The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History articles

Volume 42 (2)

British Merchants in New Markets: The Case of Wylie and Hancock in Brazil and the River Plate, c. 1808–19
vol. 42 (2): 215-238
British Colonialism and the Creation of Acholi Ethnic Identity in Uganda, 1894 to 1962
vol. 42 (2): 239-257
Organic Union or Aggressive Altruism: Imperial Internationalism in East Africa in the 1920s
vol. 42 (2): 258-285
‘Demonstrating the Machine Guns’: Rebellion, Violence and State Formation in Early Colonial Darfur
vol. 42 (2): 286-307
Dogs and British Colonialism: The Contested Ban on Eating Dogs in Colonial Hong Kong
vol. 42 (2): 308-328
The Centre Cannot Hold: Canada, Colonialism and the ‘Afro-Asian Bloc’ at the United Nations, 1960–62
vol. 42 (2): 329-349
The Kenya Papers of General Sir George Erskine, 1953–1955
vol. 42 (2): 350-352
Britain and Jordan: Imperial Strategy, King Abdullah I and the Zionist Movement
vol. 42 (2): 352-355
Macaulay and Son: Architects of Imperial Britain
vol. 42 (2): 355-357
Human Rights in the Shadow of Colonial Violence: The Wars of Independence in Kenya and Alger
vol. 42 (2): 357-362
Ending ‘East of Suez’: The British Decision to Withdraw from Malaysia and Singapore, 1964–1968
vol. 42 (2): 362-364
Malawi in Crisis: The 1959/60 Nyasaland State of Emergency and its Legacy
vol. 42 (2): 364-367
Enoch Powell and the Making of Postcolonial Britain
vol. 42 (2): 367-369
Heroic Imperialists in Africa: The Promotion of British and French Colonial Heroes, 1870–1939
vol. 42 (2): 369-371
Where the Negroes Are Masters: An African Port in the Era of the Slave Trade
vol. 42 (2): 371-373
The Language of Disenchantment: Protestant Literalism and Colonial Discourse in British India
vol. 42 (2): 374-376

Volume 42 (1)

The Standing of New Subjects: Grenada and the Protestant Constitution after the Treaty of Paris (1763)
vol. 42 (1): 1-21
The Failure of Restored British Rule in Revolutionary Charleston, South Carolina
vol. 42 (1): 22-40
Homo in Nubibus: Altitude, Colonisation and Political Order in the Khasi Hills of Northeast India
vol. 42 (1): 41-60
Bringing Another Empire Alive? The Empire Marketing Board and the Construction of Dominion Identity, 1926–33
vol. 42 (1): 61-85
A ‘New Angle of Vision’: British Imperial Reappraisal of Hong Kong during the Second World War
vol. 42 (1): 86-113
Sites of Assimilation into Urban Life: Rural Migrants' Clubs in Haifa under the Mandate, 1939–48
vol. 42 (1): 114-133
‘The facts stated do not seem to be true’: The Contested Process of Repatriation in British Colonial Nigeria
vol. 42 (1): 134-152
‘Cornerstone of the Commonwealth’: The Press Union and the Preservation of the Penny Cable Rate, 1941–67
vol. 42 (1): 153-170
Law, History and Power: The British Treatment of Aboriginal Rights in Land in New South Wales
vol. 42 (1): 171-192

Volume 41 (5)

Editorial Board
vol. 41 (5): 0-0
‘The Company as Their Lords and the Deputy as a Great Rajah’: Imperial Expansion and the English East India Company on the West Coast of Sumatra, 1685–1730
vol. 41 (5): 687-709
A West African ‘Fashoda’: Expanding Trade, Colonial Rivalries and Insurrection in the Côte d'Ivoire/Gold Coast Borderlands: The Assikasso Crisis of 1897–98
vol. 41 (5): 710-743
Protecting Tasmanian Aborigines: American and Queensland Influences on the Cape Barren Island Reserve Act, 1912
vol. 41 (5): 744-764
The Strategic Importance of Cyprus and the Prospect of Union with Greece, 1919–1931: The Greek Perspective
vol. 41 (5): 765-782
Phosphate and Forced Relocation: An Assessment of the Resettlement of the Banabans to Northern Fiji in 1945
vol. 41 (5): 783-803
The Sudan is ‘Not Yet Ready for Trade Unions’: The Railway Strikes of 1947–1948
vol. 41 (5): 804-822
‘Science in the Hands of Love’: British Evangelical Missionaries and Colonial Development in Africa, c. 1940–60
vol. 41 (5): 823-842
Foes or Allies? Portuguese Colonial Policies towards Islam in Mozambique and Guinea
vol. 41 (5): 843-869
The ‘Turkish’ Minority in Cyprus: An artificial identity?
vol. 41 (5): 870-886

Volume 41 (4)

Rethinking German Colonialism in a Global Age
vol. 41 (4): 543-566
Farmers to the Frontier: Settler Colonialism in the Eastern Prussian Provinces and German Southwest Africa
vol. 41 (4): 567-583
Honourable Soldier-Bureaucrats: Formations of Violent Identities in the Colonial Police Force of German Southwest Africa, 1905–18
vol. 41 (4): 584-599
Language, Empire and the World: Karl Roehl and the History of the Swahili Bible in East Africa
vol. 41 (4): 600-616
Borrowing from Mussolini: Nazi Germany's Colonial Aspirations in the Shadow of Italian Expansionism
vol. 41 (4): 617-643