The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History articles

Volume 39 (5)

Mau Mau in the High Court and the ‘Lost’ British Empire Archives: Colonial Conspiracy or Bureaucratic Bungle?
vol. 39 (5): 699-716
Soldiers in the Court Room: The British Army's Part in the Kenya Emergency under the Legal Spotlight
vol. 39 (5): 717-730
Alchemy of Evidence: Mau Mau, the British Empire, and the High Court of Justice
vol. 39 (5): 731-748
‘… For it was founded upon a Rock’: Gibraltar and the Purposes of Empire in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
vol. 39 (5): 749-770
Even ‘Wilder Workhouse Girls’: The Problem of Institutionalisation among Irish Immigrants to New Zealand 1874
vol. 39 (5): 771-794
The War Munitions Supply Company of Western Australia and the Popular Movement to Manufacture Artillery Ammunition in the British Empire in the First World War
vol. 39 (5): 795-813
A ‘New Deal’ for the Kurds: Britain's Kurdish Policy in Iraq, 1941–45
vol. 39 (5): 815-831
Popular Imperialism: Broadening the Context
vol. 39 (5): 833-845
The History of the Near Eastern Telegraphs Before the First World War
vol. 39 (5): 847-849
The British Empire and Its Contested Pasts, Historical Studies XXVI
vol. 39 (5): 849-853
God's Empire: Religion and Colonialism in the British World, c. 1801–1908
vol. 39 (5): 853-855
Indian Mobilities in the West, 1900–1947: Gender, Performance, Embodiment
vol. 39 (5): 855-858
The East India Company's Maritime Service 1746–1834, Masters of the Eastern Seas
vol. 39 (5): 858-860
Proconsul to the Middle East, Sir Percy Cox and the End of Empire
vol. 39 (5): 860-862

Volume 39 (2)

Hydrology and Empire: The Nile, Water Imperialism and the Partition of Africa
Tvedt, Terje, vol. 39 (2): 173-194
Constructing Colonial Power: Tradition, Legitimacy and Government in Kano, 1903-63
Stilwell, Sean, vol. 39 (2): 195-225
The Construction of a 'Population Problem' in Colonial India 1919-1947
Nair, Rahul, vol. 39 (2): 227-247
A Whitehall 'Showdown'?: Colonial Office—Joint Intelligence Committee Relations in the Mid-1950s
Cormac, Rory, vol. 39 (2): 249-267
Anglo-Japanese Collaboration about Africa in Early 1960s: The Search for 'Complementarity' in the Middle of Decolonisation
Ampiah, Kweku, vol. 39 (2): 269-295
Who Knew the Minds of the People? Specialist Knowledge and Developmentalist Authoritarianism in Postcolonial Ghana
Skinner, Kate, vol. 39 (2): 297-323
Soundings in Atlantic History, Latent Structures and Intellectual Currents 1500-1830
Phillips, Carla Rahn, vol. 39 (2): 325-326
Public Art, Memorials and Atlantic Slavery
Rice, Alan, vol. 39 (2): 327-329
Britain's Chinese Eye, Literature, Empire and Aesthetics in 19th Century Britain
Teltscher, Kate, vol. 39 (2): 329-331
Beyond Nations: Evolving Homelands in the North Atlantic World, 1400-2000
Plank, Geoffrey, vol. 39 (2): 331-332
The Unknown Nation: Australia after Empire
Potter, Simon J., vol. 39 (2): 332-334
The Three Cornered Life: The Historian W.K. Hancock
Dubow, Saul, vol. 39 (2): 334-336
Medicine in an Age of Commerce & Empire
Arnold, David, vol. 39 (2): 336-338
A Floating Commonwealth: Politics, Culture, and Technology on Britain's Atlantic Coast, 1860-1930
Misra, Maria, vol. 39 (2): 338-339
Maori and the State: Crown-Maori Relations in New Zealand/Aotearoa, 1950-2000
McIntyre, W. David, vol. 39 (2): 340-342
Whiteness in Zimbabwe: Race, Landscape, and the Problem of Belonging
King, Tony, vol. 39 (2): 342-344
In the Eye of the Storm: Jai Ram Reddy and the Politics of Postcolonial Fiji
Corbett, Jack, vol. 39 (2): 344-346
Scottish Orientalists and India: The Muir Brothers, Religion, Education and Empire
MacKenzie, John M., vol. 39 (2): 346-348
Origins of Pan-Africanism. Henry Sylvester Williams, Africa, and the African Diaspora
Killingray, David, vol. 39 (2): 348-351
The Capital and the Colonies. London and the Atlantic Economy 1660-1700
French, Christopher, vol. 39 (2): 351-353

Volume 39 (1)

From Convicts to Colonists: The Health of Prisoners and the Voyage to Australia, 1823-53
Foxhall, Katherine, vol. 39 (1): 1-19
More than Officers and Officials: Britons in Occupied Egypt, 1882-1922
Mak, Lanver, vol. 39 (1): 21-46
The League of Nations and Imperial Dissent: New Zealand and the British Labour Governments, 1924-31
Chaudron, Gerald, vol. 39 (1): 47-71
Bad Blood: Poverty, Psychopathy and the Politics of Transgression in Kenya Colony, 1939-59
Jackson, Will, vol. 39 (1): 73-94
On Engendering Liberal Values in the Nigerian Colonial State: The Idea behind the Gaskiya Corporation
Furniss, Graham, vol. 39 (1): 95-119
'What the Men are Crying Out for is Leadership': The Khartoum Police Strike of 1951 and the Battle for Administrative Control
Berridge, W. J., vol. 39 (1): 121-142