

Journal of the History of Collections expands to three issues a year
vol. 24 (1): 1-1
Collecting Egypt: The textile collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum
Persson, H., vol. 24 (1): 3-13
The Campana Museum of ancient marbles in nineteenth-century photographs
Benucci, M., Sarti, S., vol. 24 (1): 15-24
'Elle pensait comme un homme et sentait comme une femme': Hortense Lacroix Cornu (1809-1875) and the Musee des Antiquites Nationales de Saint-Germain-en-Laye
Effros, B., vol. 24 (1): 25-43
P. T. Barnum, Jumbo the Elephant, and the Barnum Museum of Natural History at Tufts University
McClellan, A., vol. 24 (1): 45-62
Collecting cultures: Institutional motivations for nineteenth-century ethnographical collections formed by Moravian missionaries
Jensz, F., vol. 24 (1): 63-76
The purchase of the 'Tara' brooch in 1868: Collecting Irish antiquities for Ireland
McEvansoneya, P., vol. 24 (1): 77-88