The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History

This journal has established itself as an internationally respected forum for the presentation and discussion of recent research in the history of the British Empire and Commonwealth and in comparative European colonial experiences. Particular attention is given to imperial policy and rivalries; colonial rule and local response; the rise of nationalism; the process of decolonization and the transfer of power and institutions; the evolution of the Imperial and Commonwealth association in general; and the expansion and transformation of British culture. The journal also features a substantial review section of recent literature.

Five issues a year.

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Latest articles

The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and the Shaping of National Identities in the Second World War
Orientalism at Work? Dundee's Response to Competition from Calcutta, circa 1870–1914
The Scramble for East Africa: British Motives Reconsidered, 1884–95
‘A book is a book, all the world over’: New Zealand and the Colonial Writing World 1890–1945
‘The Laws of his Own Country’: Defamation, Banishment and the Problem of Legal Pluralism in the 1820s Cape Colony

Volume 43 (4)

Hostages on the Indo-Afghan Border in the Later Nineteenth Century
vol. 43 (4): 557-569
Command of the Army, Charles Gwynn and Imperial Policing: The British Doctrinal Approach to Internal Security in Palestine 1919–29
vol. 43 (4): 570-589
Terror in Galilee: British-Jewish Collaboration and the Special Night Squads in Palestine during the Arab Revolt, 1938–39
vol. 43 (4): 590-610
Detention, Deportation and Resettlement: British Counterinsurgency and Malaya's Rural Chinese, 1948–60
vol. 43 (4): 611-640
Legacies of Empire: State Violence and Collective Punishment in Kenya's North Eastern Province, c. 1963­–Present
vol. 43 (4): 641-657
Counter-Insurgency against ‘Kith and Kin’? The British Army in Northern Ireland, 1970–76
vol. 43 (4): 658-677
The Use of Camps in Colonial Warfare
vol. 43 (4): 678-698
British Press Control in Palestine during the Arab Revolt, 1936—39
vol. 43 (4): 699-720
Intelligence and the Origins of the British Middle East
vol. 43 (4): 721-743
Notes on Contributors
vol. 43 (4): 744-745

Volume 43 (3)

The Influence of ‘Benthamite’ Philosophies on British Colonial Policy on New Zealand in the Era of the Treaty of Waitangi
vol. 43 (3): 367-386
Peasant Settlers and the ‘Civilising Mission’ in Russian Turkestan, 1865–1917
vol. 43 (3): 387-417
Wesleyan Methodists, Humanitarianism and the Zulu Question, 1878–87
vol. 43 (3): 418-437
The Trans-Saharan Railway and the Politics of Imperial Expansion, 1890–1900
vol. 43 (3): 438-462
The Long Goodbye: British Agency in the Creation of Navies for India and Pakistan
vol. 43 (3): 463-488